Chapter 90: Exchange Identity Tokens

“Why are you coming up here? I remember that all mortals are to receive identity tokens on the first floor.” The red-haired man who was called His Royal Highness still stood in place, looking at Qi Huan presumptuously, especially at her chest.

“Yes. But erm, this young lady said that she wants to apply identity tokens for her pets, that’s why I’m taking her to the second floor.”

“Oh? What pet?” Although this question was directed to the middle-aged man, His Royal Highness’s eyes kept staring at Qi Huan. Qi Huan had lived for so many years, even though her personality had not changed much so far, she had learned a lot about how to observe other people’s true personality through their words and behaviours. She knew that the status of these few people in Ming Huo City was not low, especially the red-haired man who was talking right now. She guessed that this man must be related with the Ruler Ming Huo.

And she was right! The man in front was Ming Yan. He was the eighteenth son of Ruler Ming Huo, and he was the favorite son. His cultivation level had reached the Third Heaven stage. He had a strong background and high strength. With this power, he was regarded as the famous and respectable man in the deity world. But he had one shortcoming. He was very lustful. Any new deities that had just ascended to Ming Huo City, whether it was a devil or a noble, as long as their appearance caught his eyes, they basically had no escape.

For this reason, Ruler Ming Hu was so angry at him countless times, but it was useless, because his son just wouldn’t listen to him. Although his father was a true monarch of the Eighth Heaven cultivation level, his son’s master was a deity in the Ninth Heavens cultivation level, so he had been spoiled by his master. No matter how many people Ming Yan had harmed, no one dared to say a word.

“Why, your Excellency, don’t believe me?” Qi Huan didn’t like the way Ming Yan looked at her, so her tone was a bit aggressive.

“Miss, you’ve misunderstood, it’s just that we have never been to the mortal world, so we are very curious about mortal things.” Ming Yan heard the displeasure in her tone and hurriedly apologized. However, his eyes were still looking rather aggressive, but Qi Huan didn’t want to say anything anymore. She was a newcomer anyway, she didn’t want to offend people unnecessarily.

“So, can I go up?”

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“You go back first, I’ll take the lady to apply for the identity token.” Ming Yan looked at the middle-aged man who was trembling on the ground, and said aloud.

“Yes, yes, Your Highness.” The middle-aged man wanted to say something more but he quickly shut up and went downstairs when he saw Ming Yan’s warning eyes.

After watching the man leave, Qi Huan raised her head to look at Ming Yan, “Sorry for the trouble then, Your Highness.” Although she was smiling, she was secretly vigilant. Kind offering usually meant there was a price to pay. Qi Huan was not an innocent kid. From the way Ming Yan looked at her, she could sense something fishy, like a perverted wolf seeing an innocent little sheep. As for whether Qi Huan was the little sheep or a wolf under a sheep’s coat, that was the real question.

Hearing that Ming Yan was about to go back up again, the man and the woman beside him did not say a word. The man in green robe only looked at Qi Huan a few times and then withdrew his gaze. As for the woman holding the fire fox, she looked at Qi Huan a little more times. After a few glances, her gaze still remained the same, but Qi Huan could see the disdain from her actions.

To be honest, it wasn’t a big deal. After all, people spoke with their strength here. Qi Huan was the same as well that time when she met someone of lower cultivation? So she shouldn’t be angry over this trivial matter. She would just pretend not to notice it.

The layout of the second floor was similar to that of the first floor. Just entering the second floor, Qi Huan could feel the undisguised monster-ish air filling the entire floor. She looked up and saw an old lady with a dragon-head walking stick. The old lady angrily stood in front of the identity token counter, pointing and shouting something.

Those initially arrogant people who handled the identity tokens at the counter, felt the old lady’s monster aura, their expressions immediately became respectful, and they nodded and bowed at the old lady no matter what she said.

Qi Huan, who was watching the excitement by the side, couldn’t help laughing out loud. Her cultivation level was lower than that of the old lady, so she couldn’t see the old lady’s true identity, but the little fox could. The little fox was able to communicate with Qi Huan normally after it had cultivated nine tails. It just told Qi Huan that the old lady’s true identity was actually a jade mouse, and the guys that she was pointing at were a cat and a snake.

These days, even mice can point and scold cats and snakes. Everything is new to Qi Huan in this deity world.

Qi Huan’s laughter interrupted the old lady. She turned around and gave Qi Huan an unpleasant look. However, she just snorted after seeing the three people beside her, and grabbed her blue jade identity token from the counter, and walked away with her walking stick.

“Why are you laughing, miss?” Ming Yan asked. Standing beside Qi Huan, he couldn’t help lowering his head when she laughed out loud.

“I just feel it’s a pity… I’ve cultivated for so many years, but my cultivation level is not as good as a mouse.” Qi Huan shook her head and continued walking forward.

“A mouse?” Ming Yan was stunned for a moment, then looked back at the man in green robe behind him, “Yu Lan, can you see her true identity?”

“Yes, a jade mouse, Fourth Heaven cultivation level.” The man in green robe answered very succinctly, directly pointing out the old lady’s cultivation level.

“Fourth Senior Brother, this little girl is not simple, be careful.” The purple-clothed woman lowered her head and smiled while teasing the fox in her arms.

“Yu Long’er is right. But don’t you think this is what makes her more attractive! Bones are nice to chew on to!” Ming Yan smiled, totally not taking his Junior Sister’s warning to heart. Even if Qi Huan was powerful, she had just ascended, no one could stop him from what he wanted to do.

“I think if you are obsessed, you will have your teeth snapped off by chewing on bones.” Seeing the little fox jumping from Qi Huan’s head, Yu Lan narrowed his eyes. A light flashed in his eyes, which made Ming Yan’s tone become more serious.

They didn’t even notice the existence of the little fox just now. That little fox could hide its cultivation base from him, a deity of the Fourth Heaven cultivation level. What is the origin of this fox?

Yu Lan’s words made Yu Long’er and Ming Yan look up at the same time. They also just noticed the snow-white little fox with an ice blue tail.

“Huh? What kind of fox is that? Why is its tail blue?” Yu Long’er said in surprise.

Soon enough, their surprised expression was noticed by the few people who had just been scolded by the old lady. All of them almost knelt on the ground to please the little fox. When Ming Yan and the other two saw Qi Huan took over a yellow jade token from the counter, Ming Yan was suddenly sweating from his forehead.

That inconspicuous little fox has reached Fifth Heaven cultivation level?! Is that really a pet?

“I think that woman should be the maidservant of the immortal general.” Yu Long’er was stunned for a moment before speaking slowly. How could a deity in the First Heaven raise a pet of the Fifth Heaven? This was the only reasonable answer.

“Ming Yan, you’d better inform your father about this matter first. Why doesn’t anyone know that a Fifth Heaven deity has ascended from the mortal world?” Yu Lan’s tone was a little cold. The immortal world still can’t escape the intrigue. There are even more people who have gone to heaven to fight for power and strength. There are only twelve true monarchs in total, but there are only around twenty immortals at the Eighth Heaven cultivation level, and there are countless people who want to deal with the Dark Fire Lord.

A Fifth Heaven monster fox ascended, and no one in the immortal world notified the Dark Fire Lord, this was probably a trick on him. Of course, in fact all this was due to misunderstanding.

Although the little fox was a nine-tailed celestial fox, its cultivation should not be so high in the first place, but its master Qi Huan liked to play with tianjie. When the little fox crossed tianjie for the eighth time, Qi Huan used the Seventh-Rank Divine Thunder too many times during her forty-nine thunder tribulations, which caused the little fox who had just crossed the either leijie to cultivate into its golden stage.

When Qi Huan flew up, everyone thought that thunder was dealing with her that day. In fact, it was dealing with the little fox. There shouldn’t be a fox with such a terrifying cultivation level in the mortal world. It’s a pity that the little fox nestled in Qi Huan’s arms, so not only did the thunder not strike on the fox, it was also absorbed by Qi Huan.

Besides, the reason for Qi Huan’s ascension, in fact, according to her cultivation base, as long as the four spirits in her body were cultivated, she could already soar at the same time with Xu Kong Zi, but she didn’t feel any sign that the thunder tribulation (leijie) was coming at that time, so she waited for more than hundreds of years but to no avail.

Finally when she found a thunder, only half of the thunder tribulation was available. And so, because of this, Qi Huan gathered seventeen cultivators who had passed through the dujie stage, struck seventeen times by all kinds of thunder, plus that half of thunder from Xu Kong Zi last time, combined to become a Nine Heaven thunder tribulation, and finally able to soared.

Cultivation was really not an easy route for her. She had to find her own thunders to soar, others just had to wait for the tianjie to come and strike leijie on them.

After listening to those few people introducing the level of the jade token, Qi Huan, who originally planned to get Little Yin an identity token, finally dispelled this idea. There were seven colours of tokens in total, each representing the First to the Seventh Heaven cultivation level: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. The lowest is Firth Heaven, it is purple in colour. The little fox’s cultivation level was the Fifth Heaven, and that was already enough to scare them. If she actually got an identity token for Little Yin… they would probably be scared to their death.

Although Little Yin always lost in fights with the little fox, Qi Huan knew very well that it was definitely more terrifying than the little fox. On the day when Qi Huan practiced the Seventh-Ranked Divine Thunder in the mortal world, she accidentally struck Little Yin’s body because she wanted to test the power of the thunder. At that time, when a thunder touched the snake’s body, its skin cracked open slightly and its body also exuded a hint of meaty smell. However, it then actually crawled over to her and asked for carrots to eat, as if not harmed at all. She tried again and again, and finally she found that Little Yin was able to bear nine times the Seventh-Rank Divine Thunder. This must be its natural talent.

Holding the little fox’s identity token, Qi Huan hesitated a little, then threw it directly into her storage ring, “I want the yellow one, I’ll give you the purple one.” Hey, this owner is really shameless! She actually exchanged identity tokens with her pet!

The little fox lay on Qi Huan’s head, dissatisfied that its token was snatched by Qi Huan. It groaned, but Qi Huan glared at it then it immediately squatted on the spot, not moving.

They had been together for so many years, so the little fox also knew how terrifying Qi Huan’s thunder was. It didn’t want to become her food.

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