Chapter 89: First Time At Ming Huo City

At first, she thought that the deity world after ascending would be like the one in Journey To The West, a magnificent hall surrounded by soft clouds.

It turns out that TV dramas are unreliable. 

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After she went to heaven, not only did she not see any angels flying in the sky, she was also blocked at the entrance of the passage connecting the mortal world to the immortal world. Heck, she had to pay a fee to enter! She hadn’t heard that God collected fees, but because the guard at the door was much bigger than her. 

Therefore, Qi Huan reluctantly had to hand over a thousand-year-old blood ginseng to the guard. The two guards guarding the passage took the blood ginseng and their eyes scanned her up and down. They suddenly noticed the little fox in her arms, the spears in their hands that had been retracted, blocked her path again.

“Now what?” Qi Huan looked at the guards who were not ready to let her go after receiving the fees.

“That fox, it hasn’t paid any fees.” The guard pointed to the little fox sleeping in her arms.

For hundreds of years, even though Qi Huan had never seen the little fox cultivating, its nine tails had all turned into different colours. By all accounts, it was already an adult nine-tailed fox, but it looked basically still the same. Its fur had turned pure white, even its tails were also pure white. For ordinary people, it just looked like an ordinary nine-tailed snow fox.

However, the heavens were really different from the mortal world. They were so determined in milking whatever benefits they could from Qi Huan. Qi Huan thought for a while, but in the end, she took out another blood ginseng from her storage ring. She couldn’t fight them now, not yet.

She originally planned to leave everything to her Junior Nephews before soaring to heaven, but the two of them said that they didn’t want anything, so she had to keep everything in her storage ring and bring it to the sky with her. Fortunately, she had a lot of good things in her ring, otherwise she really didn’t know how to get through this passage.

After being blackmailed to give out two blood ginseng, Qi Huan carried the little fox and walked out of the passage. Later, when she met her shifu, she asked him, how did he pass through the passage without bringing anything up with him, and Xu Kong Zi’s answer was very simple, “I beat up the two of them, hehe!”

Qi Huan felt like fainting when she heard that answer. She even thought of running back to the passage and beat up the two guards. Unfortunately, the location of the passage was not fixed, and so she had never had the opportunity to realize her wish.

After exiting the passage, Qi Huan was very confused. The purpose of cultivation in the mortal world was to fly to heaven. Then, what should she do after getting into heaven? Although her Senior Uncles told her to find them, the point was that the deity world was so much larger than she thought, how could she find them?

Fortunately, there was an ancient city not far from the passage, but that ancient city was suspended in the air, and the whole city was burning like a fire. Qi Huan had never seen such a horrible scene before that she could only stand and stare at it blankly. There was only a narrow path beneath her feet leading to the city entrance, bottomless abyss on both sides.

The passage had disappeared. She looked back and saw that there was an endless plain behind her. There were no animals or plants, only fire. The crimson flame was more than two meters high, turning the entire plain into a sea of ​​fire.

Qi Huan thought for a moment, then decided to enter the city. Fortunately, no one was standing at the entrance to collect fees. She felt lucky for a moment but when she looked up to read the three large characters burning in the flames on the tower. She only knew how to read the middle character, which seemed to be huo (fire)? She guessed that the third character must be city, so… ? Huo (Fire) City, yea!

After going to heaven, Qi Huan was still illiterate. She spurned herself and bowed her head into the city. Fortunately, the buildings in the city were normal, except that their colours were really bright.

Red bricks, red pavilions, and even the soil on the ground were all red.

It seemed that this place was no different from the mortal world. There were various small shops and people squatting on the ground to set up stalls. It was hard to imagine that these were all immortals or deities. Is this the purpose of ascending to heaven, to live a normal mortal-like life? Qi Huan wondered.

The little fox seemed to like the atmosphere very much. It was rare for it to give up sleep time. It crawled from Qi Huan’s clothes onto her head. Fortunately, this little thing was quite smart, lying on her head, it looked a little flat, like a flat hat on her head.

Qi Huan’s appearance didn’t attract anyone’s attention. She couldn’t think of what to do for a while, so she just walked anywhere the little fox wanted to go. The city was much bigger than she had imagined, and there were two very eye-catching buildings in there: a tower with no ceiling, and a palace surrounded by flames.

“Miss, please wait, miss.” Just as Qi Huan was about to move forward, there was a sudden rush of footsteps behind her.

She turned her head subconsciously, and saw a middle-aged man in a big red embroidered gold robe trotting towards her. “What’s the matter?” Qi Huan asked suspiciously. It couldn’t be that people were already seeking revenge from her the moment she stepped into heaven, right?

During the hundreds of years alone in the mortal world, she had made numerous enemies all over the place. Countless people were seeking revenge from her all day long. If it weren’t for her cultivation level getting higher and higher, she might have been beaten to death by the crowd.

The most tragic one was Mount Shu’s five-sects united war. 

During the war, the elders surrounded Qi Huan, forcing her to use her four spirits in her body to suppress them all in her Taiji diagram, and strike them with her thunder power all day and all night before finally putting them down. Then she sorted them out and threw them to their respective sects.

It was precisely because of that battle that she had become completely famous in the cultivation world. From then on, no matter if it was a noble cultivator, devil cultivator, or monster cultivator, all of them avoided her because they all knew that Qing Yun Sect Qi Huan was even more terrifying and shameless than her shifu Xu Kong Zi.

“You just ascended, right? I waited for you outside the city entrance for a long time. I didn’t expect you to have entered the city by yourself, miss.” The middle-aged man treated Qi Huan with respect, making her a little embarrassed.

“You? You were waiting for me? Do we know each other?”

“Ah, I almost forgot, erm, this is Ming Huo City, Ruler Ming Huo’s realm. Any immortal who ascends here must first get an identity token, otherwise the guardian fairy will treat you as a devil, and put you to death directly.”

“Oh really? Then, can you help me?” Qi Huan couldn’t help being speechless after listening to this. It seemed that the devil world and the deity world were really incompatible. However, Qi Huan had misunderstood this point. This is not true. The deity world and the devil world did not have much enmity, but it is true that Ruler Ming Huo has great enmity with certain people from the Heavenly Devil Realm.

The middle-aged man was very relieved that Qi Huan had kept an open mind. He then led her to the high tower.

Although this was the immortal world, many people in the city didn’t actually have a high cultivation level. According to the level of cultivation in the mortal world, they were only around the yuanying stage, and even the person in front of Qi Huan was only in the dujie stage. Qi Huan was very curious about why the cultivation level of these deities was so low, but she did not ask directly.

After the middle-aged man walked into the tower, Qi Huan found that the scene here was very familiar. It was like the place she applied for her ID before she time travelled.

But it was obviously much more convenient here. At least she didn’t need to take a self-portrait, she just needed to record her name and which sect she was from, then gave out some ling qi into a delicate purple jade, and then divided the jade into two halves. She kept one half, this was her ID token to pass through the deity world in the future. Qi Huan looked at it blankly.

“That’s it?” Qi Huan asked with a little uncertainty.

“Yes. If you want to go to other cities in the future, no one will dare to disrespect you as long as you bring your ID token.” The middle-aged man looked at the jade token in Qi Huan’s hand, with envy in his eyes and many other complex emotions.

Although they were born and raised in the deity world, they basically had no rights because of their insufficient cultivation level. Only true immortals were qualified to get this identity token. Although Qi Huan’s token was the lowest level, it was still quite enviable.

“Oh, okay.” Qi Huan nodded and then handed the token to the little fox on her head, “Keep it well.” After the little fox had cultivated all its seven tails, it was able to open up an independent space for itself to keep all good things in it. Most of the property Qi Huan had dug out in the mortal world were basically kept there.

“This is your pet?” The middle-aged man realized that the hat on Qi Huan’s head turned out to be a living creature. He stared at it curiously.

“Yes, does it need an identity token as well?

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“Uh?? If it is of enough cultivation level, then yes, it needs…”The middle-aged man looked at the little fox for a long time, but then he shook his head quietly. It didn’t look like it soared to heaven, it looked a little weak.

“Oh, then help me to make another one, no, another two please.” Qi Huan lowered her head and glanced at Little Yin on her wrist. This fella here needed one as well. Although both of them had basically spent their whole lives sleeping, their cultivation level was definitely not weak. Qi Huan was very sure that both pets had a higher cultivation level than her. This is indeed a very difficult fact to accept.

“This way please.” The identity token for monster cultivators was on the second floor. Just as Qi Huan and the middle-aged man walked up the stairs, they saw a group of people walking down the stairs.

Heat rushed towards Qi Huan’s face. She frowned. One of the little fox’s tails suddenly turned ice blue, and she felt a chill in an instant. This is one of the benefits of keeping pets. They can warm you in winter and cool you in summer, and you can use their tail to adjust the surrounding temperature, much better than air conditioning.

“Your Highness.” After the heat wave disappeared, Qi Huan looked up at the people who were walking down. Two men and a woman. The woman had a red fox in her arms. Although it looked almost like Qi Huan’s little fox, Qi Huan still strongly believed that her fox was the best looking one.

“Hm. She’s new here?” A long flaming red hair man walking in the center, raised his head and glanced at Qi Huan, his narrow eyes half-squinted and his thin lips raised.

“Yes.” The middle-aged man had been kneeling on the stairs, not even daring to lift his head. Qi Huan sighed secretly, even in the deity world, only people of power had the right to be above others.

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