Choice Can Kill 3

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Spencer woke up when his mobile phone rang from his pillow. He watched the glowing screen with heavy head and blurry eyes. Spencer saw no name on the screen. Instead there was a number. It was different from what he had had been called from the last time.
“Hello.” Spencer received the call.
“Did you find the locket?” the man asked.

“Yes, I retrieved it.”
“Good. We thought you were dead.”
“Does it make you happy or sad?”
“If it makes you happy, it doesn’t make us feel any different.”
“I am getting back to United Stated tomorrow. Will hand you over the locket there.” Spencer said, “And make your twenty million dollars ready.”
“I have them stacked infront of me.” The caller said.
“Bring them to my home.”
“Look under your bed. You have a gift.”
Spencer narrowed his eyes and came down the bed with his mobile glued to his ear. He picked a stack of money from there.
“One hundred thousand.” The caller said.
“Are you one of us?”
The man laughed.
“What is this?” Spencer frowned.
“Look, we have sent twenty million dollars to your bank account already. This money is for you to kill Roderick.”
“Why should I kill Roderick?”

“Because he knows about this.”
“I didn’t tell him. What can I do if he is smart enough to tell whose locket this is?”

“It was not your fault. And I don’t want to leave any loose ends. Kill him or I will take back every buck from your account. I can do it till forty eight hours.”
“But –”
The caller hanged the call. Spencer held his head for a minute as everything was clear. His boss had put a threat on his face. One was also behind his back which he had not said.
He would kill me too if I don’t finish Roderick. Spencer wiped sweat from his face. He rose upright and scrambled for a zip lock packet. He popped out a morphine tablet from its file and gulped it down with water.
I will take him to forest and then kill him. Spencer’s eyes fell on a surgical knife. Everybody is asleep. I can do it.
Spencer got up and headed for Roderick’s tent.

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