Chapter 365: Soul Dice

Escaping the surveillance of the Inner Moonlight Tower Master, Ling Xiao released a hint of soul power and penetrated the formation on the outermost layer of the Inner Moonlight Tower.

This formation had been laid out by the people of the Formation Hall.

Although it could be considered quite complicated, it had no power against him.

A moment after the Landscape Martial Soul’s analysis ability was activated, coupled with his understanding of the formation, this formation was cracked.

Moreover, the entire process had no flaws, so the Inner Moonlight Tower Master couldn’t sense it at all.

Through this point, Ling Xiao learned one thing.

The Inner Moonlight Tower Master might not know anything about the formation.

The Inner Moonlight Tower Master couldn’t notice any anomaly from Ling Xiao; he would only sense a slight abnormal fluctuation in a formation’s power.

When cracking the formation set up by the Formation Hall, Ling Xiao could completely prevent any energy fluctuations, but the ancient formation wouldn’t be so simple.

However, through his soul power, Ling Xiao noticed that this ancient formation truly had too many flaws, which were enough to make one’s hair stand up in anger.

Thinking about it, for 100,000 years, no one had been able to properly maintain this ancient formation. Therefore, certain things had eroded.

This ancient formation was basically in tatters.

Last time, Ling Xiao had not been powerful enough to see it clearly. 

However, after the changes in his Landscape Martial Soul and completely integrated it into his soul, his soul power had reached a terrifying level.

Many previously invisible flaws and vulnerabilities were clearly visible.

The operating method and composition of the ancient formation had also become clear.

Ling Xiao even had a feeling that as long as he had enough materials, he could also lay out this ancient formation!

This was the terrifying ability given to him by the Landscape Martial Soul that was absolutely impossible for others.

He was pleasantly surprised in his heart, but he didn’t show it.

Next was the most important step: he needed to take out the martial art manuals behind the other two doors from the space behind the wooden door!

Superior gold-grade martial arts needed an iron token.

Peak gold-grade martial arts needed a jade token.

It was not too difficult for him to directly snatch a jade token manual.

The difficult part was choosing that matched his needs.  

Now, his soul power was honestly too powerful. If he had a suitable martial art, he believed that he could use the power of the Landscape Martial Soul to attack an enemy.

It would be many times more powerful than ta martial technique using true essence. It might even display an attack power comparable toa Rank Seven Transcendent Realm powerhouse.

Naturally, this required the use of the Landscape Martial Soul’s power, which would expose its secrets. Therefore, he would never use it casually, but one could always use more trumps.

However, even like that, ordinary soul techniques would also be over three times more powerful than his true essence martial techniques.

Thinking this, he began to choose a martial art manual.

This required a certain amount of luck. Fortunately, the Moonlight Sect didn’t have too many peak gold-grade martial arts. Otherwise, he would have been exhausted to death trying to skim through all of them.

With a thought, Ling Xiao’s soul power penetrated through a flaw of the ancient formation and entered another space.

Only jade tokens floated here.

He needed to choose a martial art within an hour.

“It’s a pity!”

Ling Xiao was behind the wooden door, but his soul power had already penetrated into another space.

Merely, Inner Moonlight Tower Master had not noticed this matter.

The first martial art Ling Xiao chose was not the one he wanted, although it was a peak gold-grade martial art. Thus, he quickly turned his attention away.

After all, these jade tokens only had the name and a brief summary of the martial art. If he wanted to know its full contents, he would have to inject more soul power.

He had simulated this in the Landscape World before, so he knew that he would be discovered after at most three times.

Therefore, although he truly wanted all the martial arts here, due to that limitation, he would only use it when necessary. 

He wanted to find a soul manual before choosing a suitable martial arts manual. In any case, he wouldn’t suffer a loss.

However, he was ultimately a little disappointed.

His luck was truly not very good.

Only on the twenty-fifth book did a hint of a smile appear on his face.

He found the soul martial art manual he had wanted!

<Soul Dice>

The name of this martial art manual was strange.

According to the brief description:

This was a martial art full of adventurous spirit, created by an expert of the Soul Race. However, it was just a work made on a whim. There might be many oversights in it, and cultivators needed to continue to improve it.

The current grade of this manual was peak gold-grade. However, it was an incomplete martial art. People with poor comprehension shouldn’t choose it since they wouldn’t be unable to fix the missing parts.

It required a cultivator to have soul power comparable to a Rank Seven Transcendent Realm martial artist.

Every time Soul Dice was used, one’s soul power would increase much faster than any other cultivation method. Although it was not a soul cultivation technique, it was better than all soul cultivation techniques below peak gold-grade.

Soul Dice resembled an ordinary die and had six sides, with each representing a completely different attack mode.

One couldn’t choose a side by oneself; it would actually be determined by throwing the die. Once a certain side landed, one could only use this attack mode; otherwise, the following throws couldn’t be used.

Using <Soul Dice> consumed soul power, so those with weak soul power shouldn’t use it rashly without risking a bad ending.

“This <Soul Dice> is truly interesting. Although it has a lot of uncertainties, since it is evaluated as a peak-gold grade martial art, its every attack is very unlikely to be lacking.”

Ling Xiao was pleasantly surprised and hastily copied this martial art.

Now, he finally had a martial art that completely relied on soul power.

After suppressing this pleasant surprise, he continued skimming through the available martial arts.

He still had one more chance. Although he didn’t lack martial arts now, if he didn’t use this chance, that would be too wasteful.

However, just as he was about to continue, a powerful soul power began to scan the entire Inner Moonlight Tower.

This soul power was incomparably powerful, even more so than Ling Xiao’s soul.

This must be the Inner Moonlight Tower Master!

Ling Xiao hastily hid all traces of his soul power into a crack of the ancient formation.

In any case, with Inner Moonlight Tower Master not knowing anything about the formation, the other party would certainly not be able to discover him.

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