Rigged 4

Biker gang’s men checked the rig. They discovered the Car Gang was right. Nothing was left there to fight for. 
The car gang giggled and drove from there, leaving Eduwardo with nothing but a headache.
Everyone lowered their guns and sat on their bikes. They strapped their sacks tight to their seats then started their bikes, “Even they left it. We should also do what Car Gang did. Wander off….” Eduwardo said.
“How about we share this rig? Eighty percent yours and twenty mine.” Mitchell came with an offer.
“You can take a hundred percent of this empty s***.”
Bikers then turned the keys, but most of their bikes did not start. They had spent what they had left on tackling Mitchell.
“We can share it when we find the person who stole oil from here.” Mitchell said, “If we find him then we two can do monopoly in this wasteland.”
Eduwardo got off his useless motorbike. Everyone waited for his answer, “Then we will bury our competition.”
Grin spread on Mitchell’s face. Roderick watched gang members supporting the idea of finding the thief.
“How did the thief steal it?” Eduwardo had questions, “And how the hell did he steal all the oil in forty-eight hours?”
“Maybe someone fixed a pipe underground and sucked the fuel.” Roderick spoke.
“There are pipes everywhere underground. And they are miles under the surface. There is no way someone can get so deep in land and do such a heist.”
“Maybe the thief was planning this for years and he executed it yesterday.”
“This place was guarded by many gangs in past for years. Consider it, asshole.” Eduwardo murmured.
“I think we should give this asshole’s idea a shot.” Eduwardo’s gang member shared what he had in his mind, “Pipes are the only way this heist could have happened.”
“Yeah. Bring metal detectors.” Mitchell ordered them.
Gangsters were okay with obeying Mitchell this time. They moved to their packs on their motorbikes to take out metal detectors. Mobs activated those devices and strolled around with the disk touching the ground.
About ten minutes later, one of their devices beeped.
“Here it is. This is the pipe.” Roderick pointed.
“You confident?” Eduwardo had doubts.
“Yes. The only pipe which an oil rig should have is one going down to earth, not dispersing hundred meters far from the rig.”
“We should follow this damn pipe then.” He answered after a thought.
“Hurry!” Mitchell was excited the most.
“No.” Eduwardo killed his enthusiasm, “Roderick will come with me. And you will stay here with some of our men. We still need people guarding this place.”
Mitchell had no power to deny. Even Roderick was looking to get going along. They set on foot with noisy metal detectors, leaving Mitchell behind.
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