The Sun settled on the horizon, spewing its golden rays across the vast land. The yellowish glow illuminating the surrounding of what seems like an ancient castle, almost crumbling with its outer appearance rusted. It has endured the test of time spanning across millennia, and inside it, was filled with precious items and jewelry.

Under the seemingly infinite wealth, in the basement deep below the ruins of the castle, there laid a single sarcophagus.

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Upon closer inspection, there were many intricate cravings and shapes on the sarcophagus, each laced with gold. Numerous dragons and runes covered the wide sarcophagus, and at the top of it, there was a single mighty dragon with multiple lines spreading from him, and around him were dragons all bowing before him.

DUN dun… DUN dun… DUN dun…

The rhythmic sound of a heartbeat reverberated through the sarcophagus. Each heartbeat sounding steadier and steadier.

Inside the sarcophagus, there laid a youth with pale white hair, almost grayish, with a strong jawline and a sleek eyebrows. With his eyes closed, and peaceful expression, he looked like royalty.

Slowly in what seemed like an eternity, his fingers finally started twitching, and almost like a chain reaction, the rest of the body started vibrating. His hand clenched into fists and his perfect eyebrows scrunched into a frown that does not suit his face.

His eyes opened and his iris were thin vertical slits with what looked like plasma surrounding it. They were the clearest blue and looked very ancient.

There was a moment of silence, before a tsunami of memories came crashing into him.

His mind was throbbing with pain, not only physical, but also psychological pain. But then another emotion came over him.

The pain now forgotten, replaced by seething rage, his eyes narrowed and with a twitch of his hand, the cover of the sarcophagus which weighted half a ton exploded and flew outwards. The exquisitely carved cover shattered and debris fell all around him.


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He roared and roared until his vocal cords gave out.

He remembered everything.

His name is Eric Pendragon, the 12th King of the Dragons, and the most powerful of them all. The chance of attain Godhood was so close yet it was interrupted and destroyed by the one that he trusted most, his best friend, and the damned Council of Elders.

During the period of time 2500 years ago, it was a filled with chaos. It was known as the Endless War. Countless millions of souls have perished across the spans of centuries, and all races were fighting each other. Even though everyone was fighting for survival, the War was a great opportunity to make oneself stronger. Many Legendary warriors and Archmages were born from the strife and pain.

Recollecting his thoughts, Eric was still filled with endless rage, he had to hit something, ANYTHING, to sate it. He proceeded to smash the castle walls and after a few minutes of non-stop pounding, the castle crashed around him.

When Eric was in his prime, the entire area of a few miles would have been obliterated off the map from his rage, but now he was terribly weakened and recovering from his injuries.

It would take quite some time to regain back to his former glory.

Now that he had somewhat sated his anger, he only had one thing in his mind, vengeance.

Extracting himself out of the rubble of the castle, Eric looked at his surroundings.




“Where exactly am i?”

Surrounding me was a wide expanse of forest till the eyes could see.

I looked around myself and extended my senses, trying to see if there was any sign of civilization around me. Even after stretching out my senses to 500 meters i still found nothing. At this time i was thinking of switching to my dragon form, but realized i am much too weak to attempt a transformation.

With that in mind, i started on a direction my intuition told me to go.

Above the treetop, 3-winged avian creatures were flying, with heads like a snake and a flaming tail. In the clearing, there was a 6 legged bear-like creature with black armor and red spikes covering every inch of its body.

Each one of these creatures could be considered as A-class magical beasts, but every single one were cowering from me because they knew from their animalistic instincts that i am the Apex. The aura of the Dragon i was giving off scared those who would call themselves Kings of the forest, they knew instinctively not to mess with a being of higher power.

After walking what felt like hours, I finally saw a few specks of light in the far distance. It was a hint of what looked like civilization. I picked up speed and made my way there.

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