Chapter 216: Black Blood Tinge

Shi Hao hastily asked in confusion: “Doctor, what’s his situation now?”

However, the senior doctor just shook his head, then took out a pill from his medical kit and made Dian Wei swallow that pill with water.

Dian Wei’s complexion immediately improved and Shi Hao clapped and praised.

Shi Hao said: “You are truly a brilliant doctor. I wonder why you didn’t speak before?”

That senior doctor just sighed, sat on a chair and said: “Although I have detoxified General Dian, I cannot save General Dian’s life.”


Suddenly, everyone present exclaimed in unison: “Doctor, what do you mean?”

Shi Hao was even more confused. The poison was eliminated, but it didn’t consider saving a life? He then turned to think about the strange situation with that strange man, and a hint of worry flashed through his eyes. Even when he faced the power play of Heroic Overlord Under Heaven and Yuwen Chengdu, he wasn’t this worried.

Therefore, he took a deep breath and said: “Doctor! If you have anything to say, feel free to say it.”

Soon after that, the senior doctor nodded his head and slowly explained: “General Dian was affected with two special states before. Among them, one causes General Dian to vomit blood and blackening of glabella, which is a type of vicious poison. Its name is Black Blood Tinge.”

The doctor paused for a moment and added: “Black Blood Tinge is made by refining the mixture of the essence blood of several poisonous scorpions and centipedes. This drug is colorless and odorless. Once a person is poisoned with this poison, unless an antidote is used to detoxify or other special methods are used, it would continuously attach a Black Blood Tinge debuff state. It would make people vomit black blood per a period of time, and this symptom would get worse over time.”

At this moment, Fa Zheng asked: “Since you say so, didn’t doctor detoxify this Black Blood Tinge just now?”

The senior doctor nodded his head and said: “Although this Black Blood Tinge is so vicious, it doesn’t pose a problem for me. Merely…”

Feng Tianhao loudly interrupted: “Doctor, no need to hesitate. No matter how poisonous the other aspect is, we will find the right remedy to treat General Dian.”

Unfortunately, the doctor still shook his head and said: “Merely, the other special state of General Dian is not a debuff state, rather a buff state.”


Suddenly, everyone present here asked: “Doctor, what do you mean?”

Shi Hao thought quickly and immediately realized a terrifying thing. He knew that any doctor researching detoxification aimed at removing negative debuff states caused by poisonous things. In fact, Shi Hao had never heard of any poison that would forcibly give people positive buff effects. However, if there was truly such a case, then it was indeed enough to make the doctor helpless.

However, could it be that the positive buff state could also kill people?

Shi Hao asked doubtfully: “Doctor, could it be that there is something fishy with General Dian’s buff state?”

The doctor nodded his head and said: “Tonight, General Dian was shot in the chest by an arrow. I have carefully looked at that wound. It was rather dangerous. It almost killed General Dian on the spot. And that arrow must be smeared with two types of drugs. One is the Black Blood Tinge I mentioned just now. As for the other, it’s the legendary bizarre spirit drug, Dead Spirit Poison.”

“Dead Spirit Poison? A bizarre spirit drug?”

At this moment, Shi Hao was all the more confused. Dead Spirit Poison, since the name contained the word poison, it should be a poison. But the doctor had even called it a bizarre spirit drug. Was he just babbling things? Shi Hao couldn’t tell or guess it, but he felt very unease inwardly as he said: “Doctor, what exactly is Dead Spirit Poison?”

The senior doctor sighed and said: “Dead Spirit Poison is refined from the blood of dead spirit zombies. The refining method is not really that complex, but it was very difficult to find the blood of dead spirit zombies. If it hadn’t appeared on the battlefield, then I wouldn’t even have thought of this thing.”

The senior doctor added: “Although Dead Spirit Poison had the word poison in its name, it is not poison! The dead spirit zombies are so fierce, untiring, unafraid of pain and very relying on the bizarre strength in their blood. And once the Dead Spirit Poison obtained by extracting the blood essence of dead spirit zombies is dissolved in one’s blood, one will become like those dead spirit zombies with a buff state, making oneself untiring, unafraid of pain and very strong. If it weren’t for this, then although General Dian is so brave, he wouldn’t have been able to sit here just now after he was so seriously injured.”

The doctor paused and sighed: “Unfortunately, the Dead Spirit Poison had the word poison on its name because this spirit drug will truly take people’s life like a toxic poison. Once it is mixed with people’s blood, then those people will stay in a permanent state of excitement, and their blood and qi will be consumed rapidly. They would certainly die within three days. Everything is my fault! Earlier today, I should have realized it when examining those patients. Now that I think about it, I stupidly thought that I cured them. In fact, I just nursed their physique via drugs, restoring their vitality. I basically hadn’t gotten rid of the real illness!!!”

Shi Hao nearly fainted upon hearing this.

He stabilized himself and asked: “Could it be that there is truly no way to get rid of this Dead Spirit Poison?”

Feng Tianhao, Passionate Archer, Fa Zheng, Pei Yuanqing and Huang Zhong asked in unison: “General Dian has the ability to resurrect, perhaps, he might be fine.”

However, the doctor shook his head again and said: “I know that General Dian has the ability to resurrect. Unfortunately, the buff state of this Dead Spirit Poison is very special. Even if General Dian is resurrected, it wouldn’t disappear on its own. Under heaven, there is only one way, that is unless…”

Feng Tianhao asked loudly: “Unless what???”

That doctor replied: “Unless someone can completely replace the blood!!! The power of Dead Spirit Poison exists in the blood. As long as General Dian’s blood is completely drained and replaced with suitable fresh blood, then perhaps, we can save General Dian!!!”

“This!!! Is this truly feasible???”

Shi Hao was dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe what the doctor was saying. The matter of replacing blood was not a joking matter. Presumably, this game should also have a blood-group type. Furthermore, even if Dian Wei was saved via blood exchange, what about other townsfolk? Was it possible to carry out blood exchange for everyone?

Shi Hao was very clear that it was absolutely impossible. But at this stage, what could he do?

At that moment, Dian Wei jumped up and shouted: “Doctor! Let it go!!!”

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