Chapter 171: Zhao Haisheng

Following custom, Experts Alliance headquarters testing did not welcome any outsiders. This was a matter concerning Experts Alliance alone.

But in this world, no secret lasted forever. Coupled with Experts Alliance holding the testing yearly – today being around the fiftiest – some circles didn’t get to come, but there would always be some guest popping up uninvited. 

The capital’s three great clans would send their people here on a yearly basis, although they only showed up on the day the testing started. This was the first time they came a day earlier.

“TS has come as well!” Someone whispered.

After the clans came, an off-road vehicle soon parked, bearing a peculiar license plate, TS00009, defining the newcomer’s identity.

“Brothers Baosheng, Zhengnan, Liguo, welcome, welcome.”

Experts Alliance’s vice-chief, Lan Yue, was there in a blue robe and cupped his hands before them.

Zheng Liguo, Zheng clan’s third master, Mo clan’s second master, Mo Zhennan, and Bai clan’s clan head, Bai Baosheng, replied in kind. 

“Brother Baosheng, I didn’t expect our meager ruckus to disturb you.”

Lan Yue spoke amazed.

Who was Bai Baosheng? The head of the Bai clan. His properties’ value surpassed a hundred billion. In the world of experts, he was a strong man that wasn’t on the Heaven Board. 

Bai Baosheng was an expert as well, but never fought with anyone, making it hard to find his proper rank on the Heaven Board. But Bai Baosheng was hailed as the talent of the Bai clan since young. So much so people began praising his talent being higher than his father’s a hundred times over.

Bai Baosheng smiled, “You honor me, brother Lan Yue. I have only come in passing to watch the event.”

“If you would!”

Lan Yue brought the three clans to the VIP lounge, completely ignoring TS’s car.

TS was an international organization, but each country division was stand-alone. The TS was more in the line of a United Nation sort of way. Through an election every six years, the president and vice-president would be leading the organization. 

Essentially, China’s TS was a government organization, while Experts Alliance was only using the government’s name.

China’s TS division wanted to incorporate the Experts Alliance. But who’d ever agree to that? Not only the old chief refused, but even vice-chief Lan Yue was completely against it. The latter always had disdain towards them every time he saw them.

Two men came out of the off-road car, the driver with a crew cut and a middle-aged man with two scars crisscrossed on his face. They both wore military clothing.

China’s TS division had a unit in the army called TS. This unit didn’t take orders from the army but from the highest superiors.

“The one with the scars is Zhao Haisheng. Recently, China held a secret military drill and this man managed to inflict the Army God, Mo Zifei, a heavy wound.”

Li Mo turned his head to see Bai Wudi fanning himself behind him. 

“You should know who Mo Zifei is, right? He is your uncle, Mo Zhennan’s son.”

Li Mo was silent.

“In terms of strength, Mo Zifei and Zhao Haisheng couldn’t compare, but your uncle was just too overconfident. He looked down on Zhao Haisheng from the start and had to suffer for it. He spat blood many times before throwing in the towel. Yet out of everyone’s expectations, Zhao Haisheng stabbed his blade into Mo Zifei’s chest then proceeded to sever his tendons in his limbs… “

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Li Mo’s tone was heavy, “Why did he continue? Is that a military rule?”

In a contest, regardless of cunning and tricks in play, a loss was a loss. But breaking his tendons even after the win was secured, that was crossing the line.

“There is no rule that said the fighting stopped after admitting defeat. Zhao Haisheng didn’t stop because he was the previous Army God. And the one who defeated him last time was the younger Mo Zifei. This was his reason.”

“Mo Zifei now lies in the hospital. They say that even if he recovers, he’ll be forever disabled…”

“He-he…” Li Mo laughed coldly at Zhao Haisheng,

Bai Wudi shivered. His hair stood on end from Li Mo’s expression.

Bai Wudi did some digging and knew of Li Mo’s past.

“What happened that day? Why didn’t the miasma affect you…” Bai Wudi pursued but Li Mo didn’t answer.

Lan Yue ignored Zhao Haisheng, but there were plenty of people in the Experts Alliance who were his acquaintances, walking over to greet him.

“I’ll be taking a rest now. Take care.”

Zhao Haisheng ignored the fawning and proceeded to the VIP lounge.

But he was barred entry.


The two guards were stuck in the walls.

Zhao Haisheng was so fast no one saw how he did it. 

Zhao Haisheng entered just as he heard Lan Yue say, “Zhao Haisheng, Experts Alliance and TS have no dealings. Have you come to my domain to make a scene?”

In a flash of blue, a fist the size of a basketball flew to Zhao Haisheng. He raised his arms to defend, and one arm shifted like a snake, diverting the attack into the crowd of people. 


Wails echoed everywhere.

That strike injured six experts.

Zhao Haisheng laughed, “Vice-chief Lan, you’ve improved your Hundred Sacred Kickboxing since the last time we’ve seen each other.”

Lan Yue snorted and flashed before Zhao Haisheng.

Zhao Haisheng was too vicious. He made sure the fist would get deflected into the crowd. Saying then that Lan Yue’s power increased was only to smack his face. 

“Zhao Haisheng, are you looking to start a war with Experts Alliance? Tell me now so that I may see to it you get your wish!”

Lan Yue’s robe fluttered and releasing such a strong aura that made all the weak ones around him step back and clutch their chests.

When the gap was too great one couldn’t even stand up to the opponent’s release of power, least of all meeting his blows. 

“Oh no no no, vice-chief Lan. I didn’t come to declare war, only to sightsee.”

“Sightsee? You call harming so many people sightseeing?”

“A total misunderstanding. I was only looking to sit in the VIP lounge. My status in TS isn’t high, but I am the Army God after all. Isn’t that enough to allow me a seat in this fancy room?”

Zhao Haisheng’s eyes flashed when he saw Mo Zhennan.

“Oh, if it isn’t Mo clan’s second master? How have you been? You’re such an impressive man. Allow junior to give his respects.” Zhao Haisheng bowed.

This may have meant nothing if Mo Zifei hadn’t been on the hospital bed. But now, with Mo Zifei wounded, it clearly looked like an open ridicule to the Mo clan.

“By the way, how is Mo Zifei, the Army God, holding up? Any improvements? To tell the truth, I’m beginning to regret that day and what I did…”

“Zhao Haisheng, stop prancing. Our debt has only just started.”

“Well look at you, second master Mo. What debt would there be between us? At worst, I’ll just give Mo Zifei the Army God title back.” Zhao Haisheng giggled. But the scars didn’t help, turning every expression fierce.

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Lan Yue shouted, “Zhao Haisheng, you have three seconds to reconsider. If you don’t want a war, get the hell out!”

“One is enough.”

Zhao Haisheng left laughing.

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