Chapter 46: Amazing Defense

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Ling Yixue finally fought back.

As she thrust out her palms, even the air froze. As for Ling Tieshou, a frost had already crept up his body.

Startled, he hastily retreated.

However, it was too late. Although Ling Yixue’s movement technique was inferior to Ling Xiao’s, it was still better than his. A palm appeared on Ling Tieshou’s chest.

Ling Tieshou’s upper body froze.

“Ling Yixue wins!”

The judge passed their decision; the result was obvious.  

Hearing the judge, Ling Yixue removed her slender hand, and the layer of ice immediately shattered.

Ling Tieshou’s back was drenched in cold sweat. Gazing at Ling Yixue in terror, he yelled, “I’m not your opponent!”

This was clear in his heart. If Ling Yixue had struck with all her strength from the beginning, he might not have even withstood three moves.

“Senior apprentice sister Yixue truly is too strong! Ling Tieshou, ranked fourth, was actually defeated so easily!”

The Elite Hall’s disciples exclaimed in surprise.

They had known that Ling Yixue was powerful, but they had not expected her to have reached this level.

They could clearly remember Ling Yixue and Ling Tieshou exchanging pointers a month ago.

Although Ling Yixue had won, it had been a difficult victory.

However, today, she had won so easily.

“I fear that only Ling Yihang and Ling Feng are qualified to fight her.”

“No, Ling Yixue  is not Ling Yihang’s opponent. That monster has already broken through to Rank Four Martial Vein. She can only beat Ling Feng.”

Regardless of what the others said, the current top three of the Elite Hall were still the top three of the Elite Hall.

Until now, Ling Yihang, Ling Yixue, and Ling Feng had won all their matches. No one could challenge their positions.

These three people were naturally the focus of the crowd.

Whether they could dominate the Genius Hall depended on these three people.

Although Ling Xiao had performed well, he still couldn’t compare to these three people.

After watching the two’s match, Ling Xiao returned to his own martial stage.

He had to welcome his next opponent!

Now, he faced a relatively strong opponent.

It was Ling Cheng. Because he had lost to Ling Feng, his ranking had dropped to fifth.

However, he still definitely had the characteristics of the Elite Hall’s top ten.

This man’s great strength was his body refining technique. If you couldn’t break through his defense, you could only helplessly wait for his abuse.

Ling Cheng had lost only two matches so far: one against Ling Yihang and another against Ling Yixue. His opponents had forfeited all his other matches.

Although he had yet to encounter Ling Feng or Ling Tieshu, this result was not bad.

“Ling Xiao, you should forfeit. I don’t want to waste energy on you. I have to conserve my true qi to deal with Ling Feng!”

Ling Cheng had lost to Ling Feng before, so he was looking forward to getting revenge.

He didn’t put Ling Xiao in his eyes, only Ling Feng.

Below the stage, those who disliked Ling Xiao took pleasure in his misfortune.

Weren’t you arrogant before? Now, you’ve met a truly strong person!

These people laughing now were not unreasonable.

After all, the strongest opponent Ling Xiao had encountered so far was this Ling Cheng.

“Rest assured, Senior Apprentice Brother Ling Cheng. I will help you defeat Ling Feng!”

Ling Xiao indifferently replied. s

“Boy, you are truly arrogant! You? Defeat Ling Feng? I gave you face, but you didn’t want it. Since that’s the case, I will defeat you in just three moves to save energy.”

Ling Xiao smiled. “I heard Senior Apprentice Brother Ling Cheng’s perverse martial art is pretty good. My <Barbarian Bull Strength> can also be used as a body refining technique. You might as well make three moves. If I receive any damage, I will admit defeat.”

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This was completely an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

Since you looked down on me, I will look down on you.


Ling Cheng gnashed his teeth in anger. He was a very proud person. He had never thought that a nobody would dare to take him so lightly.

“This is what you asked for! Don’t blame me!”

Ling Xiao didn’t bother replying. He stood still and used the basic martial art <Barbarian Bull Strength>.

This time, he focused on its defensive aspect, not its offensive one.

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His true qi covered his body, forming a thin layer that was almost invisible to the naked eye.

Don’t mock how thin this film was; its defense was amazing.

“This kid really used <Barbarian Bull Strength>!”

An old man in the judge’s box sighed. “I fear that only after entering sublimity can you use <Barbarian Bull Strength> for defense. In our Ling Clan, only he can do this.”

“Humph, intentionally mystifying things!”

Ling Cheng clenched his fists and golden-colored true qi wrapped around them. It looked like his fists had been cast in gold.

 Their terrifying power was not any inferior to using a weapon.

“What a formidable strength!”

“This should be the advanced martial art <Vajra Fist>! Coordinating it with the body refining technique <Vajra Technique> will even further increase its might!”

“Hehe, everyone knows that Ling Cheng’s defense is amazing, but many people don’t know that he is the only genius who can use a defensive martial art for attacking. Not even Ling Feng or Ling Yixue dare to take his attacks head-on.”

“Ling Xiao was too conceited and arrogant!”

From the crowd’s comments, no one was optimistic for Ling Xiao. All felt that Ling Xiao’s winning streak would end here because of his arrogance.

In the past, it hadn’t mattered because his opponents had not been a great threat, but his current opponent was Ling Cheng, the fifth ranker of the Elite Hall. Daring to take him lightly was simply courting death.

Ling Xiao just smiled.

His Landscape Martial Soul had long analyzed Ling Cheng’s strength. In fact, he was not much better than Ling Ziran.

Both had cultivations at Peak Rank Three Martial Vein and used an advanced martial art.

If he had to point to a disparity, there was a slight gap in their full strength and combat experience.

In Ling Xiao’s eyes, other than the top three of the Elite Hall, everyone else was similar in strength.


Ling Cheng’s punch directly hit Ling Xiao with a thunderous roar. The entire martial stage shook several times.

However, Ling Xiao shockingly maintained a smile. He didn’t even frown in pain.

“What? Is the defense of <Barbarian Bull Strength> so terrifying?”

Ling Cheng suppressed the roiling shock in his heart. He felt as if a stampede of thousands of cows had rushed past him.

In one move, the gap between them was revealed.

One stood still while the other, the attacker, was actually forced to take two steps back to stabilize himself.

The speechless audience was even more stunned. Storms and waves pounded their hearts.

Honestly speaking, before Ling Xiao, no one had attached any importance to <Barbarian Bull Strength>, this basic martial art.

All had regarded it as a mere stepping stone on the martial path. After learning higher grade martial arts, they would cast it aside. 

However, who would have thought that, in Ling Xiao’s hands, <Barbarian Bull Strength> would actually be so terrifying? 

Ling Cheng stabilized his body and fearfully examined Ling Xiao, this monster!

This fellow’s defense was watertight!

Ling Xiao smiled indifferently. He stood at the same spot without any intention of attacking. 

<Barbarian Bull Strength>’s defense had already achieved perfection via the Landscape Martial Soul’s analysis. As long as he faced a martial artist at or below Peak Rank Three Martial Vein who hadn’t yet condensed gang qi, it was nearly impossible to break his defense.

This was only the sublimity level <Barbarian Bull Strength>.

Ling Xiao had yet to use his upgraded <Bull Demon Technique-Barbarian Bull Demonization>.

Furthermore, he hadn’t supplemented this technique with <Bull Demon Technique-Violent Qi Formula>.

In addition, he also hadn’t used his gang qi.

No one knew who could force him to display his true ability. 

Ling Yihang?

Or the top ten of the Genius Hall?

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