Chapter 8- Big…

The village was a little bigger than David thought, but it was still a small community by modern standards. David went around making small talk with anyone in sight, he had to establish a relationship of sort with the villagers if he wanted to make progress with the villagers.

It was similar to how the protagonist talked to npc’s but not as simple. David wasn’t exactly an introvert but he was no extrovert either but if he had to talk he most certainly could make pleasant conversation. David didn’t know how exactly he was going to be a hero to these people but developing a presence in this village would aid him in becoming one.

If one observed properly they would see that David tended to speak more and longer to those to those who were of the opposite gender. By doing so David gathered info on potential targets and more about the village’s situation.

The village was peaceful for the most part but recently in the past few months there were signs of increased goblin activity nearby, which made many of the villagers worried. The goblins wouldn’t just randomly attack a human settlement but if their population crossed a certain point, the goblins may become courageous enough to act.

Lot of the shops in the village were already complaining that trade and stock were slower due to those pests. David decided the best course of action to do for now would be to exterminate the goblins to increase his reputation and grind money.

‘More goz the better. Maybe I could rent or build my own house. Way cheaper in the long run.’

David was going to be in this world for a long time by the look of things, so renting a house seemed like a good idea. It would give him more privacy than the inn. Seeing that there was still a few hours before the sun set, David set out from the village.

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This time he went in a different direction, the north of the village. As David walked further he noticed that the surroundings were more peaceful…

‘Wait what is this feeling…?’

David acted on instinct and hid behind a tree, and watched the path ahead. A pair of men came out of the bushes with their blades drawn.

“Those stupid goblins were bad enough but those ogres ruined everything. The loot is still back there dammit.”

The larger of the men replied calmly,

“Who cares about the loot? You should be thankful to make it out alive after meeting not one but TWO ogres.”

The men then decided to come back at a later time after the ogres had left but before they could leave their throats were sliced apart in one motion by David’s [Eldritch arm].

Having decided he learned enough David went ahead and looted their corpses, gaining a generous amount of goz and a sword and sheath. There was a bow and arrow which he also took but he left their armour and clothes on them, he didn’t want their bloodied armour. He would just buy some light armour from the village blacksmith.

[Enhanced intuition] warned David and gave him the advantage of surprise, otherwise he might have met those men head on and been forced into a fight.

David thought about going in the direction the men came from to get the so called loot but decided it was too risky and headed back to the village. He didn’t know how strong ogres were and he wasn’t keen on finding out. The sun was setting and David didn’t want to fight in such conditions.

It was then David regretted not buying any night vision abilities with his remaining points. David made it back to the village with no issues and headed towards the inn.

The inn also doubled as the village’s pub and a crowd was starting to form. David went inside and took a seat after asking Alice to get him a drink. He smiled at her and made not at all subtle glances at her chest making her flustered. She gave him the drink and scurried back to her duties.

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As he enjoyed his ale, he thought about how easy it was for him so far in this mission. [Eldritch arm] was certainly an overpowered skill. His title allowed David to obtain an ability that was and should have been out of reach.

Of course he hadn’t tested it against more powerful and faster enemies. It would be troublesome if he had to fight against multiple enemies. David decided he would handle it as comes though, he wasn’t big on strategies and preferred ambushing and attacking first for an instant-kill.

Talking to some of the men in the inn, David became acquainted with the best or rather the only blacksmith in the village. With drinks they bonded and the blacksmith invited David to his shop. David agreed to come tomorrow and went to his room to sleep a little earlier as he wanted to start early the next day.

After breakfast at the inn David made his way to the blacksmith’s shop. It was quite decent given that it was the only one of its kind in the village.

“See anything you like?”

David didn’t see anything he liked, considering he had a supernatural weapon at his call but he instead sold the bow and arrows and bought some leather armour. David had never touched a bow in both his lives and it would be pointless to try using it now, armour would at least give him some protection.

He then strode back to the place he met the bandits and went further in search of the loot. Back in the inn yesterday he heard one of the merchants in the village complaining about losing his shipment. So the loot was bound to be good and if there was nothing of value he could sell it off.

David was careful not to make too much noise as he crept is way to what seemed to be the wreckage of a carriage. Those ogres might still be nearby and David didn’t want to fight them just yet.

The site looked rough and there were bloodstains on the ground. Luckily the goods themselves weren’t touched. David took everything he could carry and was going to search further, and turned around to face a nearly three metre tall giant.

The ogre was barely won against goblins in terms of appearance but his burly physique made him much more intimidating, his brownish skin was rough and had signs of battle. Both man and monster watched either for a few more seconds until the ogre let out a roar and charged.

David achieved never before seen speeds as he ran for his life. While running away an idea popped up and David stopped. In a flash he summoned the [Eldritch arm] and punched the charging ogre. The force of the charge coupled with the arm’s strength knocked the ogre down. David thought the damage would have knocked it out cold but he underestimated the ogre’s durability.

The ogre was already slowly getting up, only slightly disoriented by the hit. Thinking quick, David directed the arm to grab the ogre’s face and blind it, allowing him to hide behind a tree. The ogre pried the arm off its head and tried to bite but it quickly flew away and David used it bait the ogre away.

The arm’s range was limited and once it was twenty metres away David dispelled it and hoped the ogre wouldn’t come back. A few minutes passed by and David thought he was safe when he felt himself being picked up and brought face to face with a smaller but just as strong ogre.

The ogre was clearly female with only rags covering her female bits. Even when the threat of death was right before him David couldn’t help but think,

‘Big boobies.’


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