Chapter 369: Plague Valley

<Heavenly Dragon Finger> was not <Heavenly Dragon Divine Finger>, so it was not an exclusive martial art manual of the Moonlight Sect. Therefore, there would be no problem if he gave it to Zhao Zhi.

“A rare gold-grade martial art!”

Zhao Zhi was overjoyed. He had once merely thought that there would be many benefits befriending Ling Xiao, but he hadn’t expected the benefits to come so soon. 

One should know that although he had been promoted to the Inner Sect, he had not yet saved enough points to enter the Inner Moonlight Tower. This rare gold-grade martial art was truly too important for him.

“Cultivate it well. I got it in the Secular World. I have used it before, and you have seen its power.”

Ling Xiao said with a smile: “Don’t refuse it. I don’t like to owe others favors.”

“Never mind then.”

Originally, Zhao Zhi had wanted to refuse it, but instead, he simply accepted it.

“Junior Brother Ling, you don’t need to listen to my words, but you must be very careful. If my guess is correct, those three people will definitely attack you.”

Since he had taken Ling Xiao’s things, he naturally would spare no efforts to help him.

“I will!”

After returning to his cave dwelling, Ling Xiao spent an hour preparing everything.

He mainly refined two furnaces of pills. Coupled with the pills he had refined before, one might well say that he had all the pills he could possibly need——

Restore true essence, restore qi and blood, heal wounds, remove negative effects, and so on.

In any case, he was prepared.

There were not many of each type, but they would probably be enough.

In addition, he had also prepared some Fire Snake Array Refining Stones.

This was the attack-type array he was most proficient in at present. Although it might not deal much damage to Transcendent Realm martial artists, as long as it was used properly at critical times, it could bring about unexpected results.

Due to time constraints, he could only prepare this much.

After he became an inner disciple, it wouldn’t be a problem to slowly prepare stronger Array Refining Stones.

But now, he could only make do.

However, these things would be enough to save his life and safely return to the Moonlight Sect.

The start of the task was when the task was accepted, and according to the rules, the task had to be completed within a week.

If the task was not completed within the stipulated time, the task would count as a failure. After one week, even if you succeeded, it would still be judged a failure.

If it were ordinary times, Ling Xiao might have prepared more meticulously and completed the task later.

However, this was his first time carrying out a sect task.

Moreover, he felt that Zhao Zhi’s judgment was not wrong. It was very likely that Wan Yanjun, Chen Zui, and Shangguan Lei were sent by Hei Suo or Meng Yuan to deal with him.

While carrying out a task outside, these three people could casually find a reason to get rid of him.

It seemed that the difficulty of this task had definitely exceeded level three and might have even reached level four for Ling Xiao.

After all, not only did he have to complete the task, but he also had to face the three people.

Ling Xiao hated being vigilant everywhere.

Therefore, if he learned that these three people truly wanted to kill him, he would definitely strike first without hesitation.

That afternoon, he left the cave dwelling.

However, just after walking out of his cave dwelling, he saw Wan Yanjun, Chen Zui, and Shangguan Lei.

These three people were looking at him with smiles that were not true, seemingly determined to eat him.

Many inner disciples had gathered around his cave dwelling. Among them were Zhao Zhi, Dai Yuling, and others as well as the friends of Jian Renwang.

“Senior Brothers, what important matter do you have for me?”

Ling Xiao asked indifferently.

“It’s nothing important. We just came here to remind you that since we three have taken this mission, there will be nothing for you. You better not meddle in it; otherwise, if it leads to any anomalies, don’t blame us for being rude!”

The one who spoke was a fellow with a mouth that stuck out and a chin like an ape’s. Zhao Zhi had told him that this person was called Chen Zui, and because the martial soul he possessed was Long Tailed Monkey Martial Soul, his appearance had also gradually mirrored a monkey’s.

Zhen Zui’s tone was not only cold but also contained strong threats.

Several friends of Jian Renwang felt like their anger had been vented. Since Jian Renwang had been seriously injured this time, they had no guts to teach Ling Xiao a lesson. Therefore, they had been waiting for Ling Xiao to meet bad luck.

Today could be counted as this.

Zhao Zhi and Dai Yuling were worried. They were already so aggressive before even leaving the sect. Once outside, wouldn’t Ling Xiao be in trouble?

“It depends on one’s own ability to complete the sect task. Senior Brothers, if you don’t have the confidence, you can give up. I’ll leave first.”

Ling Xiao replied.

Chen Zui wanted to make a move, but Wan Yanjun stopped him: “Let’s chase him first. This fellow’s strength is not bad. We can use him first. After the sect task is completed, we can…”

He subtly gestured the slitting of his throat. No one else saw it except Chen Zui and Shangguan Lei.


Therefore, the three people hastily followed Ling Xiao.

Not long after they left, Meng Yuan and Hei Suo appeared in the crowd.

“Senior Brother, as I said, we have to properly torture Ling Xiao and kill him with our own hands! Wouldn’t it be too cheap for him like this?”

Hei Suo naturally knew Meng Yuan’s plan. After all, Wan Yanjun, Chen Zuo, and Shangguan Lei had been found by him.

“Junior Brother, this is a rare chance. Within the sect, we have no chance to make a move on him, so be content with this. Moreover, if worst comes to worst, I will ask Wan Yanjun to bring back that fellow’s corpse. Then, you can whip his corpse to vent your fury!”

Meng Yuan grinned hideously.


One day later, Ling Xiao arrived at the Plague Valley and joined the troops of Northern Han Country stationed here.

Wan Yanjun, Chen Zui, and Shangguan Lei soon arrived as well.

It was not that Ling Xiao couldn’t shake them off but rather that Ling Xiao had intentionally acted this way.

Ling Xiao wanted to test whether these three people truly wanted his life, so that he could decide his next moves.

Now, the Plague Valley had become a restricted zone of Northern Han Country. Ordinary people basically couldn’t enter the valley.

Martial artists below the Transcendent Realm would certainly die after entering the valley.

Only martial artists above the Transcendent Realm could investigate its fringes if they didn’t encounter an attack. As for the core area, no one dared to go there.

From the sentry post tower, the Plague Valley looked hazy. Without special eye techniques, it was impossible to see through the dense fog.

Although Ling Xiao didn’t possess any eye techniques, his eyes had been strengthened by the Landscape Martial Soul. His gaze could pierce through rock, not to mention some trifling fog.

Thus, he could see many strange beasts in the Plague Valley.

These beasts had wounds on their bodies that continuously discharged pus.

However, they had not died and even had strong sinister auras.

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