Chapter 363: Intense Competition

Ming Tian’s real cultivation base was the Peak Rank Two Transcendent Realm, almost entering Rank Three.

Leng Hao’s true cultivation base was at the Initial Rank Two Transcendent Realm.

However, Ling Xiao was relieved.

Although these two people had advantages and had entered the Inner Sect first, it seemed that they didn’t have any dominant position.

If he hadn’t insisted on suppressing his cultivation base to promote all three potentials together, his current cultivation base might have been higher than either one’s.

It seemed that there was no need to enter the Inner Sect in a hurry. The resources for the first outer disciple were not inferior to an inner disciple’s. He estimated that it shouldn’t be much lacking compared to the top ten core disciples.

At this moment, neither Leng Hao nor Ming Tian regarded Ling Xiao as a competitor. It could even be said that they didn’t even put him in their eyes.


Not long after, the Deputy Hall Master of the Inner Main Hall, a real Celestial Worthy powerhouse, appeared.

Ling Xiao didn’t know his name, only that his surname was Zhang.

“Since everyone is here, this seat will start the announcement.”

Deputy Hall Master Zhang stood straight with his hands clasped behind his back. Although his voice was not loud, it was full of vigor and clear to everyone’s ears.

 “Today, you all were summoned here because there are three things to announce.”

Seeing everyone had stopped chatting, Deputy Hall Master Zhang continued: “The first thing is the matter of the Inner Sect Joint Training. The top three outer disciples will stay in the Inner Sect for a period of time. If you want to swap pointers with them, don’t waste your time. They will return to the Outer Sect after a month at the earliest.”

“This seat heard about the matter of Jian Renwang. Jian Renwang was at fault. He actually dared to violate the sect’s rules and took a forbidden pill. He knowingly violated them, which increased the degree of his crime! If anyone dares to make things difficult for Ling Xiao because of this matter, don’t blame this seat for being impolite!”

Hearing his words, Meng Yuan’s complexion changed. He had originally wanted to make a fuss about this matter, but now that Deputy Hall Master Zhang had spoken, he didn’t dare to mess around.

Not to mention that he was just the tenth core disciple, even if he was first, he would never dare to offend the Deputy Hall Master of the Inner Main Hall.

Deputy Hall Master Zhang was not only from a powerful faction but was also very powerful. The other party was even more terrifying than his master Demonic Flame Celestial Worthy.

Deputy Hall Master Zhang glanced at Ling Xiao from a distance and showed a kind smile.

He owed Yang Danlin a lot of favors; moreover, he had also received many medicinal pills from him.

Since Yang Danlin had asked him to take care of Ling Xiao, he had agreed without thinking.

As the Deputy Hall Master of the Inner Main Hall, if he couldn’t protect an outer disciple within the Inner Sect, then he was truly useless.

Although Ling Xiao didn’t know why Deputy Hall Master Zhang had showed such goodwill towards him, he could guess that either Yang Danlin or Vast Wintry Celestial Worthy had asked Someone must have asked the other party to take care of him.

Naturally, Yang Danlin was the more likely one. Only an alchemist could make the Deputy Hall Master of the Inner Main Hall give such big face.

“Next, the second announcement! Near the end of this year, the annual competition of ‘Young Sect master’ and the ‘core disciples’ will begin. This is for the entire Moonlight Sect. Even outer disciples are eligible, but you have to first see whether you have the ability!”

Deputy Hall Master Zhang gave Ling Xiao a special look.

He also wanted to know the Ling Xiao’s limits.

Upon feeling this heavy gaze, Ling Xiao couldn’t help smiling bitterly.

He could deal with the inner disciples below Rank Three Transcendent Realm, but when it came to the competition for the core disciples or even the Young Sect Master, that would be too difficult.

There were only a few months left. No matter how hard he cultivated, after entering the Transcendent Realm, his progress would definitely not be as fast as in the Martial Vein Realm.

If he truly wanted to fight for the position of being a core disciple, he would have to take his time. 

At this moment, he was more concerned with the ‘Moon Advent Festival Pagoda Climbing Ceremony’.

“The last thing is the ‘Moon Advent Festival Pagoda Climbing Ceremony’.”

The words of Deputy Hall Master Zhang aroused the crowd.

Compared to the competition for the core disciples, this was more suitable for most inner disciples. It was also an excellent opportunity for them to leap over the dragon’s gate.

However, the core disciples didn’t react much.

According to rumor, a person could only participate three times in the Pagoda Climbing Ceremony, and all ten core disciples had already used up their three opportunities. Therefore, this Pagoda Climbing Ceremony had no meaning to them.

“The Moon Advent Festival will start in two months. According to the previous rules, there is no limit on the number of participants nor any restriction on status. Merely, the age cannot exceed 30 years. Everyone can sign up for it, but whether you can enter the official name list and enter the Moonlight Pagoda depends on whether you can pass the selection test!”

Deputy Hall Master Zhang smiled and added: “The selection process will be determined by the Moonlight Pagoda at that time. Even this seat doesn’t know about it now. However, based on past experiences, the strong will naturally have a greater chance of being selected. At most, only twelve will be able to enter, so do your best!”

Just twelve would be selected from over a thousand disciples, this probability sounded rather small.

However, over a thousand outer disciples could be excluded.

In addition, excluding some disciples who had already participated three times in the Pagoda Climbing Ceremony and those who didn’t meet the age restriction, the total number of disciples who would participate might be just over a hundred.

Like that, the probability would be about one in ten, which was not too bad.

Ling Xiao inwardly calculated that even with his current strength, it was still possible to pass the selection. However, it was better to work harder. The stronger he was, the better the chance.

Moreover, after entering the Moonlight Pagoda, he would be able to gather more benefits. 

Hei Suo, Ming Tian, Leng Hao and many other experts of the Inner Sect would compete for these twelve quotas.

There was a young youth among the crowd about sixteen years old. He was not much older than Ling Xiao. However, he was the first person below the ten core disciples and known as the ‘Inner Sect’s First’.

The young man’s name was Shen Tianlin. This would be his first time participating in the Pagoda Climbing Ceremony, so his heart was filled with excitement.

“The position of being core disciple is mine, and the first place of the Pagoda Climbing Ceremony will also be mine!”

Shen Tianlin secretly made up his mind.

Deputy Hall Master Zhang was very satisfied with these disciples’ reactions.

A sect with intense competition would progress. Otherwise, everybody would be complacent and conservative with no desire to improve. Like that, the sect would be hopeless.

Among the numerous experts of the Inner Sect, Jian Xing and Lin Feng shook their heads and sighed. They were feeling great pressure already and couldn’t even think about signing up for the Pagoda Climbing Ceremony.

However, Ling Xiao’s thoughts were different.

He knew how strong he was.

And how terrifying his potential was.

Now, he had yet to completely integrate the Ancient Golden Dragon, but he had already obtained a very terrifying power.

Once he integrated the primordial beast’s aura, how scary would he be?

How terrifying?

How powerful!

He had never used this terrifying power in battle. He was truly looking forward to what kind of might it would produce.

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