Chapter – 130 Kinetic Defense Spell

A key task in Epsilon’s checklist was completed. He gave a satisfactory look to his newly created and activated drone and began a ritualistic process of christening it. Without much thought, he spoke out loud as if the drone could hear him.

“You will be called Needle-1.”

It was a simple but clear-cut name for the maiden product; Epsilon did not think it needed to be anything flashy.

Right now though, Needle-1 was nothing more than just a metallic flying cone. Without any hesitation, Epsilon integrated the V3-Space Motor that he bought from the Void Market. Epsilon did not know much about these things except for some very basic functionality.

The V3-Space Motor was a mechanical technology that allowed the machine to take flight. Epsilon had to purchase the first one but now, as he had access to one of these, it would not be difficult for him to create duplicates whenever he needed it for the rest of his drones, which, at least according to his current plans, was soon.

After adding and integrating the V3-Space Motor with Gravity Core, the energy inside the black battery started powering up the motor. Soon, the drone was buzzing with a whirring noise. It was not like a typical engine but more a futuristic sound like electrical currents or a windy night in an open space. This did not bother Epsilon because so far, all was within his expectations. He now got ready for the next steps.

“Let’s add Ironmoon Metal.”

Epsilon used the Blacksteel and Enchanted Titanium for casing the Gravity Core and V3-Space Motor. The Ironmoon Metal, however, filled a different purpose. Epsilon’s initial plan for the drones included adding spells for defensive and offensive capabilities.

The Ironmoon Metal would be used at the drone’s tip as this was where the offensive spell would be added. This metal had an innate ability to integrate and interact with magical spells. If this step was not done well, the drone’s spell could damage the tip itself, leading to a self-destructive outcome.

The Ironmoon Metal had the dual function of resistance while easy interaction with spells. This would protect the drone from offensive spells that it would be used for. As the metal was added, Epsilon inhaled deeply and made three types of sphere-shaped metals.

The first sphere contained the ‘Plasma Machine Bullet’ spell, which was an automated version of the Plasma Bullet spell that Epsilon used.

The second sphere had the ‘Sonic Machine Bullet’ spell, which would be used when the enemy or the target did not need the kind of destructive punishment that the Plasma Machine Bullet doled out. This was similar to the Plasma Bullet spell in effect.

The third sphere housed two defensive spells that Epsilon created specifically for the drone. These spells were not too strong but important nonetheless.

The first of these was the ‘Kinetic Defense Spell’ that would form a shield against any kinetic weapons of the enemy. The second defensive spell was the ‘Magnetic Shield’ that was inspired by Epsilon’s current defensive shields. This spell would give the Needle Drone protection against energy attacks and spells.

This was the case only if a hostile spell was able to hit the drone. Epsilon designed the drones such that it would be very hard for anyone to attack them. The only way would be if the opposing party could lock on the drone. If Epsilon was fighting against one of his drones, he would most likely try to find cover and then shoot it using his Plasma Automatic Spell.

The Plasma Automatic Spell was capable of damaging the drone but it was also true that the defensive abilities and passive defensive spells that Epsilon instilled were stronger than the drone itself. If the situation was reversed, more than 30 drones needed to hit all their arsenal at Epsilon for more than five to seven seconds to have any chance at breaking the defensive spells. That being said, if ever such a situation did come up, he would have more tricks up his sleeve.

After the three spheres and spells were integrated inside the three cores, Epsilon put offensive spells on the tip of the drone that was close to the V3-Space Motor and the defensive spell resided beside the Gravity Core.

Then he connected the three spells to the black battery and powered them up.

Within seconds, a thin gray-colored layer manifested around the Needle Drone, indicating the shield protection spell. At the same time, at the tip of the Needle, the Ironmoon Metal started shining with a bright white-colored light, symboling the successful addition of the offensive spells.

The Plasma Automatic Bullet was a strong spell that would make this drone formidable on the battlefield. It not only used kinetic energy but pure energy for damage. In the future, any creature or being facing Epsilon or the Needle Drone was guaranteed to be pulverized even if it had protection against kinetic attacks. Epsilon packed this kind of fight power in these drones intentionally.

Two glassy eyes inspected their surroundings from their huge sockets. A tiny nose rested below, but it was the broad mouth that took all the attention. A creepy smile revealed two stubby canines and a wide tongue.

Long, bent ears sat on each side of its short, round head, which itself was covered with long hair. Its short, fat body was hunched over. Two long arms hung on the sides and at the end of these were large hands with stocky fingers, each with dull nails.

Its legs were short and it stood straight on very small feet. Its body was covered in soft skin and its shoulders were about the same width as its pelvis.

The creature opened its eyes and if there were any that had any knowledge of it, they would know it left the underground for the first time. Since this was the case, any information about it, including its name, was unknown. However, it clearly was not a loner. Because as one creature left the underground, others started following; their glassy eyes showing intelligence that rivalled humans to some degree.

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As the sun descended over the horizon, Epsilon was ending a well-spent day. He finished most of the things he had marked for today. It gave him a sense of accomplishment but it also made him feel a bit tired or at least use fatigue as an excuse to brew himself another pot of tea.

He was telling himself it was time to rest. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he was well aware that he did not need to rest but at least the notion made him feel more human in general.

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