Chapter 1: What You Want

Shenjing Province, Fengcheng City, Century Middle School’s playground, noon.

“Li Mo, we just don’t fit. I think we should break up.”

In the playground’s west corner, Huang Yao looked calmly at Li Mo as she spoke.

As if struck by lightning, Li Mo hugged his head and fell to his knees.

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After a long time, Li Mo lifted his head and looked perplexed at his surroundings before his eyes finally rested on her.

‘Where am I? What’s going on? A second ago I was fighting for my life on the Longevity Bridge against experts from ten thousand races…’

‘Right, there was a sudden sword piercing my chest from my back!’

Li Mo’s eyes flashed coldly as he turned his head. He was expecting to see the gruesome war of tens of thousands of races but all he saw was a noisy yet peaceful campus.

‘Is this the work of another illusion?’

Li Mo’s eyes revealed confusion as he turned around and then looked again at the woman before him.

‘She’s…Huang Yao?

‘My first love and girlfriend during my time back on Earth?

‘What the hell is going on? Over the last six centuries I have had countless inner demons. Each time I overcome one it was akin to reliving a thriller with my life hanging by a thread. But when did I have an inner demon related to her?

‘Ridiculous, you damn old demon, what are you planning? If you want me to sink into an illusion, you could at least create someone or a scenario I cared about.’

Li Mo expressed a smile and was about to wave his hand to dispel this senseless illusion when he heard Huang Yao say, “Li Mo, I know your love for me is real, but so what? Can true love support us financially? You can’t give me the life I want. Can you stop behaving like this? You are just making me despise you even more.” 

‘Can true love support us financially? Despise me even more?’

Li Mo was a bit stunned as he looked at Huang Yao with a blank stare before his face suddenly changed.

“Li Mo, enough. Your behavior will only make me look down on you further!” Huang Yao’s face showed disgust.

Li Mo lifted his hands as he mumbled, “D-Did I return? Did I return?”

‘I’m back. I am really back. After six centuries, I have been reborn!’

“Yes, when that sudden sword came, my death was certain. I couldn’t have possibly survived such an attack, let alone enter the Demon Emperor’s illusion.”

Recalling what happened, Li Mo could only sigh.

“Li Mo, I used to have a good opinion of you, but now, it is no longer as it was before. A man like you will never ever deserve to be with someone like me!”

“Eh? Did you say something?” Only now did Li Mo get his bearings straight.

Huang Yao was angry, “Don’t try to pretend. Whatever, from now on, you have your own path and I have mine. With the way you act, we can’t even remain friends.”

“Can’t be friends?”


Li Mo was ecstatic.

“Huang Yao, tell me. What is it that you want?”

Now that he was reborn, Li Mo’s heart swelled with extreme joy. This was why he could no longer bother with Huang Yao, and couldn’t help but wish to say a few more words.

Six hundred years of war brought too much suffering and too much exhaustion. The sacrifice from his lover, the death of his close friend, the betrayal of his brother, each of those events were memories Li Mo didn’t dare to think or recall. It was also because of this reason that led to the birth of countless inner demons in his heart. During each of his breakthroughs, it was always a narrow escape from death. He might have relied on a sacred item to reach the Half God Emperor Realm, but his heart was overflowing with inner demons and when he faced enemies of the same realm, he would naturally be at a disadvantage.

“What I want, you can’t give me. I don’t want to waste one more word on you. Don’t bother me ever again.”

Huang Yao turned and left.


Li Mo began to recall as he watched her back.

Huang Yao was Li Mo’s first love in middle school. It wasn’t quite true saying it was his first love, because Li Mo only had a good opinion of her. And because of her father’s repeated effort in getting them together, hints of feelings slowly blossomed between the two.

Huang Yao was the prettiest girl in Century Middle School, after the Three Great Beauties. It was also this that made Huang Yao haughty and, in first grade, she caught the attention of a gang one day after school. Li Mo jumped like a hero and earned her favor when he got hurt fending them off.  

But as time passed, Huang Yao’s greed reared its ugly head and began to covet a wealthier lifestyle, something her family’s current condition couldn’t provide.

She realized Li Mo could not fulfill her dream either and, when she was pursued recklessly by an upstart, she decided to end their relationship.

Li Mo said, “Huang Yao, isn’t money and status what you want? Be it to the current or the past me, money and status comes easy to me.”

Huang Yao looked back with a helpless look, only to shake her head as she thought Li Mo was a lost cause.

A red sports car stopped next to her and Huang Yao got in without sparing Li Mo a second glance.

The extravagant youth in the red car waved arrogantly at Li Mo while his other hand held Huang Yao’s slender waist.

Huang Yao was bashful, putting up a token of resistance, but didn’t move away.

Li Mo smiled.

The rich youth was Yang Chong, Li Mo’s classmate. This kid’s family had a little money and as he was also lascivious, he bedded so many of his female classmates that he could make an army. 

In his previous life, Huang Yao also fell in Yang Chong’s clutches, but their relationship didn’t last long. After three months of having his fill of her, he kicked her to the curb.

Huang Yao believed Yang Chong was the man who could provide the lifestyle she wanted, not knowing she was but a toy to be discarded once Yang Chong lost interest.


Li Mo laughed at Yang Chong revving up the car, not in the least bit angry. The first time it happened in his previous life, he needed a long time to get over it, not because of Huang Yao but because of Huang Lixing, Huang Yao’s father.

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Huang Lixing, or Teacher Huang, was one of the rare people Li Mo respected. In his past life, after Yang Chong had his fill of her, Huang Yao enacted a scene from the movies. She committed suicide by jumping in a river to stir the feelings of love in Yang Chong. Yang Chong didn’t care less, but Huang Yao became famous and the one she hurt the most was her father, Huang Lixing.

Huang Lixing died of heart disease and soon breathed his last. It was from that time that Li Mo despised Huang Yao to the bone.

A woman who had no self-respect, who didn’t cherish herself was not someone Li Mo would grieve over. How could he?

Even after six hundred years, if it weren’t for Li Mo still remembering Huang Lixing, he would’ve forgotten about the name Huang Yao a long time ago.

“Huang Yao is not my inner demon, but teacher Huang is. In my previous life, I was weak. But now I’m back. Can it be that I still need to relive through this again?

“Absolutely not!”

Li Mo smiled wryly and lifted his hand as he watched Yang Chong’s red sports car drive away, ‘That future… hasn’t come yet.

‘Oh, since I’m reborn, my divine power is gone. I am just an average human…’

“But so what?”

“Blood Boil Technique, explode!”

Li Mo’s eyes flashed open and his skin turned blood-red as he waved his hand.


A ball of blood qi shot from his hand.

The red sports car’s front wheel burst and began to skid. With Huang Yao’s screams, the car smashed into a tree. 

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