Chapter 366: Heavenly Dragon Divine Finger

Although that soul power was powerful, Ling Xiao was not afraid of being noticed by the Inner Moonlight Tower Master.

After all, he had simulated similar situations several times in the Landscape World.

Sure enough, after this powerful soul power scanned through the entire Inner Moonlight Tower, it was retracted.

Ling Xiao confirmed that this had not been aimed at him but rather was just a regular scan.

After all, there were other inner disciples in the Inner Moonlight Tower, also choosing martial art manuals.

Ling Xiao continued after the soul power had completely disappeared.

“Huh? This is!”

Pleasant surprise appeared on Ling Xiao’s face.

“<Heavenly Dragon Divine Finger>: peak gold-grade Dragon Race martial art, its might is stronger than similar grade Human Race martial arts.

It’s a martial art created by the orthodox Dragon Race, and only Dragon Race or martial artists with dragon-type martial souls can learn it.

This finger technique has nine layers, each stronger than the last. It’s extremely lethal.

Using it with Dragon Race’s soul power ‘Dragon Might’ will vastly improve its effects.  

At the small success stage, your finger will be like an immortal grade treasured artifact, piercing through iron like mud;

Cultivate it to big success, and the power will be even more terrifying. You can even pierce through defensive type divine grade treasured artifacts…”

Ling Xiao was pleasantly surprised as this reminded him of ‘A Terrifying Finger.’

He had comprehended this finger technique from the finger technique displayed by the Moonlight Sect’s blue-robed woman.

In fact, his A Terrifying Finger had originated from this <Heavenly Dragon Finger>.

<Heavenly Dragon Finger> and <Heavenly Dragon Divine Finger> had only a slight difference in name, but their effects greatly differed. 

<Heavenly Dragon Finger> was a rare gold-grade martial art created by a past expert of the Moonlight Sect from the enlightenment he had received from <Heavenly Dragon Divine Finger>. Thus, human martial artists could cultivate it.

But <Heavenly Dragon Divine Finger> was a peak gold grade Dragon Race martial art. Only the Dragon Race and martial artists possessing dragon-type martial souls could cultivate it.

Although Ling Xiao didn’t have a dragon-type martial soul and wasn’t a dragon, he had the blood of the Dragon Race as well as the ‘Ancient Golden Dragon’ attack form.

In that form, he could only use Dragon Race martial arts, much like this one.

In fact, the half-dragon form should be his most balanced form. Both human martial arts and dragon martial arts could be used. Moreover, this form wouldn’t arouse too much suspicion. After all, on the Heavenly Dragon Continent, there once was a Divine Dragon Race that had intermarried with humans.

People might be surprised by a half-dragon, but they would never associate it with his Ancient Golden Dragon.

Now, he was more worried about not having Dragon Race martial arts.

Ling Xiao was choosing martial arts to make up for his shortcomings now.

Thus, the two martial arts he chose this time were——<Soul Dice> and <Heavenly Dragon Divine Finger>.

Ling Xiao didn’t continue trying his luck after choosing these two martial arts.

Because it was very likely that he would be discovered by the Inner Moonlight Tower Master on his third try.

This had also happened in his simulations.

Once discovered, all his previous efforts would be wasted.

Therefore, he immediately discarded his greed and withdrew his soul power.

He then directly chose the rare gold-grade martial art: <Heavenly Dragon Finger>.

He chose this martial art purely as a cover for his <Heavenly Dragon Divine Finger>.

After all, appearance-wise, they were very similar.

They were different only in power.

<Heavenly Dragon Divine Finger> was much more terrifying!

Coordinating it with Dragon Race’s soul power, Dragon Might, would be truly awe-inspiring. 

After taking a copy of <Heavenly Dragon Finger>, Ling Xiao left.

Inner Moonlight Tower Master had been paying attention to Ling Xiao and was confused by this choice. 

“Why is this kid choosing this martial art? Isn’t he already good at it?”

Ling Xiao naturally didn’t care about what the other party thought. In any case, his objective was complete.

After returning to his residence, Ling Xiao took out a copy of <Soul Dice> and began to comprehend it. Since he might soon leave for some sect tasks, this martial art was very helpful in increasing his combat power.

As for <Heavenly Dragon Divine Finger>, he gave it to a sword martial clone to comprehend.

The other sword martial clone was responsible for cultivating <Twelve Golden Lotuses Formula>. This was his main inner core technique, and the only inner core technique that could improve his cultivation base. He absolutely couldn’t neglect it.

As for <Snow Lotus Sword Art>, meditating on it seemed to be of little use. The key to perfecting it was actual combat.

Therefore, it could be discarded for the time being.

It was the same for <Heavenly Dragon Golden Body>. Merely, to make a breakthrough in <Heavenly Dragon Golden Body>, combat was not enough, he also needed some worldly treasures. When he went out to do sect tasks, he planned to gather some materials needed to refine higher-grade Body Refining Pills.

Although he still couldn’t refine pills of this level, Yang Danlin could. At that time, he could just ask Yang Danlin to help.

There was no hurry to cultivate <Shadow Transformation Sword Art>. It wouldn’t be too late to cultivate it after perfecting <Snow Lotus Sword Art>.

Perhaps, because Ling Xiao had already cultivated ‘A Terrifying Finger’, the moment he looked at <Heavenly Dragon Divine Finger Technique>, he had a kind of epiphany.

In a short moment, he actually had already comprehended the first layer.

But his comprehension speed of <Soul Dice> was even more terrifying.

It had nine layers, and the power would increase with each. The first layer was the key to comprehending the six variations.

The difficulty was very high, but he used less than fifteen minutes to thoroughly comprehend it.

If other martial artists were to know about this, they might be very shocked.

This kind of cultivation speed was unheard of.

One should know that even the most common human martial art would vastly increase in difficulty at each grade.

One could practically say that the gap between every grade was a ravine. Without enough accumulations, it was truly difficult to leap over.

Entry gold grade martial arts were legendary martial arts in the secular world. Most martial artists would never obtain one or two in their lifetimes.

Even if someone obtained it, they would not be able to cultivate it because of their issues with comprehension and aptitude.

Naturally, for the martial artists who were qualified to enter the twelve sects, entry gold-grade martial arts weren’t so exaggerated.

In sects like the Moonlight Sect, even outer disciples could cultivate entry gold-grade martial arts at will. As long as they were willing to bear hardships and work hard, it would only be a matter of time before they mastered one.

However, when it came to rare gold-grade martial arts, the cultivation difficulty and corresponding might would also increase exponentially.

Only inner disciples were qualified to cultivate martial arts of this level.

Ling Xiao had asked Lan Yu’er before about the inner disciples’ cultivation attainments regarding rare gold-grade martial arts.

Shockingly, most inner disciples’ cultivation in rare gold-grade martial arts was only at the level of small or big success.

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