Chapter 362: Exclusive Martial Art

“Senior Sister Lan, don’t be angry. It’s not like you also don’t know the temper of the Young Sect Master. Even I’m afraid of him.”

At this moment, a young man with a righteous look walked over.

“Yue Ren!”

That person was Yue Ren, ranked third among the top ten core disciples. His cultivation base was at Peak Rank Eight Transcendent Realm, just slightly weaker than Lan Yu’er.

However, Yue Ren cultivated a set of very powerful sword techniques. Therefore, neither Lan Yu’er nor Ren Xingtian was willing to fight him.

Among the top three core disciples, Lan Yu’er, who was good at alchemy and medicine, seemed the easiest to deal with.

“Yue Ren, don’t you always want to seize my position of Young Sect Master? The chance is coming. I’ll wait for you here. Heh heh, but I’m afraid you don’t have the ability.”

Ren Xingtian made other people feel that he was a lunatic without any fear.

“Hahaha, Young Sect Master must be joking. With my strength, how can I compete for your position?”

Yue Ren laughed while waving his hand.

“No need to pretend in front of this father. I know your strength better than you do!”

Ren Xingtian suddenly showed a ferocious look.

“Since Young Sect Master has already said so, I, this Junior Brother, can only do my best.”

Yue Ren looked serious as he cupped his hands.

“That’s more like it!”

Ling Xiao saw that this matter had nothing to do with him, so he prepared to leave.

The struggles between core disciples were not something he, an outer disciple, could meddle in.

His top priority task now was to continue to improve his strength. Using his status as an outer disciple for protection, he should continue to hide his capabilities and bide his time.

“Senior Sister Lan, I’m leaving.”

Before leaving, Ling Xiao wanted to bid farewell to Lan Yu’er.

Lan Yu’er looked at Ling Xiao, and after a long time, a hint of helplessness flashed through her eyes. “Although I know that you will definitely not listen to me. I truly hope that you will not continue to cultivate <Twelve Golden Lotuses Formula>.”

After speaking, Lan Yu’er glanced at Ren Xingtian, lowered her voice, and continued: “Ren Xingtian was not so crazy before. The reason why he became so crazy is that his beloved died while cultivating <Twelve Golden Lotuses Formula>.”

 “Senior Sister, I know your good intentions, however, the others failing doesn’t mean that I will too.”

One should know that all those people who had failed to cultivate <Twelve Golden Lotuses Formula> hadn’t possessed the Landscape Martial Soul.

In other words, in this aspect, he was unique.

Two uniques thing… wasn’t that a match made in heaven?

This <Twelve Golden Lotuses Formula> was his exclusive martial art.

Merely, he couldn’t casually say these things.

He didn’t want to reveal the secrets of the Landscape Martial Soul even to Lan Yu’er.

It was not that he feared her greed but rather he feared that Lan Yu’er would be too stressed.

He was very clear about how hard it was to keep a secret. He didn’t dare to live with other disciples because he feared that he might accidentally mention or reveal his secrets.

He didn’t even dare to sleep without care; he would always arrange a formation to protect himself first.

It was enough that he alone endured it. There was no need to make Lan Yu’er accompany him.

“I know.”

“Senior Sister Lan, although there are some things I can’t tell you, I am confident of one thing. The reason why so many people had mishaps after cultivating <Twelve Golden Lotuses Formula> is that the might of this martial art is too terrifying. It borrows power from celestial phenomena, which is definitely not something anyone can do.”

Ling Xiao explained: “I’ll be careful, and perhaps, I might create another miracle.”

In fact, there were more reasons.

Ling Xiao had also discovered some secrets during the cultivation of <Twelve Golden Lotuses Formula> recently.

There were many subtle errors in this martial art.

If not for the analysis of Landscape Martial Soul, he would have never noticed them.

The Tower Master of Inner Moonlight Tower had said that this martial art had been given to Moonlight Sect by another sect in the past. Therefore, Ling Xiao suspected that someone had corrupted it.

Perhaps, the people of that sect felt that just because their sect’s disciples couldn’t cultivate it, it didn’t mean that the geniuses of Moonlight Sect also couldn’t.

Thus, in order to completely entrap Moonlight Sect, some key contents had been erased with some powerful soul power.

The person who had altered this martial art must have had a cultivation base of at least the Heavenly Realm and had incomparable soul power. As a result, even Celestial Realm experts couldn’t notice any problems.

However, even this person would have never thought that Ling Xiao would possess the Landscape Martial Soul.

This was an anomaly.

Naturally, even after <Twelve Golden Lotuses Formula> was completely restored to its original state, although a lot of dangers could be avoided, the difficulty of its cultivation wouldn’t reduce.

If this thing were easy to cultivate, the other party would have never easily handed it over to the Moonlight Sect.

“A miracle, is it truly possible?”

Lan Yu’er looked at Ling Xiao, and for an unknown reason, she was very confident in him. She felt that this boy would simply break convention.

“Heh heh, then Senior Sister Lan, can I leave?”

“Don’t be in such a hurry, after a while, the inner sect will announce some things. Now, since you have joined the inner joint training, you are also considered a half inner disciple. It doesn’t harm you to stay and listen.”

Lan Yu’er smiled.

“Okay then.”

Ling Xiao nodded. He was truly interested in what the inner sect was about to announce that had attracted so many disciples. 

All ten core disciples were present, so it would certainly not be ordinary.

At this moment, Jian Renwang had already been taken by the people of the Medicine Hall.

This fellow was seriously injured, but he actually hadn’t died. However, it might take a long time for him to wake up.

With the passage of time, other than those inner disciples who went out of the sect to carry out their tasks, all others had arrived at the Inner Main Hall.

More than one hundred and ninety disciples including ten core disciples were present.

Among the crowd, Ling Xiao actually saw Leng Hao, who had been taken away by Golden Light Celestial Worthy.

At this moment, Leng Hao emitted an aura belonging to a Transcendent Realm powerhouse.

He deserved to be a super genius chosen by Golden Light Celestial Worthy. No one could match his cultivation speed; moreover, this fellow was even younger than Ling Xiao.

Leng Hao, however, didn’t look to this side. His eyes were fixed on Ming Tian who was also looking at him.

These two people were hailed as the two most outstanding new disciples. Regardless of their talent or effort, both of them were first rate.

They competed with each other and also paid attention to each other.

Therefore, their cultivation bases had also improved almost at the same incredible rate. 

Merely, because Ming Tian had started a month earlier, his foundation was better. Therefore, his cultivation base was also a bit higher at the moment.

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