Chapter 367: Plague Demon King

Even for rare gold-grade martial arts, only a few inner disciples had cultivated them to the perfection realm, let alone the sublimity realm.

As for superior gold-grade martial arts, allegedly, disciples weren’t qualified to cultivate them before reaching the Rank Seven Transcendent Realm. Even if they could cultivate it, it was difficult to comprehend.

Generally, only the top ten core disciples cultivated superior gold-grade martial arts.

Peak gold-grade martial arts were even more difficult and had even more requirements.

Among the Moonlight Sect’s disciples, perhaps, only the top three core disciples cultivated martial arts of this level. 

Even many experts on the level of Deacons, Hall Masters, and Elders couldn’t completely understand this level of martial arts.

In the Moonlight Sect, there were just thirty or so peak gold-grade martial arts, which was the reason Ling Xiao was able to find a martial art he liked so quickly.

However, he was also very lucky. If he had joined other sects, they might not necessarily have had martial arts like <Soul Dice> and <Heavenly Dragon Divine Finger>.

After all, these were the symbolic treasures of the Moonlight Sect.

Nevertheless, for a martial art of this level, he spent only fifteen minutes comprehending it. Moreover, he imediately cultivated it to the first layer.

Such comprehension power was truly frightening.

However, thinking about it, his reason was also very simple.

First of all, Ling Xiao had the Landscape Martial Soul with its terrifying analysis ability , which could make Ling Xiao understand extremely complex and difficult martial arts through the simplest methods.

Secondly, after Ling Xiao’s soul and the Landscape Martial Soul  had merged, his comprehension power had reached a terrifying level. No genius or super genius was comparable to him.

There was one more reason: he had already cultivated A Terrifying Finger before. This helped him in the comprehension of <Heavenly Dragon Divine Finger>.

Meanwhile, the rapid progress in <Soul Dice> originated from his terrifying soul power.

As for <Heavenly Dragon Finger>, he browsed it once and immediately gained an understanding of this martial art. A Terrifying Finger originated from <Heavenly Dragon Finger>. Moreover, after it was perfected by Landscape Martial Soul, it was even more perfect than <Heavenly Dragon Finger>, but it simply lacked the full complexity of the parent art.

Under these circumstances, it was simply too easy to learn <Heavenly Dragon Finger>.

He learned this technique simply to excuse his future displays of <Heavenly Dragon Divine Finger>.

He was not worried about being accused of stealing <Soul Dice> because it could be found outside the sect.

Meanwhile, <Heavenly Dragon Divine Finger> was one of the special martial arts handed down solely in the Moonlight Sect. It was absolutely impossible for it to be leaked outside.

Ling Xiao had obtained it through abnormal means, so a little cover-up was necessary to avoid many troubles.

Ling Xiao spent an hour consolidating the realm of his <Heavenly Dragon Divine Finger> at the first layer. He even tested its power. When used in his half-dragon form, its might was already comparable to <Divine Prison King Fist>’s final style——Extermination.

Merely, ‘Extermination’ was an area of attack technique, but <Heavenly Dragon Divine Finger> condensed his true essence into a line, so its single-target lethality was very amazing.

He also gradually became familiar with the six variations of <Soul Dice>.

Because the six sides represented six completely different attack methods, it was difficult to judge its power.

However, since the controllability of <Soul Dice> was relatively poor, and because the sides were random, it was very difficult to predict what outcome he would receive in battle

But its overall might was even more terrifying than <Heavenly Dragon Divine Finger>.

In ordinary battles, using <Snow Lotus Sword Art> and <Heavenly Dragon Divine Finger> would be quite appropriate.

But when facing a very powerful opponent or an enemy with an unknown ability, <Soul Dice> would be better.

This martial art was a gamble. If you were lucky enough and rolled a suitable attack mode, that would be great. But if you rolled an unsuitable one, although the attack would still be very terrifying, it might not be effective.

Now, he would use different martial techniques according to the strength and combat style of his opponent.

The basic techniques would still be <Divine Prison King Fist> and <Snow Lotus Sword Art>. As for <Heavenly Dragon Divine Finger> and <Soul Dice> as well as employing martial laws, he was still not familiar enough with them.

He might try them occasionally, but they wouldn’t be his primary attack method.

However, even like that, his current strength was very terrifying.

Even if a Rank Five Transcendent Realm martial artist wanted to defeat him, the other party would have to pay a heavy price.

After feeling his comprehension was sufficient, Ling Xiao prepared to spend a little time improving <Cloud Dragon Divine Walk> and <Nine Demon Gods Art>.

He had already cultivated several entry gold-grade martial arts before that could be used to upgrade these two arts. 

The improvement process was simpler than in the past, which was mainly due to his experience.

After about four hours, Ling Xiao’s <Cloud Dragon Divine Walk> was promoted to a superior gold-grade movement technique, <Cloud Dragon Divine Walk-Illusory Formation>.

As the name implied, his movement technique had incorporated the essence of formations, making <Young Dragon Divine Walk> more illusory. Now, not only was he faster, but it would also be more difficult to chase him.

If he wanted to further improve this martial art, rare gold-grade martial arts would be needed.

After four more hours, Ling Xiao’s <Nine Demon Gods Art> was also successfully promoted to a superior gold-grade martial art, <Nine Demon Gods Art-Plague Demon King>.

After the promotion, <Nine Demon Gods Art> had two Demon King abilities——Evil Beast Demon King and Plague Demon King!

Evil Beast Demon King: after demonization, use the power of an Evil Beast to strengthen your attack and defense. The body will also have special changes.

Plague Demon King: after demonization, use the power of plague to spread plague or absorb it. There will be no changes in the body, but your aura will become very evil.

With Ling Xiao’s style, he didn’t like Plague Demon King’s effect. However, ‘plague’ could also be used to deal with an enemy. There was no harm as long as it didn’t harm the innocent.

Naturally, the key point was, after promoting it to a superior gold-grade martial art, the supplementary abilities of <Nine Demon Gods Art> had also been improved. Before, it could increase his power by 10%, but now it was 20% and would attach special effects.

This was naturally helpful in the use of other martial techniques.

The most important thing was that his physical combat power had improved substantially.

If by chance, there was a situation where true essence and soul power couldn’t be used, it would play a key role.


After the improvement of his two miraculous techniques, Ling Xiao left the cave-dwelling and went to the Inner Main Hall’s ‘task bulletin board’.

With some sect tasks, not only could he practice more, but he would also get sect points.

If he accumulated enough sect points, even if he didn’t need to exchange the points for martial art manuals, he could exchange them for pills, weapons, and other things.

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