Chapter 368: Taking Tasks

Ling Xiao wasn’t an inner disciple, so he could only take sect tasks when participating in the inner joint training.

If he missed this opportunity, he would have to wait until he was promoted to the Inner Sect.

On the task bulletin board, the sect tasks were explained in detail.

After a sect task was completed, you would get rewards like sect points, spirit stones, and gold based on the difficulty of the task.

If you failed to complete the task, not only would you not get any rewards, but you would also be punished.

This was to prevent people from taking difficult tasks beyond their power to get a lot of rewards, which not only wasted time, but also damaged the sect’s reputation.

Moreover, with more failures, the punishment would be more severe.

It might just be a fine at the beginning or a deduction of sect points, but at a certain point, one’s martial arts might be abolished, one might be expelled from the sect, or even directly receive a death penalty.

Therefore, although the sect tasks had a lot of benefits, one shouldn’t take them randomly.

The sect tasks had no number limitations, but the rewards were fixed. Naturally, the fewer the people undertaking them, the more each would get.

However, most people still willingly chose a team to complete each task. After all, forming a team would reduce the difficulty.

Ling Xiao briefly looked over and saw that the Moonlight Sect’s sect tasks were divided into ten levels, corresponding to the ten realms of  the Transcendent Realm.

Rank One to Rank Nine Transcendent Realm, coupled with a Half Celestial Worthy level.

Level one tasks were for Rank One Transcendent Realm martial artists.

Level two tasks could be completed by Rank Two Transcendent Realm martial artists or by two Rank One Transcendent Realm martial artists.

As for how to do it and whether to form a group, all this depended on the martial artists’ will.

Ling Xiao calculated for a bit. His current cultivation base was Initial Rank Two Transcendent Realm, so it would be best to take level two tasks. Like that, he would be able to easily complete them by himself.

However, he was a person who liked to accept challenges.

He didn’t have the slightest interest in level two tasks, setting his eyes on level three tasks.

It would be a challenge if he completed such tasks by himself. It would also temper himself while providing more points and rewards.

“Got it!”

Ling Xiao quickly found a task that was suitable with decent rewards.

Naturally, the most important thing was that since he had just cultivated <Nine Demon Gods Art-Plague Demon King>, he was completely unafraid of things like plague and poison. Moreover, he could use them to attack any enemy.

This task had something to do with a plague.

Task name: Investigate Plague Valley

Task description: In the Northern Han Country’s western wilderness, there is a large valley shrouded by a plague. Several hundred families used to live in the valley. However, it is unknown whether they are alive or dead now. According to rumor, there is a terrifying fierce beast in the valley living there that has cultivated the plague.

Task objective: Go to Plague Valley, investigate the cause of the plague, and kill the plague fierce beast. Extra rewards for killing the plague fierce beast.

Ling Xiao had also heard about it to some extent. As a beggar, he had heard a storyteller talking about this matter.

At that time, the Plague Valley had been a mere nightmare.

But now, he truly wanted to see what kind of secrets hid in the Plague Valley.

Allegedly, disciples had gone to do this task before, including disciples of the Moonlight Sect. Moreover, among them, there had also been a Rank Three Transcendent Realm martial artist. They had formed a group but had actually never returned.

This task had been level two in the past, but because of the continuous failures, it had been raised to level three.

Take it!

Ling Xiao took the task token without any hesitation.

The same task could be accepted by multiple people, but whoever completed it first would get the reward.

Naturally, this was also limited.

For instance, this level three task, only two teams could accept it simultaneously.

Just after Ling Xiao took the task token, a team of three people also took the task token.

Among these three people, one had a cultivation base of Peak Rank Three Transcendent Realm, and the other two had cultivation bases of Initial Rank Three Transcendent Realm.

The strength of this team was very powerful. It seemed abnormal to spend so much effort on a level three task.

Ling Xiao was suspicious.

Moreover, his guess was right.

“Alas, it’s already too late.”

When Ling Xiao registered for the task, filled out his name, and walked out of the Inner Main Hall, he met a helpless-looking Zhao Zhi.

“What’s wrong?”

Ling Xiao asked.

“I know those three people. The strongest one is Wan Yanjun. The other two are Chen Zui and Shangguan Lei. They have a very good relationship with Hei Suo. Although I’m not sure whether this matter is related to Hei Suo, they will definitely target you!”

Zhao Zhi warned.

“No wonder! I felt that it was overkill for those three Rank Three Transcendent Realm martial artists to take a level three task.”

Ling Xiao said with a smile: “Many thanks for the warning, Senior Brother Zhao, but it’s okay. I took this task mainly because it is very suitable for me, and the reward is also pretty good. As long as the investigation is completed, I get one hundred low-grade spirit stones and one hundred sect points. If the plague fierce beast is killed, the rewards will be doubled.”

“If you die, no amount of rewards will be useful.”

Zhao Zhi worried.

“Senior Brother Zhao, I know your kind intentions, but those three truly don’t enter my eyes. I’m just a bit disappointed.”


“I’m disappointed because Hei Suo didn’t join them. Otherwise, I could have settled the grievances between us.”

Ling Xiao showed a cold smile.

He was not the kind of person who liked to wait to be schemed against.

He preferred to take the initiative.

“If those three truly planned to target me, I will make sure that they will not return alive.”

Ling Xiao looked as if he was telling a very simple thing.

“They’re three Rank Three Transcendent Realm Great Masters!”

Zhao Zhi was completely stupefied.

He wondered if Ling Xiao had gone crazy or his judgment of Ling Xiao was wrong. Could it be that Ling Xiao was stronger than he thought?

In his heart, Ling Xiao’s strength was equivalent to an Initial Rank Three Transcendent Realm Great Master.

Ling Xiao was able to easily defeat Jian Renwang who had taken the Demonization Pill because Jian Renwang had lost his rationality after his strength had surged.

That kind of enemy was not terrifying. He could be dealt with even if one was slightly weaker.

However, hearing Ling Xiao’s words now, it seemed that Ling Xiao didn’t care about those three Rank Three Transcendent Realm Great Masters.

“Junior Brother Ling, how strong are you?”

Zhao Zhi couldn’t help smiling wryly.

“That’s a secret, but you will know it later. Senior Brother Zhao, take this thing as my small thanks.”

Ling Xiao directly threw the martial art manual of <Heavenly Dragon Finger> to Zhao Zhi.

He suddenly had this thought.

Zhao Zhi’s help was very beneficial to him. Therefore, he should also give some things to make Zho Zhi ungrudgingly help him again.

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