Chapter 37

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“What can it be?” Counselor Padoreigu narrowed his eyes.
“It was a raven of fire. The raven held something like a scroll in its claws. Raven dropped it outside the gate and disappeared.” Guard answered him.

“A fire raven?” Ser Akimitsu raised his voice, “Someone close to Lord Wernh’An must have sent the fire raven.”
“Or it is a message from our lord himself?” Padoreigu added.
“Tell the guards to pick it up.” Ser Akimitsu looked at the sorcerers present in the room, “Go there and check if it is safe or not.”
The sorcerers bowed to his command and followed the guard.
“I should have gone with Lord Wernh’An.” Ser Akimitsu cursed himself.
“He wanted you to look after this place, you forgot, knight?” Genzou reminded him.

“This place will be worthless if Lord Wernh’An doesn’t come here again.”
“Speak no ill of our Lord, knight.” Padoreigu interrupted him, “Great Invasion will remember each and every word we speak in this palace.”
“Then Great Invasion will also remember the ill advice you gave to Lord Wernh’An.”
“I didn’t get to counsel him a lot, knight. Lord was deciding where I use my tongue.”
The sorcerers returned with a scroll.
“Anything in it?” asked Ser Akimitsu.

“The fire raven was from Winstrova.”
“Why would someone from far south want to speak with Lord Wernh’An.”
“It is from a Lord in Winstrova. We are not allowed to open any scroll sent to Lord Wernh’An.”
“Fools from the south. It must be one of those tricks where they pretend be allies with us.” Counselor Padoreigu scoffed, “Everyone seems to be following traditions of Pryeg. Little do they know, such acts will not help them when Wutke gets stronger than ever.”
“Begin the search in entire Oskerus.” Ser Akimitsu announced, “Next time we come here will be with Lord Werhnh’An.”
“I would not take such an immediate decision if I were a knight from Fault of somewhere.”
Ser Akimitsu squinted at him.

“I mean no bitterness towards your intent. But the method seems rushed for sure.” Counselor Padoreigu spoke.
“So what should I have done if I were a Counselor from s***-pile?”
“You would be waiting for our Lord’s army to return. If they return empty handed or not return for a week then it would be wise to begin expedition.”
Ser Akimitsu couldn’t take the idea in a light way. At least he could not dismiss it infront of so many people who already looked convinced enough from Padoreigu’s idea. Hopeful heads turned at his direction so Ser Akimitsu had no other way than accepting the counselor’s idea.
He nodded to make accepted. And nod several times to make it awkward. Roaring wind was audible even in the hall so it was clear the weather was not in their side.
Smirk spread over Padoreigu’s face. He ended the discussion with a bow, turned towards the door and left the room alone.

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