Chapter 214: Raging Flames Surprise Attack

The situation was critical, and Shi Hao heard Dian Wei shouting: “My Lord, quickly run!!!”

However, upon seeing the current situation, Shi Hao just made a wry smile. He knew that his situation was not much better than Dian Wei’s. He wanted to run, but those black-clothed men, who resembled human bombs, surrounded him. And since he became Soul Fighter, his attack power had been pitifully low.

In fact, although he was holding a level 10 Water Cloud Sword, he was very clear in his heart that it would be a miracle if he was able to kill his way out and escape. After all, under the effect of Heroic Overlord Under Heaven’s inexplicable skill, his insignificant attack had become even more useless.

However, Shi Hao was also not a person who would allow himself to be seized without putting up a fight, “Don’t be complacent!!!”

He roared and relying on the powerful strength of his Black Robber Horse’s legs, he actually jumped up several feet high, as if he could easily jump over the three-floored building.

At that moment, Shi Hao seemed to be stuck in the air with a very beautiful posture.

He looked down and saw the expression of those black-clothed people had no change, Yuwen Chengdu was standing firmly in the same place, but that strange man had a strange smile. Shi Hao’s heart immediately tingled and he subconsciously frowned, wondering the trick of that strange man.

However, ‘Bang!’, even after Shi Hao stably landed on the ground, he still didn’t see any movement from that strange man.

“No matter!!! Let’s save him first.”

Shi Hao jumped again, and this time, his target next to Dian Wei.

He believed that, the powerful shockwave of his landing might be able to get rid of those mobs that were holding Dian Wei. Like that, Dian Wei would have a chance to take off.

Soon, ‘Bang!’ Another loud sound resounded.

Sure enough, as Shi Hao had expected, he succeeded in freeing Dian Wei from the entanglement of those bandits.

At that moment, he seemed to feel the radiance of the sun. He even discovered that the surroundings seemed to be a lot brighter and the temperature around seemed to have risen, making him feel comfortable.

“My Lord!!! Not good…” Dian Wei roared.

“What’s wrong?”

Shi Hao was dumbfounded. His originally happy mood immediately disappeared. He turned around to look and saw a small sun was getting bigger and bigger behind him.

He hastily looked over and immediately realized that that sun was in the hand of that strange man. And that strange man had a smile on his face, which still looked scary. Shi Hao took a closer look and saw that that strange man was holding a longbow that resembled raging flames.

“This is…”

Therefore, Shi Hao immediately had a thought in his heart, that strange man was actually a rare knight that used a bow. This greatly shocked Shi Hao.

In fact, Shi Hao clearly knew that it was not impossible for a knight to use a bow. On the contrary, since the knight’s original attack power was high, when using a bow for a long-range attack, their attack power would not be inferior to a pure weaker archer. Moreover, the knight didn’t need to worry about being approached by others and being defeated in a sneak attack.

However, Shi Hao didn’t build a long-range bow unit composed of knights, and Feng Tianhao didn’t use a bow as his weapon, because the combat power of knights in close combat was far higher than their combat power as long-range troops. After all, regardless of war horses or war dragons, both just increased their attack power in close combat. Moreover, the long-range attack unit composed of archers had clear advantages in range and accuracy.

Therefore, the strange man actually using a bow as his main weapon surprised Shi Hao.

Naturally, what surprised Shi Hao more was the arrow shot by that strange man, which was truly extraordinary!!!

“Good!!! I can finally send you on your way.” That strange man’s voice entered Shi Hao’s ears.

When the fireball in the hand of that strange man changed into the size of a basketball, it was suddenly shot out, and it flew straight towards Shi Hao.

“Quickly run!!!”

Shi Hao hastily urged his horse to run away. He looked different from his usual self and his heart was even more restless. He didn’t know how powerful that fireball was, but he didn’t forget to shoot a glance at Dian Wei. Fortunately, Dian Wei was not stunned. He quickly rode the flying dragon and quickly flew towards the sky to take refuge.

Unfortunately, that fireball came too fast. Shi Hao had no time to go too far away and he heard ‘boom!!!” behind him. He subconsciously turned back and saw that the fireball had exploded. And after the explosion, that fireball emitted a violent energy vortex, and the fire contained in the vortex continued to spread all around.

“Damned it!!!”

Immediately, Shi Hao felt great pressure as he hastily looked at his status bar. He saw the HP of his Shadow Dragon Soul Shield was slowly reducing.

Although the rate of decline was not fast, it explained one thing, this might take his life.

After seeing this situation, he looked at Dian Wei in the sky. Dian Wei seemed to have resurrected again.

This shocked Shi Hao again. The power of that arrow had become even more terrifying. He had never thought that that single arrow could actually empty Dian Wei’s own HP along with the additional HP of Shadow Dragon Soul Shield. The attack power and the range of this arrow were truly terrifying.

In contrast, although Passionate Archer’s Thunderbolt Arrow was very powerful, it was a single-target skill.

“Eh, tsk, tsk, tsk…” That strange man’s voice resounded again.

“Amazing, they didn’t die.”

“How about you all guess again? Will I shoot more arrows or not?”

Shi Hao felt a chill. He guessed that that strange man shouldn’t be able to shoot such a powerful arrow again in a short time. If that strange man truly had such an exceptional ability, then he alone would be enough to create chaos in Twin Dragons Town. Shi Hao had to admit that, in Twin Dragons Town, only Pei Yuanqing would be able to block that fierce arrow. However, Pei Yuanqing might not be able to capture that strange man, after all, that strange man’s profession was a knight and Pei Yuanqing was a fighter.

However, at this stage, Shi Hao also didn’t dare to carelessly open his mouth. What if he himself had a crow’s beak?

“Tsk, tsk, tsk…, I didn’t expect Shake the Heaven to be such a coward.” That strange man opened his mouth.

“No matter! Let me tell you, I can’t use that arrow again for the short time. You all can rest assured…”

However, having heard his words, Shi Hao’s heart became colder. It was because that strange man took out a small bottle. Although Shi Hao didn’t know what was inside that bottle, it would definitely not be a good thing.

Sure enough, that strange man said again: “This thing…, curious about it? How about you guess what it is?”

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