8: 1 v 2

An arrow whistled overhead, clanking against my helmet. No doubt it would’ve killed me instantly if it had been made of lesser material. Luckily, the steel cap held tight against the projectile.

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I felt for [Lesser Radar] wondering if it would do more than just alert me of a presence. I needed to see where my enemies were. Unfortunately, the skill failed me and I was forced to wait for my enemies to reveal themselves.

I didn’t wait long as the sound of something heavy crunching the snow reached me. Running toward the invader, I activated [Charge]. Energy coursed through me as I ran, building up with each step I took. Grinning as I caught sight of my foe, I moved faster all while lowering the point of my spear.

An arrow flying toward me nearly broke my [Charge], but a hasty [Burst] gave me the burst of speed I needed to dart out of its path. I expected to meet the {Archer} head-on as I had the last one but instead, I found myself charging toward a hefty {Warrior}. Or, at least, his large build and heavy armor led me to believe that was his class. I didn’t have the ability to identify him but that mattered naught as I brought my spear up and activated [Thrust], aiming toward the small space between his breastplate and his fauld.

He brought his shield up to meet me, rumbling, “[Halt Charge].”

My spear snapped against his shield, the energy built up by both the [Charge] and [Thrust] losing its cohesion and fading way. He stabbed his own weapon at me – a short sword, surprisingly – and snorted, “Ha! Stupid guard. [Ignore Armor]!”

I dodged the strike, only for the hidden {Archer} to shoot a [Piercing] arrow into my shoulder. Wincing, I stumbled backward, further distancing myself from the {Warrior}.

His beady eyes narrowed at me from underneath the helmet. Turning around, he yelled, “Hey, Pesky, do the Elden Keep Guards know [Burst]? Cuz I’m, like, 86% sure that’s just what this one did.”

I couldn’t hear the reply, but it didn’t matter. This dunce had turned his back on an opponent; no matter how weak your enemy was, giving them your back to stab was just plain stupid. I grabbed the pointy half of my spear and lunged at him, activating [Thrust] at the same time.

He turned around with surprising speed despite his blocky armor but he couldn’t bring his shield up in time to block me. Still, I couldn’t get the point through his armor, even with [Thrust] activated.

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“[Shield Bash]!”

His shield slammed into my stomach, sending me toppling into the snow a few feet away. Something definitely cracked; I felt it as I tried to get up. The arrow in my shoulder and the pain in my ribs convinced me that staying down was definitely the better option. I closed my eyes, expecting the {Warrior’s} sword to come to finish me off.

But the man only laughed. “You see that, Pesky? The NPC tried to sneak attack me!”

“¡Idiota! ¡Le diste la espalda a un enemigo armado! ¿Qué pensaste que iba a pasar?”

“Haaa, Pesky, you really crack me up. Come on, we still have to kill the second guard.”

His footsteps crunched passed me and I heard the much lighters steps of the one called Pesky. The {Archer}, however, stopped by my wounded body. I heard a bow being drawn as he muttered, “No voy a renunciar a la experiencia gratuita …”

And I was dead once more.

Player Pesky defeated NPC [Elden Keep Guard] (2). Player has been awarded 5 EXP.

Reviving NPC [Elden Keep Guard] (2)…NPC revived at full health and returned to location >Elden Keep Gate<.

Or not. Dying was getting seriously old.

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