Chapter 211: The End And The Beginning

In the dark night, the Twin Dragons Village was still brightly lit.

Wang Fu, as the administrative steward of Twin Dragons Town, was busy celebrating the victory with other villagers.

Wang Fu stood on the platform, which had red carpet spread out, on behalf of the mayor and said: “Ladies and gentlemen, today, our Twin Dragons Village returned with a great victory. It’s truly something worth celebrating. Come, this old man will empty the glass first in respect. Tonight, no one will go home until drunk! Not go home until drunk!!!”

 “Gulp!” Wang Fu emptied a cup of wine.

“Hahaha!” Happy laughter and cheerful voices never stopped for a moment.


However, on the other side of Twin Dragon Town, Shi Hao, Feng Tianhao, Passionate Archer, Fa Zheng, Pei Yuanqing and others were gathered together. They didn’t attend the grand celebration banquet. In addition, they seemed to have a hint of sadness on their faces, and their pace was fast.

Not long after, Shi Hao led everyone forward and came to the door of a house.

“Knock, knock, knock!” Shi Hao knocked on the door.

“Excuse me, is there anyone in the house?” asked Shi Hao.

“Click…” The door opened.

“You are…, Lord Mayor…” An old man appeared inside the door and coughed a few times.

“No need to be courteous.” Shi Hao nodded his head, but saw that old man with grey hair and wrinkled hands lacked feelings in his eyes. Shi Hao sighed: “Senior, your son was killed in the battle today. We deeply feel sorry and came to express our condolences to you. I hope you can come to accept this unpleasant fact.”

“Boo hoo hoo…” The old man choked with sobs.

“Alas…” Shi Hao stood in silent tribute. He also knew that no matter what he said, he couldn’t make up the pain of losing a son.

Shi Hao remained silent for a long time, thinking about how to make up for this old man.

Suddenly, Fa Zheng stepped forward, walked to the side of that old man and whispered something to that old man.

Soon after that, that old man stopped choking with sobs, and his spirit recovered a lot.

Then, the old man said: “Lords, you all are the man of noble character, I believe in you!!!”

Honestly speaking, Shi Hao was confused in his heart, but due to the current situation, it was inconvenient to question. He just responded to the old man: “Senior, you can be at ease, I will double my efforts for the future of Twin Dragons Village, and strive to not let even a drop of blood shed in vain.”

Then, that old man talked about domestic trivialities with Shi Hao as if he had completely forgotten about the pain of losing his son.

In the end, that old man even insisted on thanking Shi Hao. Shi Hao was unable to stop him, and he could only retreat quickly.


After a long time, the night became darker.

Now, Shi Hao, Feng Tianhao, Passionate Archer and others had already visited the families of all thirty-six soldiers who had died on the battlefield today, and returned to the Council Hall.

Shi Hao then asked curiously: “Xiaozhi, what kind of magic did you use to actually make those family members…”

Feng Tianhao intercepted and said: “Yes, why did they all cheer up?”

Fa Zheng sighed helplessly and said: “I promised them one thing on behalf of my lord…”

Shi Hao continued to ask: “Xiaozhi, what did you promise?”

Fa Zheng shrugged his shoulders and said: “I told them that the dead can be resurrected in this world…”

Huang Zhong, who was sitting at one side, immediately exclaimed: “You…, are you joking?”

Feng Tianhao, however, was open-minded and spoke bluntly: “Xiaozhi is amazing! Admire, admire, admire.”

Shi Hao just smiled and said: “Merely, I wonder where we can get so many resurrection items!”

Pei Yuanqing indifferently said: “No matter, wherever it is, we’ll go there to grab it. If the other side doesn’t give me, I will beat them until they give it.”

Shi Hao was quite delighted in his heart and laughed together with everyone.


Early the next morning, when the sun rose, the mist covered the land and the weather was not considered to be good.

Shi Hao casually walked around the town after getting up and found that the number of people around was quite low, which somewhat annoyed him. He then deliberately ran to the field and looked carefully, only to see several lean and haggard people among the group working hard to raise crops. He knew that the field should be overcrowded with people at this time.

Under confusion, Shi Hao stepped forward and asked: “Hello, I wonder where other people have gone?”

Those few weak people replied: “They are all sick, we all also feel exhausted, I guess…”

While talking, those few people coughed in succession and some even vomited blood. This made Shi Hao flustered inwardly.

Shi Hao hastily ran to the hospital to seek help, but he discovered that the hospital of Twin Dragons Town was already full. It was difficult for even him to enter. He thought for a moment and felt that this matter was very strange. Therefore, he immediately ran to contact Wang Fu, and made Wang Fu send someone to open the small back door. Only then, he was finally able to enter the hospital.

Immediately, a doctor came over and said looking embarrassed: “Lord Mayor, this…”

That doctor stopped speaking part way and just looked around as if he wanted other people to withdraw.

Shi Hao also wasn’t an unreasonable person. He went directly into a private room with the doctor and said: “If you have something to say, then state it plainly.”

That doctor frowned and said: “Lord Mayor, this strange disease must be man-made!!!”

Shi Hao was not surprised to hear this. He had also guessed that if no one had done anything, then there was no reason for such a weird situation to occur overnight. Merely, he still couldn’t figure out who was responsible and what method was used to cause such a big disaster.

“Could it be that… it’s Heroic Overlord Under Heaven?”

“No…, he shouldn’t have such an ability, otherwise, he wouldn’t have waited until now to use it.”

Shi Hao quietly analyzed, but he was still puzzled, which made him all the more impatient.

Fortunately, that doctor said something: “Lord Mayor doesn’t need to be impatient. Although this disease is contagious, it’s also curable.”

Shi Hao was relieved and said: “It’s good that it can be cured, whatever happens, make everyone recover from this illness.”

That doctor, however, added: “Merely, although the Hundred Flora Hut, has produced and accumulated many medicinal herbs, and there are also many treasures that cannot be found outside, the number of patients is too much. Moreover, if the source of this disease is not removed in time, then sooner or later, it will break out again, and we will not be able to bear then…”

Shi Hao had to nod his head here. He knew that this treatment was reasonable. In fact, Shi Hao even dared to boldly say that if the Twin Dragons Town had no Hundred Flora Hut’s support, then they might not even be able to resist the first wave of this disease outbreak. Later, if there was a second or even third wave, then their fate would be sealed.

“It seems that we have to find the source of this disease and catch the damned culprit!!!”

Thinking of this, Shi Hao instructed the doctor in charge to try his best to cure the populace and not to worry about other useless things.

Soon after that, Shi Hao hastily left, summoned the leaders of Twin Dragons Town in the Council Hall and the discussion began…

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