Chapter 364: Sect Tasks

After the announcement, most of the inner disciples dispersed.

Deputy Hall Master Zhang also left, but before leaving, he patted Ling Xiao’s shoulder and said: “Little fellow, Old Man Yang has great hopes for you. Although the joint training lasts for just a month, I also hope that you can play some tricks. These days, the Inner Sect is like a pool of stagnant water. There has not been any new breath for a long time.”

After speaking, he didn’t care whether Ling Xiao understood his meaning, simply leaving with a smile.

Ling Xiao was stupefied before realizing Deputy Hall Master Zhang’s meaning. The other party wanted him to make trouble.

“Ling Xiao, in any case, you all will not stay in the Inner Sect for too long. Therefore, don’t waste time and do sect tasks only inner disciples are qualified for.”

Lan Yu’er was not in a hurry to leave. Although she was also very interested in the ranking battle of the core disciples and the competition for the Young Sect Master position, she felt that she should still explain some things to Ling Xiao first.

The so-called sect tasks were announced on the notice board of the Inner Main Hall every day.

As long as one was an inner disciple, one could accept these tasks. And after completing them, one could not only get rewards and resources but also get inner sect points.

These points were the key to exchanging for martial arts, weapons, pills, and other things.

To put it bluntly, it resembled the military merits of the Hidden Dragon Battalion.

If one had enough points, one could even enter the Inner Moonlight Tower and select a martial art, from rare gold-grade to peak gold-grade martial arts.

Although the inner disciples could enter the Inner Moonlight Tower without a token, if they wanted martial art manuals, they still had to pay points. 

“Senior Sister Lan, many thanks for your guidance. I will quickly go do some sect tasks.”

Ling Xiao naturally knew the benefits of these points. Now that he had this opportunity, how could he miss it?

When he was in the Hidden Dragon Battalion, he had received better martial arts manuals by relying on military merits.

Instead of waiting for charity from others, it was better to work hard to obtain things. 

“There’s no need to thank me.”

Lan Yu’er lightly waved her hand and said: “But you have to be careful since you must leave the sect to do the sect tasks. Therefore, people who have ill intentions towards you will definitely think of a way to attack you. You must be very careful.”

“Senior Sister’s words, I will remember it in my heart.”

In fact, Ling Xiao also knew this kind of danger, but he also couldn’t stay within the sect for the rest of his life.

Besides, with his current strength, even if someone with a cultivation base of Rank Three Transcendent Realm wanted to harm him, it wouldn’t be easy. Therefore, he was not particularly worried.

If he couldn’t win, couldn’t he just run away?

This was the reason he was =impatient to upgrade ‘Cloud Dragon Divine Walk’ and ‘Nine Demon Gods Art’.

Cloud Dragon Divine Walk could be used to escape.

Nine Demon Gods Art would strengthen his defense and strength.


After bidding farewell to Lan Yu’er, under the lead of Zhao Zhi and Dai Yuling, Ling Xiao, together with Jian Xing and Lin Feng, found their respective cave dwellings.

Jian Xing and Lin Feng shared a cave dwelling while Ling Xiao owned one by himself.

Zhao Ci had already left.

This princess of the Northern Han Country had always felt that Ling Xiao was too bloodthirsty. Especially after seeing Jian Renwang’s serious injuries today, she especially felt this. Therefore, she truly didn’t want to be together with Ling Xiao.

“Junior Brother Ling, I’ll also leave now. Feel free to tell me if you have any matters. In any case, I, Zhao Zhi, regard you as a good friend.”

At the door of Ling Xiao’s cave dwelling, Zhao Zhi said with a smile.

“Since you regard me as a good friend, naturally, I will also regard you as one too.”

Honestly speaking, Ling Xiao’s first impression of Zhao Zhi had not been so good. But now, it seemed that Zhao Zhi had no other bad aspects other than liking to play politics.

“Ling Xiao, just tell me if you need any medicinal herbs. I can’t help you with anything else, but cultivating medicinal herbs is not a problem.”

Dai Yuling also said with a smile.

“Haha, I’m very blessed. I don’t have any need now, but I’ll definitely need herbs later.”

As long as Ling Xiao did alchemy, he would definitely need to ask Dai Yuling for some later.

“Then, farewell!”

After bidding farewell to Dai Yuling and Zhao Zhi, Ling Xiao didn’t start to cultivate immediately, rather he made a plan first——

First, use the wooden token to go to the Inner Moonlight Tower and choose a powerful soul cultivation method.

Then, go complete some sect tasks.

As long as he left the sect, he didn’t need to worry about people coming to create trouble for him all day long.

Naturally, he didn’t rush to the Inner Moonlight Tower.

He had other plans first.

Since he had an understanding of the Inner Moonlight Tower’s ancient formation, he wanted to choose the best soul cultivation method.

Therefore, before going over, he had to familiarize himself with this big ancient formation and strive to ‘steal’ the things he wanted under the surveillance of the Tower Master of the Inner Moonlight Tower.

In his Landscape Martial Soul, Ling Xiao practiced many times.

However, he failed every time.

If he wanted to crack the Inner Moonlight Tower’s ancient formation, he would inevitably alarm the Tower Master of the Inner Moonlight Tower. At that time, the situation would be anything but reassuring.

It seemed that cracking it was definitely no good.

However, after many tests, he now had a better understanding of the loopholes and flaws of this ancient formation.

Hence, he had a new idea.

Why was he stupidly trying to crack this ancient formation?

He could just use these loopholes to steal the secret manuals. Although it was still difficult to do without alarming the Tower Master, it was not impossible.

He had absolute confidence in himself.

In order to ensure that he would succeed, Ling Xiao spent an hour testing it. Only when his success rate was close to 100%, did he leave for the Inner Moonlight Tower.

Although this was not the first time that he had entered the Inner Moonlight Tower, he was very excited.

After all, his purpose was different this time.

The guard of the Inner Moonlight Tower still had an indifferent look and ignored Ling Xiao.

However, this didn’t affect Ling Xiao’s good mood. After revealing the wooden token, he entered the Inner Moonlight Tower and used it to open the wooden door.

Afterward, he began to choose some martial arts.

This entire process was under the surveillance of others. However, on the surface, he made no strange movements. 

The Tower Master of Inner Moonlight Tower was looking at Ling Xiao with interest from a certain space. What kind of martial art would this young man, who chose <Twelve Golden Lotuses Formula> before, choose this time?

He truly wanted to know.

He believed that the martial art chosen by this kind of unconventional disciple would certainly be unconventional too.

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