Chapter 213: A Strange Man

Dian Wei immediately asked: “Mayor Wind, why? Could it be that we can’t defeat Heavenly Dragon Village?”

Feng Tianhao shook his head and said: “That’s not the case. In my view, if our Twin Dragons and Heavenly Dragon truly have an all-out war without anyone’s interference, then we should have at least a 70% chance of victory…”

Pei Yuanqing seemed to realize and asked: “Then, does that mean that other people will intervene?”

Feng Tianhao nodded his head, then shook his head again and said: “First, Heroic Overlord Under Heaven has a connection with the powerful forces of South Flower and East Flower Regions. Second, Heroic Overlord Under Heaven has pulled up almost all players of the West Flower Region to attack our Twin Dragons Town. We have to guard against the sneak attack of all other people. Therefore, I’m afraid we cannot take out enough troops to take down Heavenly Dragon Village overnight in one fell swoop.”

Immediately, Dian Wei patted his chest and promised: “Then, give me 500 people, I’ll carry out a sneak attack by myself.”

Fa Zheng however said: “That won’t do! Yuwen Chengdu of Heavenly Dragon Village is definitely not an easy opponent. General Dian, it’s very dangerous.”

Dian Wei angrily slammed on the table. ‘Bang!’ The sound was so loud that Shi Hao almost became deaf for a moment.

Dian Wei then roared: “This also won’t do, that also won’t do! Then, what would do? Could it be that we should just wait to see common people die?”


Shi Hao sighed inwardly.

He was very clear that this type of situation would be unpleasant for anyone. And since Dian Wei was a hot-tempered type, how could he endure this kind of pent-up frustration? However, it was indeed not good for Dian Wei alone to go to attack Heavenly Dragon Village. Even if Pei Yuanqing was added, it won’t do. Not to mention other things, just look at the strange methods of Heavenly Dragon Village today. The danger was too big. They truly couldn’t go. However, the lives of common people in Twin Dragons Village also couldn’t be ignored.


Shi Hao thought over and over again and said: “I will go personally!!! Dian Wei, Huang Zhong, you two will also go with me.”

After speaking, Shi Hao moved immediately. He was already walking towards the door of the Council Hall.

At that time, Passionate Archer stood up and said: “I’ll also go with you. With me there, that Heroic Overlord Under Heaven will be restrained.”

Shi Hao didn’t argue and said: “Okay! We are leaving immediately!!!”


Soon after that, the time passed quickly.

The group of Shi Hao traveled as fast as the wind. It took less than an hour to reach not far away from Heavenly Dragon Village. looking over, they could clearly see the current bustling scene of Heavenly Dragon Village. It seemed that Heroic Overlord Under Heaven was very happy!!!

“Stop!” Shi Hao yelled.

“Why?” Dian Wei rode a war dragon in low-altitude, and stared anxiously from the side.

“There might be an ambush here!” Shi Hao added: “Looking at this scene, they must be certain that we will come…”

“Yes!” Huang Zhong, who was riding a flying dragon, descended and said: “Although I don’t see it clearly, something is strange in the front. We must be careful.”

“What’s strange? Let me go and test it!” Dian Wei’s eyes were filled with fighting spirit.

“Okay! Go ahead and test it.” Shi Hao nodded his head.

Dian Wei immediately rushed forward and his big figure instantly disappeared into the dark night. Afterward, Shi Hao waited there, very focused. He then heard a voice, ‘little thief, you dare to hurt me’, coming from the front. It was Dian Wei’s shout.

Therefore, Shi Hao couldn’t help worrying in his heart. He knew Dian Wei’s skill, level 3 Coming of Ancient Evil, which would resurrect him three times a day, moreover, each resurrection would increase attack, defense and HP by 20%. So, even if he encountered Yuwen Chengdu, Dian Wei would be fine for a short while. In addition, Dian Wei had the advantage of a war dragon. Even if he couldn’t win, he would still be able to run away.

However, Shi Hao still felt anxious, and he couldn’t tell why.

Shi Hao finally said: “Huang Zhong! Lead the Flying Dragon Bow Cavalry, and continue to go to the Heavenly Dragon Village.”

After speaking, Shi Hao quickly ran in the direction of Dian Wei. He was so fast that he arrived in a dense grove not long after.

He sensed sinister auras everywhere in the grove, which made his heart tingle.

Boom!” “Boom!” “Boom!”

Suddenly, he heard the sounds of a fierce fight, which made Shi Hao frown. Hearing these sounds, he knew that the fighting people were experts. If his guess was not wrong, then they must be Dian Wei and Yuwen Chengdu. And listening to sounds, he feared that Yuwen Chengdu had helpers.

“I can’t delay more!!!”

Shi Hao immediately followed the sounds and continued to sneak forward quietly.

He found a dark shadow and hid secretly in it. From there, he saw a group of soldiers wearing a black outfit, and Yuwen Chengdu, who was riding a war horse looking even more outstanding. In addition, Shi Hao also noticed that there was an unfamiliar male player, who appeared to be a knight. His momentum was very terrifying, which made him shiver a bit.

“Oh, that’s right! Where is Dian Wei?”

At this moment, Shi Hao turned around and looked carefully. Finally, he saw Dian Wei’s figure, surrounded by three layers of black-clothed people. Looking at this scene, Shi Hao carefully thought. With the combat power of these fellows, they shouldn’t even be able to deal damage to Dian Wei, so their objective should be stopping Dian Wei from escaping from the air in his war dragon. They continuously used their body as a human bomb, stopping the war dragon from successfully taking off.

“Truly despicable!!!”

“Humph!” Shi Hao truly wanted to directly use Black Robber Horse’s skill—Iron Blooded War Hoff, and stomp all these fellows to death. Unfortunately, he had already used this skill in the daytime, and the CD period of this skill was one day. Therefore, he couldn’t use it now.

Under helplessness, Shi Hao continued to observe, patiently thinking of ways to rescue Dian Wei.

However, he suddenly heard that strange man beside Yuwen Chengdu speaking.

That strange man said: “General Yuwen, do you have a guess? How long can this all brawn no brains stupid fellow last in front of the two of us? As I see it, this stupid fellow is indeed physically strong and he possesses the skill to resurrect, he can at least let me kill most part of the night.”

Yuwen Chengdu didn’t speak. It was unknown what he was thinking. He just continued to stare at Dian Wei.

That strange man continued to speak: “General Yuwen Chengdu, you might as well make a guess. Will Shake the Heaven or Blowing Wind Left A Scar come to save this person or not? In my opinion, at least one will come. At that time, this night’s scenery will be the most beautiful.”

Yuwen Chengdu still didn’t speak. It was also unknown what he was thinking. He just continued to stare at Dian Wei.

Shi Hao, however, gritted his teeth and cursed inwardly: “This man’s heart is so poisonous, I have to kill him.”

Merely, before Shi Hao could figure out a way to kill that person, he heard that man’s voice, “Lord Shake the Heaven, how about you also make a guess? Can you leave this place alive or not?” He saw that strange man waving his hand, then many black-clothed people appeared and completely surrounded him.

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