Chapter 172: Four Ferals

Guests came pouring in waves, but none were worthy of the appearance of Lan Yue as the three great clans.

Li Mo’s eyes never left Zhao Haisheng’s car. And for some reason, Bai Wudi stuck to him all this time.

Li Mo got impatient, “What are you doing following me for when you should be in the VIP lounge?”

“I don’t know either.” Bai Wudi was at a loss.

“Why are you posing as a first level expert? Trying to catch someone off guard?”

“Would you have revealed your true power at the entrance test? Would you have released a full-powered Cleaving Mountains?”

“Unlikely. Cleaving Mountains is one of Bai clan’s six skills. How could our crown jewel be revealed so easily?”

“Then that’s that.”

“I see, I see.” Bai Wudi fanned himself and exclaimed.

“Then you must’ve come here to increase your status in the Experts Alliance.”

“What tipped you off?”

“Fine, I get it. But the way I see it, if your luck isn’t rotten to meet those two ferals, you are strong enough to enter the top three.

“One comes from Xixiang Province and the other from Tiannan Province. I looked into them and found they are stronger than even their leaders.

“Xixiang base’s Jiang Qingxue is the leader Jiang Qingshuang’s sister. She is but 16 years of age, yet her witchcraft surpasses her sister’s by far. Not too long ago, the 20th on the Heaven Board, Se Gonzi(T/N: lit. lustful gentleman), wanted to snatch her from Xixiang but he ended up suffering horribly instead. They say Jiang Qingxue used a single move to decapitate him on the spot.

“Se Gonzi had been doing whatever he pleased for twenty years in the expert world. His power was close to Hei Sha. But for such an expert to fall in one move, tsk…”

“There’s one more feral beside Jiang Qingxue. He comes from Tiannan, born as a Shaolin monk. At seven, Shan Ji his training led to having his entire body covered in golden protective light. Since he is now 26, his growth must be frightening.”

Li Mo said, “Are you saying I can’t beat them?”

Bai Wudi replied, “They just aren’t your run of the mill. They are monsters. The others do not know you hide your strength, but I do. I even know that just recently you entered the fourth level.

“Am I wrong?”

Li Mo nodded. Outside the Bai clan’s medical expertise and their six prideful skills, they also have their intelligence network well thought out.

Bai Wudi anxiously asked, “Ever heard of the four ferals?”

Li Mo shook his head.

“Then you are getting ahead of yourself. This information is a must-have.” Bai Wudi feigned pain as he pointed at Li Mo.

“The four ferals are the super monsters that appeared in recent years. Besides Jiang Qingxue and Shan Ji, there are two more…”

“Tiannan Province is coming!”

While Bai Wudi was patiently explaining it to Li Mo, a shout came.

A man and a girl came through the entrance. The man was tall and in a monk garb, while also wielding a crescent moon monk staff. He struck an imposing figure, just like a Buddhist god. The girl wore a cap, a silver mask, and jeans. Her face may be obscured, but her body was clearly that of a beauty. 

“That monk is Shan Ji, and the other is…” Bai Wudi’s face changed.

Li Mo asked, “Another feral?”

“Yes, she is Silver Heroine!”

“She appeared only a year ago but had challenged a dozen ancient martial sects and won. Her most recent win was in Longhu Mountain. Where she beat the current Celestial Master in one blow…”

Bai Wudi snapped his fan, “How could have the information been so wrong? Why haven’t we heard she is now with the Tiannan Province? What a blunder!”

Li Mo said, “You guys haven’t found her identity?”

“No one knows who she is. She comes and goes without a trace. Our intelligence network had been on her case for half a year but found nothing.

“Why do you ask? Do you perhaps know her true identity?”

“She is Lin Qingrou.”

“Who’s Lin Qingrou? How do you know?

“Lin Qingrou, why does it sound so familiar?”


Bai Wudi slapped his fan.

“Shenjing’s Lin clan’s eldest miss!”

Li Mo nodded. Lin Qingrou’s silver mask was nothing before the Celestial Eye.

In his past life, Lin Qingrou and Li Mo were classmates. She rarely ever came to school, but even so, the two never got the chance to meet.

“Lin Qingrou and you come from the same place. Why is she with the Tiannan Province?”

“Don’t ask me!”

“This is huge. I’ll call the intelligence network at once.”

Bai Wudi looked around then dashed to a lone corner.

“Hey, you still haven’t told me who the last feral is!” Bai Wudi was long gone.

Shan Ji and the Silver Heroine’s entrance caused quite a stir.

In this Expert Testing Grounds, the seeded contestants were Jiang Qingxue and Shan Ji, as well as the Silver Heroine. None of the others expected this.

“Since when is Silver Heroine with Tiannan Province?”

“I don’t know. I never heard anything about this.”

“Tiannan Province didn’t send any leader, only Shan Ji and the Silver Heroine.”

“Brother, Tiannan Province’s leader is nowhere near as famous as these two.”

“This is really…”

“Are you the Silver Heroine?”

From among the whispering crowd, a blond dyed youth in emo clothes approached Lin Qingrou.

“Y-young master Lan!”

Lan Tianci wasn’t ugly by any means, but that off-putting attire was so outlandish that it made him no different from a random thug on the streets.

Lan Tianci stuck up his nose as he roamed his eyes over Lin Qingrou, “Take off your mask. I want to see your face?”

Shan Ji intervened, “Young master Lan, my friend’s identity is unique and unable to reveal herself. She cannot meet your demand.”

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“Who asked you? I’m talking to her. I hear Silver Heroine defeated a dozen ancient martial sects and I’m piqued to see how she looks. There’s no harm in seeing her face, right?”

“I take your silence as yes then.”

Lan Tianci reached for Lin Qingrou’s silver mask.

Lin Qingrou stepped back.

“You dare avoid me?”

Lan Tianci shrieked as he launched a blue palm qi attack. It looked just like a real palm, aiming straight for Lin Qingrou’s mask.

Lan Tianci was an expert, and not a weak one either, but a third level one.

Yet Lin Qingrou simply swatted the flying palm away.


The qi palm went up in smoke.

“Damn you, vile woman! Now I’m pissed. I will definitely have that mask today.” Lan Tianci shouted and charged for the mask when Lan Yue came out of the VIP lounge and barked, “Tianci, what are you doing?”

“Dad, I just wanted to see her face but she won’t let me!”

Lan Yue eyed Li with a frown, “Silver Heroine, my son has no ill will. He just wanted to take a look. Could you let him?”


Lan Yue’s words kicked up a storm among the crowd.

All of Experts Alliance knew of Lan Yue’s overprotection of his son. But this was the first time they witnessed it. 

“Sorry, but I can’t.” Lin Qingrou spoke clearly.

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She wore the mask just to avoid being recognized. How could she just take it off just ’cause someone asked?

“See, dad? She’s so annoying.” Lan Tianci was irked.

Lan Yue’ face changed. He unleashed a blue palm of qi, incomparable to Lan Tianci’s.

Lan Yue’s attack was swift and Lin Qingrou swatted it away just the same. But the qi reformed again and struck Lin Qingrou’s face, sending the mask flying…

The mask hit the ground.

“What’s so bad about letting my son see your face?”

The crowd was startled.

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