Rigged 2

Roderick had underestimated the desert. It started to drain strength out of him after an hour of walk. When he looked up, then he saw vultures following him. But there was no sign of any cloud.
He admired the ocean blue sky and the vultures flying on it. He collapsed during his admiration. Roderick lay there for another half an hour till he heard an engine make noise from somewhere.
Soon there was a person on a beat up jeep driving towards him. Roderick raised his arm and gave it a wave, but he was already seen.
The man jumped out of his jeep, uncapping the water bottle.
“Don’t worry, man.” The man spilled some water of ground while storming at him.
He fed Roderick water like he was nursing a child.
Roderick was amazed because he had allowed him to drink every drop of water inside the bottle.
“I keep an eye on the vultures. They often help me track down an enemy or a stranded person. What are you?” he asked.
“I am stranded person.” Roderick muttered.
“Not anymore.” He smiled, “Get in the jeep.”
Roderick walked with him to his jeep.
He told him his name was Mitchell.
Roderick didn’t feel he could accomplish anything by keeping his name to himself, so he told him his name too.
Mitchell owed that for saving his life.
“Where are we going?” Roderick asked.
Mitchell pointed his finger at the fuel indicator, which was millimeters away from dropping at E.
“To fill the fuel, I see.” Roderick raised his eyebrows.
“No. To take over the entire oil rig. And you are going to help me do so.”
It was when Roderick realized he owed more than his name for the bottle of water. Because Mitchell had helped him first, he had to make sure he did what Mitchell wanted from him. Otherwise Roderick’s death was imminent after midnight.
Roderick didn’t ask him how far the rig was since he presumed they will be there till the jeep’s gas tank was going to give up on them.

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