Chapter 210: Trampled Under Iron Hoof

At the gate of Twin Dragons Village, the battle had reached the most intense moment.

Shi Hao looked around and saw that several thousand zombies had already gathered in one place. He knew that the time was ripe, but there was just one chance. If it failed once, he would have to sacrifice the lives of hundreds of soldiers to escape this crisis, which was something he was very unwilling to do.

Shi Hao looked at the soldiers who had fallen on the ground. There were about fifty to sixty people. He clearly knew that, among those fifty or sixty people, half might have already died, and the rest were on the verge of death. If this battle ended quickly, then all of them could be saved.

Therefore, Shi Hao muttered to himself: “Human effort is the decisive factor, I will definitely succeed.”

From one side, Fa Zheng’s voice resounded: “My Lord, are you ready to do it?”

Shi Hao nodded his head and said: “Do it! Now.”

Fa Zheng became silent for a while and said: “Okay! I hope My Lord will be successful.”

Shi Hao smiled and ran forward like mad on a horse.


At this moment, Yuwen Chengdu was quietly watching the surging wind and clouds on the battlefield.

Suddenly, he noticed the movement of Shake the Heaven: “This…”

Yuwen Chengdu pondered. He knew that Shake the Heaven was not a reckless person. At this moment, Shake the Heaven must have grasped a way to resolve these zombies. However, Yuwen Chengdu also couldn’t understand for a while, what was Shake the Heaven depending on?

“Could it be…, is it…”

A thing that had a large-scale attack radius appeared in Yuwen Chengdu’s mind—Raging Flames Ball.

He had heard from Heroic Overlord Under Heaven. In the past, if it was not for Shake the Heaven taking the credits of Heroic Overlord Under Heaven’s Raging Flames Ball, how could he have the current matchless limelight? As for the effect of the Raging Flames Ball, Heroic Overlord Under Heaven had made it very clear to Yuwen Chengdu. After thinking about it, he knew that this was anything but reassuring.

“With me here, don’t even think about doing it!”

Yuwen Chengdu charged, intending to intercept Shake the Heaven.

Merely, before Yuwen Chengdu reached far, a person jumped out, intercepting him.

That person was Silver Hammer Young General—Cui Yuanqing.

Yuwen Chengdu yelled: “Get out of the way! Don’t block me!”

Cui Yuanqing replied: “I won’t, what will you do?”

Yuwen Chengdu considered inwardly. He estimated that he and Cui Yuanqing should be equally matched in terms of strength. However, Cui Yuanqing’s equipment was obviously far better. Under this situation, he had no possibility of defeating Cui Yuanqing. As the matter stood, he could only do his best to shake the other party off.

Yuwen Chengdu attacked, reined in the horse and quickly accelerated. However, Pei Yuanqing was too skilled. He flashed through Yuwen Chengdu’s move, then blocked the other party again. As a result, Yuwen Chengdu was unable to accelerate, and he was entangled tightly.

“Damn it!”

In the blink of an eye, Yuwen Chengdu saw that Shake the Heaven was already close to the zombie army: “The situation is critical.”

At that moment, when he was worried inwardly, he heard a shout: “General Yuwen, don’t be anxious.”

He turned his head and saw Pan Feng was rushing over on a horse.

“General Pan, you have come at just the right time, quickly give me a helping hand.” Yuwen Chengdu’s eyes shone.

Yuwen Chengdu clearly knew that Pan Feng’s skill had an initial critical hit effect. Naturally, Yuwen Chengdu also knew that Pan Feng’s critical hit couldn’t injure Cui Yuanqing much, but it would be enough to hinder the other party, which was sufficient. As far as Yuwen Chengdu was concerned, he just needed a bit of time. He was confident that he would be able to seize the chance to successfully force his way out.

In fact, it truly went like Yuwen Chengdu had expected!!!

The attack of Pan Feng was overbearing. Cui Yuanqing couldn’t dodge it, and the attack hit Cui Yuanqing. Although Cui Yuanqing was not sent flying, he was forced to stop for a second.

And this once second was enough for Yuwen Chengdu to get away, and he directly rushed towards Shake the Heaven.

However, when Yuwen Chengdu was about to enter within 100 meters of Shake the Heaven, Blowing Wind Left A Scar blocked his way.

Blowing Wind Left A Scar shouted: “General Yuwen, where are you going?”

Yuwen Chengdu’s heart chilled. He knew that he was already too late to stop Shake the Heaven. Therefore, he couldn’t help but frown and said: “Since this is the case, I will leave with your life.”

After speaking, Yuwen Chengdu charged towards Blowing Wind Left A Scar.

Blowing Wind Left A Scar, however, smiled, holding Bright Silver Stroke Halberd and sitting on Cloud Mist Beast, and he welcomed the attack.

Immediately, Yuwen Chengdu and Blowing Wind Left A Scar exchanged several moves. After enough interaction, Yuwen Chengdu was quite surprised inwardly and thought: “The title of Wind God is well deserved. His moves resemble nature itself. It’s difficult to find flaws. If I want to defeat him, I absolutely can’t be without good weapons.”

Yuwen Chengdu looked around again and gradually retreated.

He reined in the horse and turned around, no longer tangling with Blowing Wind Left A Scar. And Blowing Wind Left A Scar also didn’t continue to chase him.

Yuwen Chengdu escaped smoothly, but not long after he retreated, he heard the sound of an explosion.

He felt as if there was a thunderstorm behind him, which was terrifying.

He then turned back to look and immediately took a mouthful of cold air.

He saw the zombie army gathered in one place disappear instantly, leaving behind just Shake the Heaven and the soldiers of Twin Dragons Villages. Among those soldiers, some shouted: “We won! We won! We won!!!”


Yuwen Chengdu hastily retreated in confusion.

Not long after, he returned to the formation of Heavenly Dragon Village’s remnants, and Pan Feng stepped forward and said: “It was truly dangerous just now. I never thought that Shake the Heaven was so vicious. He actually had the power to trample everything under an iron hoof. The entire zombie army was wiped out in one fell swoop.”

“So that’s how it is!!!”

Yuwen Chengdu was full of doubts in his heart. He was wondering why Blowing Wind Left A Scar and Cui Yuanqing were blocking him. If he was not blocked, then with the power of trampling under an iron hoof, Yuwen Chengdu understood that he might have died. Even if he narrowly escaped death, he would be seriously injured.

He muttered to himself: “Could it be that they deliberately let me go? This is the second time…”

Thinking this, he recalled the situation when Heroic Overlord Under Heaven had seized the Light of Evolution…


Meanwhile, Wu Batian was still in the small woods near the battlefield with Capable Monarch.

Wu Batian glanced at Empress and gave her a signal to be prepared to make a move. And upon seeing Empress was still obedient, Wu Batian looked at Capable Monarch and said: “Is this your ‘find a way out of an impasse’? I’ll give you a chance, give me a reason to let you go.”

Capable Monarch smiled and said: “I have already said, that Shake the Heaven is a clever person, and he wants to round up the whole gang in one fell swoop.”

Wu Batian roared and asked: “Then, why are you still sitting by and watching?”

Capable Monarch was still smiling with a calm look on his face, which made Wu Batian unable to understand even more. Capable Monarch answered: “Why not do this? Just as I said before, find a way out of an impasse. Could it be that…, Alliance Leader Heroic Overlord truly thinks that this matter is already over?”

Wu Batian paused. He thought that Capable Monarch truly still had a trump card.

Therefore, Wu Batian asked: “Yellow Scarf Warriors are already wiped out, what can you do?”

Capable Monarch stopped smiling, licked his lips and said: “Let me swallow my saliva first, then we can slowly discuss…”

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