Chapter 358: Demonization Pill

After a long time, Ming Tian gradually returned to his senses.

His originally livid expression also reverted. However, a confident sneer plastered his face. “Ling Xiao! You are truly worthy of being my junior brother. In just two months, you have actually become so strong, but you will never catch up to me! Never!”


“Hee hee, I said it earlier: with Junior Brother Ling’s strength, there is no need to worry. Moreover, he is not merely strong; he also has various methods and outstanding wisdom. Jian Renwang trying to use sinister methods to deal with him was purely looking for bitter medicine! Yuling, Zhao Zhi, are you two relieved now?”

Below the stage, Lan Yu’er was also a bit surprised but she quickly began boasting.  

Honestly speaking, she had been very confident in Ling Xiao, but his martial law had still surprised her.

In her beautiful eyes, a hint of excitement flashed. 

Now, Lan Yu’er was convinced that Ling Xiao’s learning capability was too good.

Originally, she had worried that Ling Xiao might not be able to enter the Inner Sect for a long time, which would prevent him from learning advanced martial arts.

But now, it seemed that this worry was superfluous.

Hearing Lan Yu’er’s words, Dai Yuling and Zhao Zhi were also excited.

When Ling Xiao had repelled Jian Renwang’s attack the first time, it had been expected because of Ling Xiao’s strong physique and true essence. Then, they were shocked. After all, they had never heard of a martial law. 

Ling Xiao, this fellow had gotten stronger. He had become too strong!

“But who taught him this martial law thing?”

Lan Yu’er, Zhao Zhi and Dai Yuling questioned.

Hei Suo, Ming Tian, and the others had similar questions because they were sure that there were no such martial arts in the Inner Moonlight Tower.

Everyone turned to Ling Xiao on the challenge platform.

“This fellow, I’m afraid he has more secrets! From the day he entered the Moonlight Sect, he seems to have been creating miracles.”


Beside the challenge platform, Deacon Wang, who was in charge of this sparring, stared at the limp Jian Renwang with an unsightly look.

He was very disappointed at heart. He had wanted to see Ling Xiao begging for mercy, not this.

What had happened?

Why did Jian Renwang fall but not Ling Xiao?

He turned his head and examined Ling Xiao, hoping to find a trace of injury.

However, the young man stood straight, showing his slightly delicate and young face. He didn’t have the slightest trace of a bloodstain, let alone a wound.

Even his clothes were neat and tidy. If someone had just arrived, they might have thought that Ling Xiao had never fought.

Deacon Wang sighed helplessly and prepared to jump onto the challenge platform to announce the end of the match, but a powerful and evil aura made his expression change.

He then stopped.

On the challenge platform, Jian Renwang, who had been lying in his blood, suddenly jumped up from the ground like a monster reborn.

At this moment, his originally not too powerful true essence skyrocketed several times. Even his body became much stronger than before.

In addition, his eyes radiated a crazy red light, and his hair loosely hung down his shoulders.


With an explosion, he rushed out like lightning, shaking the entire challenge platform.

The inner disciples watching the battle were also greatly surprised.

While charging, Jian Renwang wore a ferocious expression with fresh green blood on the corners of his mouth. He seemed to have turned into an evil spirit of hell.

He roared: “Little beggar, I’ll take your life!”

Deacon Wang showed a cold smile after overcoming his surprise.

Originally, he could have stopped Jian Renwang, but he had recognized what was happening. 

This furious fellow had actually taken a ‘Demonization Pill’ refined by an Evil Alchemist. Therefore, not only had his true essence risen sharply but his strength had also vastly increased, making him truly the terrifying monster he appeared to be.

The current Jian Renwang definitely had astonishing destructive power.

Deacon Wang hoped that Jian Renwang would annihilate Ling Xiao before suffering a qi deviation. At the very least, he should seriously injure Ling Xiao, which would make it easier to eliminate the other party later.

The stronger inner disciples also noticed this point, but they didn’t care about Ling Xiao’s life or death.

At this moment, they could clearly feel that Jian Renwang’s strength had already reached the Peak Rank Three Transcendent Realm.

Facing such a terrifying opponent, Ling Xiao might be seriously injured if not killed.

“Master, it’s awful, Jian Renwang took a Demonization Pill!”

Dai Yuling, after all, was a disciple of the Medicine Hall, so she was knowledge about many things, especially pills. 

She had seen Demonization Pills before in a book. Therefore, her beautiful face was filled with worry as she turned towards her Master, Lan Yu’er.


Lan Yu’er, who didn’t swear easily, was beside herself with anger: “Jian Renwang cannot obtain a Demonization Pill by himself. Someone must have given it to him. If I find out who, I will not spare him!”

“Master, shouldn’t we save Ling Xiao?”

Dai Yuling anxiously said.

“Dai Yuling, rest assured; nothing will happen to Ling Xiao with me here!”

Lan Yu’er released her true essence, which actually followed the cracks on the ground towards the challenge platform and completely wrapped it. Once Ling Xiao was in mortal danger, she would immediately save him.

However, she couldn’t intervene now.

Although the rules forbade people from using pills to increase their strength during sparring matches, if she intervened now, Ling Xiao might not be happy.

She knew that kid’s temper very well.

Meng Yuan grinned in the crowd: he was the one who had given the Demonization Pill.

While Jian Renwang had been waiting for Ling Xiao, he had rushed over to help Jian Renwang.

To deal with an outer disciple like Ling Xiao, it was not worthwhile for him to personally make a move. Looking at Lan Yu’er’s attitude, she would have definitely stopped him had she known.

On the challenge platform, however, Lan Yu’er’s threat wouldn’t have any effect.

Jian Renwang, who had already entered the demonization state, only knew how to kill his enemy. He basically couldn’t hear any outside sounds nor fear anything.

The distance closed.

Jian Renwang pressed his hands together and condensed some strange black sword qi.

Then, he roared: “Demonic Sword Kill!”

The sudden increase in strength, coupled with his evil aura, created a violent fluctuation in the air, forming a terrifying wind pressure.

The wind blew Ling Xiao’s clothes, sending them fluttering.

However, Ling Xiao never closed his eyes. He still looked indifferently at Jian Renwang.

In front of this powerful attack, many people thought that Ling Xiao would dodge.

After all, Ling Xiao’s movement technique was said to be very powerful.

However, Ling Xiao’s choice was beyond their expectations.

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