Chapter 360: Senior Sister Taking Action

“Hehe, then what qualifications do you have to make comments in my matters, rank tenth trash among the ten core disciples!”

Facing Meng Yuan’s sarcasm, Ling Xiao adopted a tit-for-tat policy. “If my cultivation base was just Rank Seven Transcendent Realm at your age, I would have already smashed myself to death on a wall. What an embarrassment!”

He was not afraid of Meng Yuan.

Although he was not Meng Yuan’s opponent now, Meng Yuan also had no way to deal with him without facing later punishment.


Meng Yuan’s killing intent became stronger, but in front of Lan Yu’er, he didn’t dare to make a move.

“I what I? It’s just sparring, but Jian Renwang actually took an illegal pill. Isn’t that a violation?”

Ling Xiao coldly continued: “Furthermore, Jian Renwang’s injuries are self-inflicted. What does it have to do with me? He was poisoned because he himself used poison, and he was seriously injured because he took an illegal pill. To such a person, I can only say he deserves it!”

Being challenged by Ling Xiao’s remarks, which were like a string of arrows, Meng Yuan’s originally fair skin was red with anger and embarrassment.

With his arrogant and proud temperament, other than Demonic Flame Celestial Worthy, no one had ever dared to reprimand him in public like this. How could he bear this? (*Editor note: Lol, he doesn’t even try to argue that Ling Xiao made it worse*) 

“Good! What a sharp mouth! In that case, I——Meng Yuan, as an inner disciple, request to swap pointers with you. If you are truly a man, then accept it!”

Perhaps, because he was suppressing his anger, his voice fluctuated in anger.


Ling Xiao laughed.

“Why are you laughing?” Meng Yuan asked.

“I’m laughing at you. You are truly worthy of being the disciple of that old man Demonic Flame Celestial Worthy. You learned nothing good, only how to bully the weak!”

Ling Xiao said with disdain: “A grand Rank Seven Transcendent Realm expert actually requested to swap pointers with an Outer Sect’s Half Great Master! Don’t you have any shame? If this matter spreads, even if you are not afraid of becoming a laughing stock, could it be that you want the Moonlight Sect to lose all face?”

Below the stage, many inner disciples were embarrassed.

Jian Renwang’s request to swap pointers with Ling Xiao was still acceptable. After all, Jian Renwang’s cultivation was just at Rank One Transcendent Realm.

The so-called Inner Sect joint training was prepared for the inner disciples with a cultivation base of Rank One Transcendent Realm so that they would regain their confidence by defeating the outer disciples.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, the inner disciples with a cultivation base of Rank Two Transcendent Realm or above wouldn’t join the excitement.

Now that Meng Yuan asked to swap pointers with Ling Xiao, it was completely forgetting his own status.

“I’m truly disappointed! How can Senior Brother Meng be like this?”

“Yes, this is too petty.”

“Narrow-minded, moreover, shameless!”

“How could I worship such a person in the past, alas.”

Hearing these comments, Meng Yuan’s face burned in embarrassment.

Even Hei Suo and Ming Tian ducked behind other people.

“Since you want to swap pointers, this lady will accompany you!”

Just when Meng Yuan was at a loss and wondering whether he should forcibly make a move, a cold voice resounded.

Lan Yu’er lightly floated onto the challenge platform. She glared at Meng Yuan and said: “Meng Yuan, you and I are both core disciples. We are well-matched to swap pointers. Moreover, it’s also more rewarding. In order to avoid people saying that you took advantage of other people’s difficulties, why don’t we have a go?”

Lan Yu’er stood beside Ling Xiao and mocked with her beautiful eyes.

Looking at Lan Yu’er beside him, Ling Xiao couldn’t resist smiling and said: “Senior Sister Lan, you truly don’t need to do this.”

Lan Yu’er showed a small smile and said: “I know you are not afraid of him, but you shouldn’t be hasty in revealing your means.”

Afterward, she looked at Meng Yuan again and said: “Junior Brother Meng Yuan, as one of the ten core disciples, you actually wanted to swap pointers with an outer disciple. It is honestly contrary to a core disciple’s proper demeanor. If this spread outside, it would be no good. Moreover, the contest for the position of ‘Young Sect Master’ is about to begin. It would be beneficial for both of us to swap pointers here.”

Meng Yuan looked at Lan Yu’er with misgivings. 

He was very clear about his own strength. He was not afraid of ordinary inner disciples, but among the ten core disciples, he was at the bottom. He couldn’t deal with any one of them.

Moreover, Lan Yu’er ranked second.

He sneered: “Ling Xiao, it seems you are also just so-so: just a guy hiding behind a woman!”

Ling Xiao grinned. “I know, you are jealous that Senior Sister Lan is willing to protect me, but ignoring you. Isn’t that so?”

Meng Yuan wanted to jump in fury. This fellow’s skin was truly too amazing.

He gritted his teeth and said: “Senior Sister Lan, let’s wait until the battle of ‘Young Sect Master.’ Just now, I was rude.”

Meng Yuan eventually chose to exercise patience.

This was definitely a wise move. Otherwise, it would definitely not be Ling Xiao who made a fool out of himself.

Seeing that Meng Yuan had shut up, Deacon Wang unwillingly announced: “Ling Xiao wins, the sparring is over. Inner disciple Jian Renwang’s cave dwelling is Ling Xiao’s now!”

He was responsible for arranging cave dwellings for the inner disciples below Rank Five Transcendent Realm. Therefore, this matter was settled.

After all, even if the deacons were unhappy in their hearts, they wouldn’t show it on the surface. They could only make things hard in the dark.

Hearing the announcement, Ling Xiao smiled. He didn’t care if Jian Renwang died.

The reason why he had accepted this match in the first place was to get Jian Renwang’s cave dwelling.

He and Lan Yu’er jumped off the challenge platform together.

Although it was not difficult to defeat a Peak Rank Three Transcendent Realm inner disciple, defeating a Peak Rank Three Transcendent Realm inner disciple as an outer disciple with a cultivation base of Half-Great Master was different.

It was incredible.

“Senior Sister Lan, you are protecting that kid too much! Yet, he is not far from death!”

Among the crowd, Meng Yuan was still indignant.

“Meng Yuan, what do you mean by this?”

Lan Yu’er frowned.

“The trick he used to defeat Jian Renwang is obviously <Twelve Golden Lotuses Formula>’s Thunder Celestial Formula! You should also know that this martial art is a taboo in our Moonlight Sect!”

“Ling Xiao is crazy! Doesn’t he know that many geniuses have died because of this martial art?”

Another inner disciple exclaimed.

<Twelve Golden Lotuses Formula>!

This martial art had always been a nightmare for the Moonlight Sect, a shadow that couldn’t be erased!

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