Rigged 3

Driving through the burning wasteland took them closer to the oil rig. Roderick got a clear view of the rig’s top on the horizon. About a minute of drive, they saw a bunch of men in motorbikes settled around the rig.
“Who are they?” Roderick asked when Mitchell stopped their vehicle.
“Bikers Gang.” Mitchell looked at him.
“Do they own this?”
“No.” Mitchell whispered the rest to himself, “I thought I was the only one who wanted to take over this rig.”
Mitchell then began to search for things under their seats. He lifted his feet, taking out rifles and pistols. He threw some of them in Roderick’s lap.
“They are loaded. Empty these on those damn bikers.” Mitchell scared him.
He didn’t care what Roderick had to say and accelerated the vehicle towards those men.
To their dismay, the bikers noticed them coming from a long distance. They also had firearms to defend themselves so, bikers began shooting at them before Roderick and Mitchell could position their nozzles for the aim.
“Don’t hit the rig!” Mitchell was roaring amidst the noise of gunshot.
As for Roderick, he had no idea where his bullets were going.
Bullets began to hit the car. Waves of bullets were bone chilling for Roderick. No matter how much bikers were dominating them, Mitchell wasn’t being intimidated.
Roderick left shooting, but Mitchell wasn’t running out of adrenaline.
A bullet hit their fuel tank, and the tank leaked preciousness. There, Mitchell thought it was time to flee, so he turned the steering wheel. Jeep lost its control instead, and they crashed near the rig.
Bikers gathered around their vehicle while pulling Mitchell and Roderick out from the jeep. The bikers got ready to shoot them. Roderick punched a gangster and stole his gun. 
Roderick knew where to aim, “I’ll destroy this rig if anyone hurts Mitchell.”
Bikers glared with an utter distaste at Roderick.
“This rig is mine.” Mitchell yelled at Roderick’s face. He didn’t want Roderick to cause any harm to it.
“Nobody owns this.” Leader of bikers – Eduwardo removed his dust mask.
Eduwardo didn’t support the idea of burning himself to death. And somehow he had to change Roderick’s mind. In between their discussion, a group of men in old cars arrived there to see what the buff was all about.
Their boss stopped by them and took his head out of the glassless window, “Don’t tell me you guys are fighting over an empty rig.”
“Empty?” Eduwardo was hit by surprise.
“How?” Mitchell’s jaw dropped on floor.
“Someone stole every drop of diesel. Don’t waste your energy in here. I believed this rig was all mine when I was here last night.” He then put his head back in his automobile.
Biker gang’s men checked the rig. They discovered the Car Gang was right. Nothing was left there to fight for. 
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