Chapter 42

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The man who was talking to him loosened the knot of his blindfold.
After removal of the cloth from his eyes, Shinji struggled to see anything other than white colour. He thought he had lost his vision till he saw some people around him. They looked different with snow over their bodies.
Even though the vision was unclear, he was relieved to have his eyes functioning. While being blindfolded for a week, he had given up the hope of seeing things again.
Wax like substance had glued his eyelids together. Shinji rubbed them off hard way. He noticed his eyesight was improving when he got glimpse of Fujimoto rubbing his eyes. Shinji didn’t look anywhere else till he got a look at him from Fujimoto.
Fujimoto stared at him for few seconds. Then he found something else amusing to look at. Fujimoto also showed no interest in observing the well being of his friend when he saw the monument behind Shinji. Shinji also whirled back to see the big gate behind them.
The white monstrosity of metal stood tall on the snow, glorifying the already existing aura of Werhnh’An.
One soldier took Tetsu’s head out of the bag and suspended on a string. Very soon snow covered decaying head of the old man. At this point his face didn’t look anything like how Shinji and Fujimoto had seen him.
Commander Eiga moved to a horse to get grasp of a horn.
Even the horse felt comfort after the heavy horn was removed from its back. It moved its legs around in joy, although they sank wherever it decided to put step on.
Unable to keep it in air, Commander Eiga sat on ground with the end of horn touching snowy land. He filled his lungs with air and blew the horn. The horn was so loud, Shinji’s eardrums felt uncomfortable. On the other hand, Fujimoto was worried about the possible avalanche because he had never been this high in mountains.
The second blow of horn was painful for Commander Eiga. Shinji could saw him getting pale. And the difference was noticeable in the sound as well because he was not as loud as the first time.
Eiga doubted if he even had breath to blow it for the third time or not. But by looking at the closed gate, he feared he would have to trouble his lungs for the third time. With trembling lips, he put his mouth on blowing end.
The gate vibrated and made sound then snow on it began to crumble. Snow fell from the carvings on the gate when both of the giant sides separated to open the make space.
Commander Eiga lay on soft snow while people inside were making entrance for him. He wanted to take some much needed rest before higher beings from the castle could come out.
Shinji saw the castle when the gate got open.
The castle which was not visible before opening the entrance had now its top extending over the gate.
Gate hides the castle. Shinji was fancied. And for Wernh’An he was fancied as well.
Someone whom Commander Eiga had not expected was there to welcome him. Ser Akimitsu of Shiver Fault. Despite of his efforts to hide fatigue, Ser Akimitsu saw him lying on the floor.
But it seemed Commander Eiga had bought seer disappointment along with some captives. Eiga failed to see any element of delight on his face.
“Where is Lord Wernh’An?” Ser Akimitsu asked Eiga, who was upright now.
“He is lost.” Eiga spoke with great effort.
Ser Akimitsu’s eyes fell on Shinji and Fujimoto after a look of being displeased.
“Who are they?” Ser Akimitsu questioned.
“They were with Tetsu before he died. These two claim Nobukazu has a weapon which can kill any enemy he wants.” Eiga said with the most significant question coming at last, “Is Lord here?”
“Then there must be some truth on what these two are saying-“
“Lord Wernh’An is alive!” Akimitsu stopped him, “There is no weapon which can harm Lord Wernh’An.”
“But Lord Wernh’An isn’t here. He never made it out of Prgey, I recokon.”
Ser Akimitsu looked at the blank sky.
“Leave them here.” Akimitsu said, “They will die-“
“They know something.”
“Why should I trust them? They may even be spies. Do you know we got a fire raven from Southend Terriroty? And now you bring strangers here just based on what you think.”
Commander Eiga sighed, “Fine then.”

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