Chapter 7 – Mission 2 [ Zero to Hero]

David found his surroundings materializing in front of him and realized he was lying on a pile of hay in a barn. Sunlight slipped through the cracks in the roof and spilled onto his face.

‘This must be the barn the farmer lets me sleep in, it’s f****** horrible. What is that smell?’

Having lived in the city before, David was a little perturbed by the smell of manure. Ignoring the smell, he looked around the barn but found nothing of interest. There was just hay, shovels and some bags lying around.

Heading outside, David looked at the position of the sun and guessed it was early morning. He saw an old man lounging in front a small house,

“I see your up lad, gonna work early today? Just remember you only get to use the barn if ya work.”

David scoffed on the inside, as if he would ever do farm work. Not when he has abilities like he did now, he told the old man he was going to go into the village for some work and he will come back later, the old man just grunted in response.

Moving deeper into the village he saw a couple of houses here and there and some women outside washing clothes. Most of them were average but a few caught his eye. David refocussed himself though as banging the ladies was the least of his concerns this time.

How he was going to be a “Hero” was beyond him, but it most probably involved this small village. David found some information in his head that the [Dream] gave him about the background of this world.

It was everything his persona here should have known. Relying on this info he walked up to the Mayor’s dwelling. It was the biggest residence in the village and more lavish as well, with two guards stationed at the door.

The guards didn’t stop him as he entered, probably used to seeing him around the village. David walked straight towards an old man behind the desk. In his opinion, the Mayor looked senile and way too old to be in his current position. Of course that didn’t matter in medieval ages, as long as you had money and power you could be on the top as long as you desired.

David hesitated before addressing the Mayor, the old man was rich but definitely no noble.

“Mayor, is there any work available? Can I be stationed as a guard, I’m very good with a sword.”

He was not good with a sword but he had to ask anyways, being a guard would allow him to explore the village without restriction and he would have enough money to stay in the local inn. David was not looking forward to a night in the barns.

Albeit, he knew the Mayor would decline him as the stupid old man didn’t want another man on the village’s payroll. However instead of sending him away, the Mayor seemed to think for a while before telling David,

“Lately the guards have been having trouble with those pesky goblins. Apparently their numbers are growing too big lately, something to do with the new goblin lord. Since you say you’re good with the blade why don’t you kill them for the village. Bring their ears back as proof.”

David gladly accepted and was elated to receive the classic ‘monster extermination’ mission that’s always in every medieval fantasy game.

He didn’t bother getting a weapon and instead observed one of the stationed guards patrolling around the house. That would make sneaking into the Mayor’s place to steal more challenging, there were plenty of valuable things in the house David would love to “borrow”.

David had no qualms with thievery as long as he wasn’t the one getting robbed. His moral compass wasn’t the best to begin with and now with the [Nightmare Realm], there were was an absence of restrictions.

Looking up at the sky David judged there was still some time before noon and headed towards the forest east of the village. The background made him out to be a sort of errand boy in the village with him doing all sort of odd jobs to get by, the situation should be rough if the Mayor wanted him to go kill goblins.

The Mayor didn’t want to lose any of the guards by sending in a squad so he sent David as he was expendable. Not that David was bothered by it, he didn’t the guards stealing kills from him, David still wasn’t sure how the [Nightmare Realm] and the [Dream] worked but he was sure kills would fetch him additional points.

After he decided he was far enough from the village, David decided to try experimenting with [Eldritch arm]. Summoning wasn’t complicated, he simple had to will the arm into existence. David didn’t realise that this was only because he had the title [“Touched by @&(*)&(%(* “].

Most summoner’s would have to go through complex rituals or lengthy chants but the unique effect of his universal crossover continued to give David benefits other than just discounts at the [Nightmare Shop].

Space cracked apart as a Hellish looking arm came out and floated in front of David. For the briefest of moments, the corrupting and terrible aura of the Eldritch dimension could be felt and David froze. Eventually snapping out of it, David looked at the arm cautiously.

True to being an eldritch entity the arm wasn’t demonic nor devilish. The [Eldritch arm] was downright monstrous. The arm had minimal sentience and was more or less just a bundle of instincts and raw emotion. David as its summoner could feel its intent to slaughter.

There was no mana or similar resource used in summoning the arm. David just felt a dull strain in the back of his head as if he was flexing a muscle. Experimenting with the arm, he found that he could command it to attack as well as control it directly. The arm was quite strong as it clawed through the surrounding trees and boulders as if it were paper.

As he used the arm David could feel the mysterious strain just barely increasing, which assured David that he could use it for extended periods of time. It wasn’t like he was going to battle for long periods of time. Most battles were over in seconds if anime and movies were to be believed.

David didn’t dare to try letting the arm possess him yet, it was too risky at the moment. He decided that it would a trump card. Walking further into the forest, David dispelled and called back the arm repeatedly too get used to the fleeting moments where he could feel the Eldritch dimension. He didn’t want to freeze up in the middle of battle.

Soon David stopped feeling his [Enhanced intuition] acting up, he felt danger ahead. With power of his [Eldritch arm] backing him, David braced himself for the upcoming battle. Summoning the arm David, saw a sole goblin coming out of the bushes.

It was green and not green like the leaves of a tree but dark and sickly. Its face was so ugly it seemed natural. The goblin didn’t care for the floating arm at all and let out a scream as it charged towards him with a wooden club.

Not barred by the restrictions of closed combat, David was going to let the [Eldritch arm] rip it to shreds but he hesitated. For some reason David just waited and waited and never pulled the trigger. Soon the goblin was dangerously close to him but he still couldn’t act, instead the arm sensing the danger of its host ripped straight through the goblin.

David didn’t react for the longest of times,

‘What the f*** is wrong with me? What was that? Oh my god if it wasn’t for the arm I would be f****** dead.’

There was no sugar coating what happened, David hesitated. Having never killed before he just froze up in battle. A rookie mistake. It wasn’t simply fear but the lack of mental preparation on his part. If it wasn’t for his summon reacting on his own he would have been badly injured or worse dead.

Making the arm slice of the goblin ears, David put it in a knapsack by his waist. David was brooding over the last battle and his frustration was visible. Taking the wooden club from the body just in case things got up close and personal, David made his way deeper into the forest.

He never met more than one goblin at a time and soon his small knapsack was full with the 10 goblin ears. The battles were easy with the arm and David’s anger aided him in battle, not making the same mistake again.

‘I should get a better sack next time.’

Heading back to the village, David headed straight to the Mayor’s house and gave him the ears. The old man was surprised but was satisfied. He didn’t care how David did it though, the results were all that mattered to him,

“10 goz for each ear. Bring me more soon, you can go now.”

The old man dismissed him and as David headed towards the Door he spotted something that made him stop in his tracks.

A drop dead gorgeous woman with shining black hair, bountiful breasts and a heart shaped butt passed by him wearing a fabulous red dress cut out for nobility. She walked elegantly and carried a certain arrogance in each step.

‘The Mayor’s wife…’

The old man had quite the woman as his trophy wife. Giselle had a mature body and was quite tall too, having an inch on David. David later heard she had some elven blood, which was why she looked pretty despite her age.

David adder her to his “list” but for now she was off limits. With the hundred goz he obtained, he could afford to stay at the inn instead of that stinky barn. Informing the farmer, who grumbled at his cheap labour leaving, David headed to the inn.

The inn was just as large as the Mayor’s house and inside there were tables and a staircase leading towards the rooms. He went towards the Innkeeper who was a balding middle aged man and asked for a room and a meal.

Renting the room for a day was 15 goz and the meal cost him 7 goz. With how easy it was to kill goblins, money was the least of David’s worries. After paying the innkeeper told him to take a seat. The inn was cozy and warm and David relaxed as he waited for his food to come.

The food soon arrived and David looked and a single thought ran through his mind,


A middle aged m*** with a buxom chest and hearty smile served his food. She was a brunette and was by no means young with the marks of age and work on her face and hands but that didn’t stop from showing off that she was quite the beauty when she was younger. Her boobs weren’t as big as Giselle’s but David’s face could still disappear into them and her body was tight and firm from years of hardwork.

She laughed and said,

“You haven’t had a bite yet and you already think it’s good?”

David sheepishly smiled,

‘Dammit, I must have said it out loud.’

He wasn’t inexperienced though and smoothly replied,

“I wasn’t talking about the food.”

He winked and smiled at her making the lady blush. As if his dashingly good looks weren’t enough, his [Pheromones (Intermediate)] also aided him in looking good in front of the woman.

She smiled and replied,

“Oh please I’m too old for that and my name is Alice. My husband and I run this inn together, I hope the food is to your liking.”

She left after introducing herself and David dreamily watched the swaying hips and bouncing big ass walk away from him,

‘Definitely going to bang that.’

Grinning to himself, he devoured his food as all the walking made him hungry. His decision to adopt a long range battle style and use summons was a wise one. He would be exhausted and slower if he was swinging a sword in the forest.

His thoughts soon drifted to the women he met, they were married but that was obviously not going to stop him, and while becoming a hero was the main objective, enjoying the beautiful women of the village was also part of his things to do list.

One of his side objectives was [Dominate woman in power]. Both the mayor’s wife and the innkeeper’s wife must satisfy the conditions, at least Giselle would as Alice looked more like a housewife.

After finishing his food, David got up and decided to spend the rest of the day exploring more of the village. Who knew, perhaps he would find more ‘interesting sights’ in the village?

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