Chapter 212: State of Emergency

Heavenly Dragon Village, in the Council Hall, everything had gathered together. It was quite lively.

After all, Wu Batian had just heard good news from an informant-Twin Dragons Town had an epidemic disease.

He was very happy in his heart. The bad luck of his enemy was his good luck. And the bad luck of Twin Dragon Town was his greatest luck. Thinking about it, if Twin Dragons Town suffered a setback here and couldn’t overcome it, then who else could block his way in the West Flower Region in the future?

However, Wu Batian was also a bit worried inwardly.

Because Wu Batian knew that this epidemic disease in Twin Dragons Village was by no means fortuitous. If someone said that it was not someone’s doing, then, he, Wu Batian, wouldn’t believe it even if he was beaten to death. Wu Batian clearly understood that that someone was most likely Capable Monarch.

Wu Batian couldn’t help looking at Capable Monarch and saw that Capable Monarch looked serene, was very calm and collected.

Wu Batian inwardly thought: “Sure enough, Capable Monarch!!! It’s this fellow! I also don’t know how sly this person is. But before the eyes of I, Heroic Overlord Under Heaven, you have to curl up for me if you are a dragon and kneel for me if you are a tiger, otherwise…”

The eyes of Heroic Overlord Under Heaven flashed with a hint of domineering air. He then smiled and walked towards Capable Monarch.

Upon seeing that, Capable Monarch said with a smile: “Alliance Leader Heroic Overlord, are you satisfied now?”

Wu Batian laughed heartily and said: “Satisfied, naturally satisfied!!!” He patted Capable Monarch’s shoulder and added: “But I wonder what you have done. You actually spread an epidemic disease in Twin Dragons Town overnight. I still remember, after the defeat yesterday, you said that you will give me an explanation today. At that time, I was truly not quite convinced. However, with the facts you showed, I’m convinced!!!”

Capable Monarch closed his eyes, shook his head and said: “Alliance Leader Heroic Overlord, the facts are confidential. I cannot tell you for the time being.”

Wu Batian was angry inwardly, but he smiled and said: “Then, in your opinion, when is the right time?”

Capable Monarch opened his eyes and said with a smile: “The day we complete the big matter, I will personally tell you everything.”

Wu Batian was furious. How would he know when that day mentioned by Capable Monarch was? Was Capable Monarch referring to the day Twin Dragons was defeated or the day he, Heavenly Dragon, eat up everything? If he was careless, then he, Wu Batian, might have a big setback again.

Therefore, Wu Batian thought about it and muttered to himself: “No! I have to figure it out…”

However, Wu Batian was also not a fool. He knew that since Capable Monarch wouldn’t talk, it would be useless to try to learn more from Capable Monarch’s mouth. So, he decided to start with other people around Capable Monarch.

After making the decision, Wu Batian picked up a cup of wine and walked to the side of a woman.

Upon a closer look, that woman’s name was ‘Peace Becomes Expensive’. She had a slim figure and was in a blue dress. During the day, Wu Batian had seen that this woman had most private contact with that Capable Monarch. Although she never followed Capable Monarch to go to war, she should be Capable Monarch’s most trusted little secretary. Not to mention anything else, in this cooperation between Capable Monarch and himself, this woman was very involved.

Wu Batian raised his glass towards Peace Becomes Expensive and said: “This Heroic Overlord always admired women endowed with both beauty and tablet. If you don’t dislike me, Lady Peace, how about toasting with me?”

After speaking, Wu Batian drank first in respect, emptying the entire glass of wine. Perhaps, he was a little hasty in drinking wine, it directly made him experience the reality of this <<Kingdom>> game. He felt very uncomfortable and felt like vomiting.

Soon after that, the color of his face changed. He saw that Peace Becomes Expensive had not given him a face. She actually hadn’t even taken a sip of her wine. How could Wu Batian endure this? Now, he was already a well-deserved absolute big shot-leveled figure in the West Flower Region. If he was in other places, then he might have been able to barely manage it. But this was West Flower Region, he truly couldn’t allow the existence of people who didn’t give him a face.

Wu Batian smiled coldly and said: “Miss Peace, do you think that I don’t have enough money?”

Peace Becomes Expensive took a glance at Wu Batian, and Wu Batian could see a hint of mockery on Peace Becomes Expensive’s looks. Therefore, Wu Batian was about to get up, but he heard Peace Becomes Expensive saying: “Alliance Leader Heroic Overlord is truly bold. Unfortunately, since you have come here to find me, aren’t you afraid of making Big Sister Empress angry?”

Suddenly, Wu Batian felt a chill, and he felt a chilling killing intent coming from behind him.

He immediately looked behind and saw that Empress was standing there with a glass of red wine. And that glass of red wine had an imprint of her distinctive red lips. In addition, she was glaring at Peace Becomes Expensive. Even a fool could tell that she was very hostile towards Peace Becomes Expensive.

Peace Becomes Expensive said: “Alliance Leader Heroic Overlord, perhaps, you might be in trouble. This little girl will leave first.”

Upon hearing this, Wu Batian subconsciously wanted to step forward to stop Peace Becomes Expensive. He wanted to get top-secret information about Capable Monarch from Peace Becomes Expensive. However, Empress was already standing beside him, so he had to stop. He then gently said: “A’Wen, don’t overthink…”

Empress’s tone was neither warm nor cold but filled with arrogance as she said: “Why would I overthink? She is not worthy of it.”

Wu Batain smiled and said: “That’s natural. Okay, I still have business matters to do, keep an eye on Capable Monarch for me.”

After speaking, Wu Batian quickly left, looking for Steady as Dog to discuss things…


Time quickly passed; the sky was already dark.

After a day of torment, the condition of Twin Dragons Town finally recovered a lot.

Shi Hao was sitting in the Twin Dragons Town’s Council Hall. Feng Tianhao was also on one side. Passionate Archer, Fa Zheng, Pei Yuanqing, Dian Wei, Huang Zhong and Wang Fu were also here. Shi Hao looked around and saw that everyone looked solemn. He also knew the reason for this—Twin Dragons Town was lacking medicinal herbs.

In fact, Shi Hao originally estimated that they would be able to sustain for at least three days. However, beyond his expectation, the strange condition was actually much more complex. Therefore, in order to ensure the curative effect, the senior doctor had to add more very precious herbs with outstanding effects. Since that was the case, it directly led to the current state of emergency of medicinal herbs in Twin Dragons Town.

Shi Hao sighed and asked: “Today, everyone has already searched for suspicious things everywhere. However, no one found anything strange. As matters stand, we just have this night. The senior doctor has said that the medicine he developed will have an actual effect by the dawn tomorrow. At that time, if we are still not able to completely eliminate the disease, then our Twin Dragons Town will…”

Dian Wei angrily roared, stood up and said: “My Lord! Do we still need to think about this matter? It must be the doing of that Heroic Overlord Under Heaven. In my view, we should immediately gather our troops, kill all the way and ask that fellow to take out the antidote. Even if Divine and Mighty Alliance investigate it afterward, we also can rebut saying he had poisoned our town first.”

Pei Yuanqing’s eyes shone, nodded his head and said: “Perhaps, that’s feasible!!!”

Huan Zhong was silent, no one knew what he was thinking.

Feng Tianhao looked reluctant as he said: “Won’t do…”


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