Chapter 361: Young Sect Master’s Arrival

After the disciples entered the Inner Sect, they would immediately hear stories about <Twelve Golden Lotuses Formula>, warning them of its deviousness.

After all, this martial art had caused the most terrible tragedy in the Moonlight Sect, and no one wanted to repeat the same mistakes.

Below the challenge platform, the inner disciples’ faces changed in succession as if they had heard something terrifying.

“In the past, there were geniuses who didn’t believe in heresy and insisted on cultivating <Twelve Golden Lotuses Formula>. Their endings were all the same: either they were crippled or their lives put in great peril.”

“I have the most say in this matter! One of my junior brothers was a rare genius with all three potentials reaching divine-grade treasured body, but he ultimately fell into qi deviation and died tragically in a training room.”

“People say that those who cultivate <Twelve Golden Lotuses Formula> are either idiots, lunatics or arrogant and ignorant.”


For a moment, their gazes at Ling Xiao were filled with complicated hues like gloating, pity, sympathy, and so on.

It was as if Ling Xiao’s destiny was already set. 

They believed that he was on the path of self-destruction.

The faster his strength improved and the stronger he became, the faster he would run towards self-destruction.

Hearing these people’s comments, Ling Xiao couldn’t help laughing inwardly.

Whatever they said had no effect on him.

However, these people might be right. There was madness in his bones.

Without this madness, he might not have reached his current achievements.

Some things, if you believed that you couldn’t succeed and didn’t give it a try, would truly be impossible. 

With a try, at least, the probability wouldn’t be zero.

He looked at Meng Yuan and barely suppressed his impulse to challenge this core disciple. In his heart, there was a voice saying——

“Kill him! What are you afraid of? He will always target you, and sooner or later, he will cause you trouble! Using your trump cards, you can definitely kill him!”

However, Ling Xiao didn’t do so.

Everyone had their irrational impulses, but some people could control it instead of being controlled by it. 

If he used all his trump cards now, he had a very high chance of successfully killing Meng Yuan with a surprise attack.

However, what would he get like that?

His trump cards would be exposed, and the power of his Landscape Martial Soul and the Ancient Golden Dragon would also be exposed. Furthermore, he would be in greater danger.

“Look, the rank one among the top ten core disciples is here!”

Suddenly, someone shouted.

Ling Xiao turned his head. He saw a young man with a well-proportioned figure but extremely serious dark circles below his eyes walking over.

“Ren Xingtian, 20 years old, but already a 30% Half Celestial Worthy, even more amazing than Lan Yu’er!”

“Yes, this is called young and promising.”

The inner disciples revered Ren Xingtian.

Ren Xingtian looked very unrestrained. Other than those obvious dark circles under his eyes, he was even more handsome than Meng Yuan.

Those dark circles gave him a bit of an evil flavor, making him different from the common run.

Therefore, he naturally had a lot of female fans.

“Who is cultivating <Twelve Golden Lotuses Formula>?”

Ren Xingtian’s voice was somewhat sluggish, as if he were weak. However, it sounded like a heavenly note to those female disciples.

“Replying to Young Sect Master, it’s that outer disciple, Ling Xiao!”

Meng Yuan respectfully cupped his hands and replied to Ren Xingtian.

Ren Xingtian indifferently glanced at Ling Xiao, before withdrawing his gaze. Afterward, he just coldly said five words——

“Don’t know what death is.”

“Humph, Ren Xingtian, do you truly regard yourself as the future Sect Master? It’s not your turn to judge my people like this!”

Other people would never dare to speak to Ren Xingtian like this.

But Lan Yu’er was not afraid of  him.

Perhaps, among the top ten core disciples, only Lan Yu’er, who ranked second, dared to challenge him.

The others truly had no guts.

“Your people?”

Ren Xingtian indifferently glanced at Lan Yu’er and suddenly sneered: “I always thought that you, Lan Yu’er, would never be tempted by a man, but I didn’t expect you to choose such trash!”


Ling Xiao frowned.

These inner disciples were truly too arrogant; outer disciples were just trash in their eyes.

“Ren Xingtian, in the coming competition for the position of Young Sect Master, I will definitely pull you down!”

Lan Yu’er coldly said.

“Hahaha, are you angry? Are you angry because of trash?”

Ren Xingtian laughed, then he suddenly rushed towards Ling Xiao at lightning speed: “Terrific, I like to watch you get angry. I wonder if you will cry after I kill him? Hahaha, just thinking about it is amusing.”


Lan Yu’er cursed inwardly, stepping in front of Ling Xiao.

Ren Xingtian, however, was not Meng Yuan. This fellow was a true lunatic. In the entire Moonlight Sect, he would kill anyone he truly wanted to kill without thinking much about it.

Because he was so talented, even if he killed the relatives of the elders, he would not be truly punished.

At most, his salary would be penalized or he would face a wall. However, such punishments had no restraining effect on him.

 “Can you stop me?”

Ren Xingtian’s hands were as fair and clear as jade.

They were so beautiful but also murderous!

The number of people that had died under his hands had reached several thousand if not tens of thousands!

Since Ren Xingtian had become an inner disciple, he had always chosen killing tasks. The other tasks basically didn’t enter his eyes.

These hands were just for killing.

Lan Yu’er didn’t dare to be careless.

She knew that her cultivation base was inferior to Ren Xingtian’s, and her actual combat power was also inferior.

However, she had to protect Ling Xiao!

At that time, Ling Xiao’s mouth suddenly moved.

Lan Yu’er was stunned for a moment before attacking an empty direction.

However, Ren Xingtian surprisingly retreated.

He stopped attacking and stood there with a look of confusion.

“How did you notice my real attack?”

Ren Xingtian asked.

The onlooking inner disciples were unable to understand his remark.

“No comment!”

Lan Yu’er was also surprised.

In fact, she had just followed Ling Xiao’s voice transmission.

Although she was surprised, she wouldn’t say anything at this moment.

“Heh heh.”

Ren Xingtian looked at Ling Xiao and said: “Consider yourself lucky today and obey me. Quickly stop cultivating <Twelve Golden Lotuses Formula>, otherwise, before I can kill you, you will already be dead.”

It was a commanding tone, which would make one feel unwell.

After speaking, Ren Xingtian returned to the crowd.

These core disciples had come to the Inner Main Hall in succession, obviously not because of Ling Xiao’s sparring match but rather something else.


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