Chapter 88: Soared

When everything returned to normal, Qi Huan suddenly remembered a very important thing. The boat she and Jin Xiu were on earlier had broken into pieces by the thunderball. Where did Jin Xiu go?!

Looking back anxiously, she found Jin Xiu palely floating on the sea, grinning at her.

“Are… are you all right?” Qi Huan’s flying sword stopped on the sea, and she reached out to pull Jin Xiu up, but he avoided her hand.

“What’s wrong?” Qi Huan was puzzled.

Jin Xiu’s smile still remained very gentle, but Qi Huan noticed that his skin was turning yellow, like sand, and it was slowly drying and cracking, like soil that had lost moisture. How could this happen?

“Qi Huan, I fell in love with you the moment I saw you. You have the kind of aura that I like. I always thought you were a spirit body cultivated into a human form. Later, I found out that I made a mistake.” Jin Xiu’s face flashed a bitter smile. He paused and then continued, “I have lived for more than 3,000 years. The moments I spent with you were the happiest time for me. If only I met you sooner…”

Qi Huan looked at Jin Xiu in a daze, watching his body slowly turn into fine sand, leaving only a faint figure. Did she just cause another person’s death?

Jin Xiu seemed to hear her thoughts, he smiled and shook his head, “I encounter a life or death disaster every thousand years I live. The two heads of the Troubled World Sect in the past two times died because of me. Today, this is the third time. Although we hadn’t spent much time together, can you promise me one thing?”

“What is it?”

“Refine my spirit body after my death and let me stay by your side, please?”

“Okay.” Qi Huan nodded, not letting the tears fall from her eyes. She couldn’t save Jin Xiu’s life, so she would definitely fulfill his wish.

“Thank you…” Innate spirit, noble cultivator, encounter life and death every one thousand years, he can go to heaven after surviving the transition.

The twenty-third generation Head of the Troubled World Sect voiced Jin Xiu’s fortune with just this sentence. It was a pity that he may never have the chance to fulfill the last part.

Jin Xiu’s figure finally faded away, leaving only a light yellow ball of fire dancing in the air. The innate Earth Spirit! Jin Xiu turned out to be a human form of the innate Earth Spirit. He didn’t have an actual primordial spirit, nor did he have a soul. This death meant that he was gone forever. (TLN: tissue? Anyone needs a tissue…… ;-; )

Qi Huan stared at the Earth Spirit in a daze. It was not Jin Xiu, but a dead thing, without any thoughts. He was still alive just now, but he had disappeared in a blink of an eye. Is there anything more cruel in this world?

Looking up at the sky, it was pure blue, and the tears that had gathered in her eyes rolled down her face, and couldn’t be taken back.

“Earth Spirit. I didn’t expect it would be here.” Suddenly a voice broke the tranquility. Qi Huan turned her head to find that Dan Jie14Dan JieEx leader of Mount Shu Sect had come back, and he had several dacheng cultivators with him. She glanced at them and found that they were all focused on the Earth Spirit left by Jin Xiu.

Even if it didn’t necessarily bring any benefits to them, it was after all a rare spiritual thing, and people were greedy, even if they had cultivated themselves until the dacheng stage.

Qi Huan, without Xu Kong Zi by her side, was nothing in their eyes. Qi Huan glanced at the dacheng cultivators, there were seven or eight of them, and she saw Master Qi. No surprise though. She smiled at him brightly. Master Qi hesitated for a moment, then turned around and left, no longer having any intention to steal the Earth Spirit.

Master Qi knew the existence of the flying snake. If Qi Huan desperately wanted to deal with them, perhaps they would be at the losing side, not her, so he had better run away when he could. 

Master Qi’s departure did not attract anyone’s attention though. Dan Jie glanced coldly at the direction he was leaving, but ignored him with a cold snort, then turned to look at Qi Huan.

“Give me the Resurrection Pill that flying snake took, as well as the Earth Spirit, and I will let you go.”

Such an arrogant person. He obviously hadn’t considered the other dacheng cultivators behind him at all. Even if his cultivation level was the same as them, Dan Jie was once a deity after all. The other guys hadn’t soared before, so to him, they were just mere ants.

Qi Huan looked at him indifferently, shook her head, and continued to stare at the Earth Spirit.

“Hmph, do you think you still have people to protect you?” Although he didn’t know how Qi Huan survived the sky thunder, Dan Jie still didn’t have any intentions to let her go. Xu Kong Zi and Mo Ye were the ones who could protect her but they had all ascended. Even if the entire Qing Yun Sect joined together to fight, they couldn’t block several other cultivators that joined forces for the precious things.

The Resurrection Pill and the Earth Spirit were two very precious items.

Without strength, one has no right to possess these treasures. This is the rule of the cultivation world.

“Give me your best shot.” Qi Huan’s eyes were very disdainful, with a provocative look. Even if she might die here today, she must still fight. The Thunder Core is a powerful tool, right? With it, she can control thunders, right? OK, she will let Dan Jie have a taste of the sky thunder today.

Qi Huan grabbed the Earth Spirit in the air. This move was like a signal for war. Seven dacheng cultivators simultaneously made a move at Qi Huan.

The bombardment of the magical tools shook the sky.

After the attack, they discovered that Qi Huan was missing. At this time, a blood cloud appeared in the sky, much smaller than the blood cloud that the Dark Thunder Lord had just transformed into earlier, but it still looked very scary.

Qi Huan didn’t know how to control Thunder Core, so she could only desperately mobilize the blood thunder in her eight divinatory trigrams, trying to condense it into a thunderball, but she didn’t expect to turn her body into a thundercloud instead. Although she felt very strange, at least, she seemed to be able to mobilize the blood thunder at will in this form, just like controlling the Thunder Tribulation (leijie).

“How could this be?” Dan Jie looked up at the sky in shock. Without warning, seven blood-red thunder pillars as thin as a human arm descended from the sky and directly hit the seven people who attacked Qi Huan.

They were not Mo Ye, Mo Ye was a real devil, his level of devil tribulation (devil jie) was not something that anyone could bear. Even if Qi Huan’s strength was not enough, her strength was not even 1 percent of the Dark Thunder Lord, but it was enough to scare off those dacheng cultivators.

Those dacheng cultivators weren’t fools, they were about to become deities, none of them was willing to lose their life for an Earth Spirit. After being struck by a thunder, they all fled away with their lame legs and broken arms. Well, even if they didn’t run away, they should be fine because Qi Huan also didn’t know how to strike another thunder.

Of the seven people, only Dan Jie suffered the worst because he was right under Qi Huan, and when the thunder struck, it happened to hit his brain. His injury was obviously severe. It might even cause him to return to the dujie stage. He had probably needed at least hundreds of years to recover. It seemed that he wouldn’t be able to ascend anytime soon.

After everyone left, the blood-red cloud slowly dispersed, Qi Huan fell directly into the sea. Her eyes closed tightly, and her face was pale, even her breathing was abnormally light, as if she might lose her breath at any time.

At this time, Master Qi, who had just left, suddenly appeared in mid-air. He stared at Qi Huan with a grim look. This was his chance to act now.

Just when Master Qi was about to give Qi Huan a fatal blow, an old man in a green shirt suddenly appeared behind him. The old man silently patted Master Qi’s shoulder. Master Qi’s body stiffened.

“Master Qi, I advise you to leave her alone.”

“Kua Xu? When did you start getting yourself involved with the noble cultivators and monster sect? This junior is an enmity with my monster sect, I advise you…” Before he finished speaking, Master Qi felt the surrounding air radiate a thick, bloody, murderous and bitter aura that relentlessly irritated his skin.

“Qi Huan is my Junior Nephew by seniority, do you understand now?” Kua Xu didn’t wait for Master Qi to answer. He picked Qi Huan up and left directly.

Master Qi froze on the spot, even if he was fuming with anger, he did not dare to chase after them. Except for Xu Kong Zi, he was one of the few people who knew Kua Xu’s true identity. Kua Xu is not a noble cultivator. He is a devil cultivator. He is thousands of years older than Ming Du Tian but no one really knows why he still hasn’t ascended. No one could see Kua Xu’s true cultivation level, so even Master Qi dared not take action on him simply.

Qi Huan was unconscious for two hundred years. When she woke up, a cycle had already passed in the mortal world, although the heavens and earth still seemed to have not changed.

In the five years since Qi Huan woke up, the little fox had cultivated all its seven tails, but it still didn’t grow any bigger, what a shame. However, the colours of its tails became more and more bright. The flying snake was still asleep, but it had two dragon horns growing on its head. The more you look, the weirder it gets.

Kua Xu had ascended to the Heavenly Devil realm for more than a year now.

A hundred years later, Qi Huan returned to the Qing Yun Sect again and she learned that her Senior Uncle Xu Ling Zi had recovered and re-cultivated into the dacheng stage, and would soon be able to transition through tianjie. Her other Senior Uncle Xu Yang Zi had survived the tianjie fifty years ago. And her two Junior Nephews had also entered the huashen stage. There were still not many disciples in the Qing Yun Sect. They were scattered everywhere, but no sect had the strength to shake the Qing Yun Sect position in the cultivation world.

When Qi Huan was unconscious, the noble cultivators world had engaged in a cruel internal fight. Qi Huan’s twelve Senior Brothers and Sisters challenged several dujie cultivators from Mount Shu, Kun Lun and many other sects. In that year and more, there were more dujie masters who had fallen than during the noble-devil cultivators war.

After another four hundred years, rumours had it that Mount Shu’s Dan Jie was suddenly struck by a Seventh-Rank Divine Thunder while transitioning through tianjie, his soul was scattered, and even his core was broken into pieces.

Rumours also had it that the elder of Kun Lun was hit in the head by a blood thunder when he was flying in the air, he most likely couldn’t ascend in this life.

These trivial things in the cultivation world spreaded one after another, and they would soon be known everywhere. As for what was the cause of all these, no one really knew, and no one really bothered to find out because those people were already gone.

Another one hundred years later, Qing Yun Sect Xu Yang Zi and Xu Ling Zi had ascended to heaven.

Ten years later, Qi Huan, who had brought endless trouble to the Qing Yun Sect, finally soared.

Rumours had it that on the day she soared, eighty-one thunder fell from the sky. People thought she wouldn’t make it, that she would definitely die. Who knew that after the thunders, she patted her still-clean dress and said, “sigh, what a poor quality thunder!” and then took her snake and fox, ascending lightly into the clouds.

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