Chapter 359: Thunder Celestial Phenomena

Below the challenge platform, almost everyone thought that Ling Xiao would choose to dodge the fearsome blade.

However, beyond their expectations, he stood there stably.

Clenching his fists, he materialized a ghost king phantom around him.

At that moment, Ling Xiao looked like a terrifying ghost king preparing to make his move. After a moment, he swung his fists.


Upon seeing Ling Xiao take Jian Renwang head-on, Meng Yuan couldn’t help sneering and scolded Ling Xiao inwardly.

Against a Peak Rank Three Transcendent Realm, how could a trifling Half Great Master compare?

“Thunder Celestial Phenomena-Ghost King Annihilation!”

Thunder suddenly resounded through the sky.

At that moment, Ling Xiao’s fists slammed into Jian Renwang’s Demonic Sword Kill under the crowd’s stunned eyes.


Both sides collided.

After a moment of silence, the red light in Jian Renwang’s eyes disappeared, and his ferocious expression turned pale.

In addition, blood mixed with flesh sprayed from his mouth.

Ling Xiao casually dodged the spray of blood and indifferently swung his fists once more.

His arms seemed to be covered in thunder.

With a loud sound, Jian Renwang, like the spark of lightning, flew out of the challenge platform and fell among the crowd.

Looking at this strange scene, Deacon Wang, Hei Suo, Meng Yuan, Ming Tian, and the others gasped.

Defeating a Peak Rank Three Transcendent Realm martial artist with the strength of a Half-Great Master?

Ling Xiao’s figure, which wasn’t tall, instantly became more terrifying and mysterious.

Looking at Jian Renwang who had smashed one foot into the ground, the onlookers turned dead silent.

The life or death of Jian Renwang was unknown. Who had expected such a result?

After a while, these people turned to Ling Xiao again as if they were looking at a monster.

They might not know what pill Jian Renwang had taken, but they could sense that Jian Renwang’s strength had suddenly increased by several times, nearing Peak Rank Three Transcendent Realm.

However, Jian Renwang, whose strength had soared so much, was defeated so miserably and simply.

Just a punch!

That punch had contained the power of thunder and almost blasted Jian Renwang’s body into pieces.

Below the platform, Lan Yu’er had already retracted her true essence.

However, the sudden changes on the stage had truly startled her. 

“What a terrifying martial skill! That level of power, what grade is it? Rare gold-grade? Superior grade? or Peak grade? Impossible~!”

Lan Yu’er’s beautiful arc-shaped **** fluctuated rapidly, showing her restless heart.

As one of the core disciples of the Moonlight Sect, she had naturally cultivated peak gold-grade martial arts.

But because of this, she knew how difficult it was to cultivate a peak gold-grade martial art.

Even with her aptitude, being able to learn the basics was already pretty good. How could a trifling outer disciple like Ling Xiao learn it?

After a period of shock, she gradually recovered.

Then, carefully judging the martial skill Ling Xiao had displayed, she realized that it should have been the result of combining two martial arts.

Among them, one martial art had to be <Divine Prison King Fist>, an entry gold-grade martial art. Although it was not available in the Moonlight Sect, there was a record of it.

However, what was the other martial art?

Could it be <Twelve Golden Lotuses Formula>?

Lan Yu’er couldn’t help but begin to worry.

She knew the risks of <Twelve Golden Lotuses Formula>. When had Ling Xiao begin to cultivate this martial art?


On the challenge platform, Ling Xiao slowly exhaled some turbid air, letting the power of thunder dwindle as the true essence covering his hands disappeared.

Unfortunately, the time was too short. Jian Renwang hadn’t even had time to display his martial soul before the match had finished.

Generally, artial artists wouldn’t summon their martial souls from the very beginning.

After all, the use of a martial soul was not without cost. Although it could bring about powerful effects, the consumption was equally demanding.

Shaking off the dirt from his body, Ling Xiao calmly looked at Jian Renwang below the stage.

Although the crowd might not know Jian Renwang’s fate, Ling Xiao had perfect control over his strength: this attack absolutely didn’t kill Jian Renwang.

It was not that he was kind but rather the sect’s rules.

Moreover, he also didn’t want a certain someone to get a chance.

At this moment, Jian Renwang was unconscious because of his own poison as well as the negative effects of taking the Demonization Pill.

If he died because of these things, Ling Xiao couldn’t be blamed.

In fact, he hoped that Jian Renwang would die.

Just a moment ago had indeed been somewhat dangerous.

If he hadn’t used his true strength of Rank Two Transcendent Realm at the last moment, he might have truly been killed by Jian Renwang.

Since this fellow was so vicious, why would he be an idiotic kind person?

He had never been a good person. He wouldn’t sympathize and pity without principle.

Withdrawing his gaze, Ling Xiao no longer cared about Jian Renwang’s situation. He instead looked at Deacon Wang and indifferently said: “Deacon Wang, this sparring should be over, right?”


Deacon Wang swallowed hastily.

Ling Xiao’s performance had truly exceeded his expectations, so he was truly unwilling to end this battle.

However, what else could he do?

Just when he was preparing to announce the result sof the match, a person suddenly walked out of the crowd and stopped him.

“Deacon Wang, wait a minute! The sect’s rules stipulate that if an outer disciple severely injures or kills an inner disciple, it would be a capital cRime!”

It was Meng Yuan, the chief disciple of Demonic Flame Celestial Worthy.

He was also one of the ten core disciples.

“Look, it’s Meng Yuan!”

“So handsome!”

“A core disciple, his aura is different!”

As one of the ten core disciples, Meng Yuan was not only powerful, but he was also very handsome.

It was no wonder that he had many fans among the inner disciples.

Meng Yuan’s tone was filled with fairness and justice. But Ling Xiao, Lan Yu’er, Dai Yuling, and the others knew that he was only preparing to look for trouble.

Lan Yu’er frowned and asked: “Meng Yuan, what do you want to do?”

Meng Yuan smiled and said: “Senior Sister Lan, it’s not about what I want to do. It’s the rules of the sect. In any case, Jian Renwang is also an inner disciple, but Ling Xiao, a trifling outer disciple, was vicious and seriously injured him. It’s a capital crime according to the sect’s rules!”

Without waiting for Lan Yu’er to speak, Ling Xiao sneered with contempt and said coldly: “This Senior Brother, your words are truly laughable!”

“What did you say?”

Meng Yuan’s eyes were filled with strong killing intent as he said: “What qualifications do you have to talk to me, trifling trash of the Outer Sect!”

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