Choice Can Kill 6

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“Roderick. Get back!” Spencer screamed from outside, hesitant to get inside.
“Okay. I will not kill you.”

There was no answer so Spencer held his gun near his head and went inside the dark cave. His eyes adjusted to the environment inside after a minute of short walk. Spencer even heard someone’s footsteps.
Spencer shot. Bullet hit a rock and fragmented it.
“Roderick.” Spencer said in low voice.
His voice reverberated inside the cave. He picked a rock and threw it away, “Heard it Roderick? I have thrown my gun away. Now give me the locket back.”
Roderick crept out of a turn with the locket. He could not believe when he saw the gun still in Spencer’s hand. More than it, he could not fathom why the cave was bright in the first place.
“Wasn’t this cave supposed to be dark?” Roderick raised his hands.

“Toss the locket to me.” Spencer said.
Roderick threw it at his direction and Spencer caught it. He did not waste any second for wearing it.
Spencer took his finger near the trigger and dropped the gun.
“I don’t want to kill you.” Spencer said, “I can’t. You are my friend.”
“Your boss wants me dead.” Roderick said.
“Stay in this damn country till I hand over him this locket. I will send you money here as soon as I get it.” Spencer said, “You need to do only one thing. Stay underground.”
Roderick looked confused.

“Don’t worry. I will manage it –”
Spencer noticed what was making Roderick silent. There were skyscrapers floating above them. Roderick looked down and saw flowers. Spencer’s gun slid through an unstable petal. Spencer leaped and landed on marigold, where Roderick was standing.
There was fear in his eyes when the giant petals began flapping themselves like wings. The butterflies made up of petal wings glided away, almost knocking them just by the wind from their wings.
The butterflies were looking to fly away till they found the humongous marigold. Roderick wondered whether they wanted nectar or them when he saw their bat like face and talons on their feet.
A harsh screech from one of them cleared his doubts.
“Jump!” Roderick yelled and pulled Spencer downwards.
They landed few meters below the marigold. Roderick watched the ugly butterflies gliding down at them. Roderick closed his eyes. He felt a pinch on his arm.

It was not their bite but was Spencer calling him. There was a thick layer of glass protecting them. Roderick controlled his urge to throw up when he saw butterflies licking the glass and drooling on it. He noticed everything was bluish where they were in.
He could hear water running somewhere. Roderick pulled Spencer to his feet. Spencer jabbed his face.
“Why did you make me come in here?” Spencer roared.
But Roderick had his attention on the water flowing under their soles.
“We are in an aquarium?” Roderick asked.
Roderick saw a pair of glowing eyes behind Spencer. He opened his mouth to speak but could not warn him in time. The catfish with frog limps leaped at Spencer. Roderick heaved Spencer towards him. Still he couldn’t avoid the imminent.

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