Chapter 215: Dead Spirit Poison

At this moment, Shi Hao stared at that small bottle in the hand of that strange man and frowned, inwardly thinking: “I fear that there is a sinister thing in that bottle! Perhaps, the disease in Twin Dragons Town was caused by the sinister thing in that bottle. If that is the case, I have to take it!!!”

Therefore, Shi Hao coldly looked at that strange man and said: “Hand over that sinister thing!!!”

The strange man, however, laughed and said: “Tsk, tsk, tsk…, come and get it if you have the ability.”

Shi Hao naturally knew that that strange man must have set a trap for him. However, he had to take the risk now. After all, Twin Dragons Town didn’t have much time. Huang Zhong had led a team to look for Heroic Overlord Under Heaven, but there was no news from them so far. It could be estimated that the situation over there shouldn’t be much better than here.

“My Lord, let me!!!”

Dian Wei yelled, dived down from the air and flew straight towards that strange man.

Shi Hao was dumbfounded. He knew very well that Dian Wei had already used up his two resurrection chances. If Dian Wei died once again today, then he would truly die. In contrast, Shi Hao could resurrect after he died. At most, he would lose some time and experience as well as some equipment.

Although his equipment was indeed pretty good, practically all of them were the best, he couldn’t bear to let Dian Wei take the risk.

Shi Hao yelled: “Quickly leave, go to support Huang Zhong, don’t mess around here!!!”

However, Dian Wei still went straight towards that strange man, obviously ignoring Shi Hao’s command.

Boom!” “Boom!” “Boom!”

Along with the loud sounds of explosion, clouds of dust and smoke rose.

Shi Hao hastily looked over.

Finally, after the cloud of dust settled down a little, he saw Dian Wei with a sharp arrow stuck in his chest, who walked slowly while vomiting black blood from time to time. His appearance was quite scary.

“Brother Wei! You…” Shi Hao was worried.

“I’m fine! I can still resurrect again, there’s no need to be afraid…” Dian Wei looked fearless.

“But…” Shi Hao looked anxious. Although the Water Cloud Sword in his hands should be able to heal Dian Wei in theory, the various situations he encountered tonight made him truly restless. He always felt that things weren’t that simple. Moreover, he was worried about Dian Wei that he might disappear like this.

“Enough! If you have something to say, then let’s talk about it after returning. See this, it’s the thing we wanted.” Dian Wei smiled and took out a small bottle, which seemed to be what Shi Hao wanted.

“Good! Let’s go.” Shi Hao didn’t waste time here. He planned to return to Twin Dragons Town first before thinking more about it.

Therefore, Shi Hao hastily left this dangerous place with Dian Wei.


After a while, the night had gotten darker.

Yuwen Chengdu, however, was still sitting still on a horse like a statue. His expression also had no change.

Suddenly, someone walked out and said: “General Yuwen, didn’t you just see a good play? Okay, let me guess this time, guess what you are thinking. I guess, you wanted me to fight against that Shake the Heaven to death so that your lord can get the benefit of the fisherman and my lord, Capable Monarch, suffer a loss. I guess it right, isn’t that so?”

Yuwen Chengdu still had no change in his expression as he said: “Noble Character and Sterling integrity! Who gave you this name?”

That person laughed and said: “Hahahaha! It seems I guessed right. By the way, I have already expected this, so it doesn’t matter. As for who gave this name to me, you can guess it. However, tonight’s matter is already over, we’ll talk again some other day.”

After speaking, that man turned around, preparing to leave. However, Yuwen Chengdu, who had been sitting still, moved.

He instantly appeared in front of that man and asked: “Why did you intentionally give that bottle to Shake the Heaven?”

That man smiled and said: “God’s designs must not be revealed to mortal ears…”

Looking at the smile of that man, Yuwen Chengdu felt an inexplicable chill in his heart, and he couldn’t help asking again: “But if I want you to give me an answer at this moment, then what would you do?”

That man shook his head and said: “In this world, the strong is the king. Since you are stronger than me, I’ll tell you.”

That man added: “That bottle contains an extremely poisonous thing created from dead spirit zombie’s blood. Ordinary people will get the epidemic disease as long as they come into contact with it. And if they are not treated within three days, then they will die for sure. Even powerful people like that man, unless there is a special reason, if the sharp arrow smeared with a lot of Dead Spirit Poison pierce his flesh, he will most certainly die. Even you, General Yuwen, are not an exception!!!”

Yuwen Chengdu was shocked, What!” He was a man possessing Dragon Elephant Thirteen Strength, which would immune him from all debuff states. For him, there would be no problem even if he was poisoned. He could instantly detoxify himself.

However, Yuwen Chengdu didn’t think that this fellow named Noble Character and Sterling Integrity was not just scaring people.

At least, Yuwen Chengdu understood that Noble Character and Sterling Integrity should know about his skill, which made him immune to all debuff effects. Otherwise, Noble Character and Sterling Integrity wouldn’t have used such a strange tone to speak. The other party was telling him that Dead Spirit Poison could kill him.

Yuwen Chengdu immediately berated: “What’s the unusual aspect of Dead Spirit Poison???”

That man laughed and said: “Why don’t you guess it?”

After speaking, that man ignored Yuwen Chengdu’s cold eyes and disappeared into the night.


Time passed again. Now, it was just before dawn.

Shi Hao and Dian Wei had returned to Twin Dragons Town, and Huang Zhong had also returned with the troops. However, looking at how Huang Zhong was sighing continuously, he knew that Huang Zhong had no gains. Fortunately, Huang Zhong was skilled enough. There was no casualty among his troops.

Shi Hao hastily summoned everyone in the Council Hall, including the senior doctor of Twin Dragons Town’s hospital.

After everyone arrived, he immediately took out that small bottle and personally handed it over to the senior doctor. He then said everything he had seen and heard tonight.

Everyone was shocked, and they also looked confused.

Pei Yuanqing hastily asked: “Brother Wei! Are you fine now?”

However, at this moment, Dian Wei vomited a mouthful of black blood and directly fainted.

Upon seeing this, Shi Hao hastily yelled: “Doctor, what’s wrong with him? He was obviously fine all along the way, and he was quite energetic too. He should have gotten better…, if he was not fine, then I would have used the power of Water Cloud Sword to save him.”

Upon seeing this, the senior doctor immediately stepped forward without demur and felt Dian Wei’s pulse, displaying his four methods of diagnosis, one by one. After a good while, the senior doctor had a look of disbelief, which made Shi Hao’s heart tingle. Then, he heard the senior doctor’s voice: “Alas, I was careless…”

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