Choice Can Kill 2

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The next evening,
Doctor Fleming broke seal of bile and filled his syringe with it. He gazed at level of liquid with preciseness then pressed some droplets back in the bile.
“Will it kill the pain?” Spencer doubted the doze.
“This is for your infection.”
“Do I have one?” asked Spencer.

“You will have sooner or later.” Doctor said, “But this will keep it on hold till tomorrow.”
“What have you planned for tomorrow?”
“We called a rescue team. They will airlift you from here next morning.” Fleming began injecting him the antibiotic.
Spencer found the moment perfect to ask about the thing which bothered him the most, “Will I be allowed to take my belongings with me?”
“Unless they are heavy for the helicopter, you can.” Fleming smiled.
Spencer tried to get up from his bed but Fleming pushed him back.
“Not now.” Fleming said, removing bandages from Spencer’s chest, “Are you sure it was a leopard?”
“Could have been a tiger. Can’t tell for sure.”
“I think it was a tiger. We found a tribal man dead near our camp. He also had serious wounds all over his body.”
“May God mercy his soul.”
“Yes, he better be.”
“Umm…I had a bag with me when I came here, didn’t I?”
“It may be with Roderick.” Fleming said, “Anything special there?”
“No, I had some notes in there. I guess.” Spencer said, “I should submit them to MD when I recover.”
Fleming wrapped a new bandage on his wound.
“I will send him in.” Fleming said and left the tent.
Few minutes after his exit, a tall man wearing quarter shorts came in his tent. Spencer did not look at him for anything other than his bag. But he had not brought it with him. Instead, Roderick slammed a pile of papers on Spencer’s bed.

“They were soaked in water. I dried them.” Roderick said.
“Where is it?” Spencer asked.
“I just gave it to you.”

“I had it before I passed out so don’t try to fool me.”
“This?” Roderick showed him a locket.
Brightness came back to Spencer’s eyes after seeing it. For a moment, he also forgot his pain. He stretched himself and grasped the locket.
“How did you steal it from D’Agata?” Roderick asked.
“D’Agata wasn’t there. One tribesman knew how to reverse the protection charm.” His facial expression changed. Soon he was pleading, “Roderick, please don’t ruin this for me. Don’t tell anyone about this.”
“I would have told it if I wanted to.” Roderick said, “Now, try to come up with a believable story when you get back to US.”
Spencer looked at the rusting locket while Roderick walked out of the room. He did not realize when he had slept again.

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