Devil’s Advocate 2

With the apple between his lips, he went towards the person and stirred him. He flinched and moved his head towards Roderick.
“What happened?” Roderick dropped bits of apple from his mouth.
“I thought food would keep animals alive. But I was wrong.” He groaned, “They want to sleep. None of them have slept for more than a week.”
“Who are you?”
Roderick unclipped the water bottle from his waist and threw on his face. The man gained more sense when water bounced off his face.
“So the animals are dying because they can’t sleep at night?” Roderick contracted his face.
“Yes.” He replied, “People too.”
“Why don’t you sleep in the day, huh?”
“No creature in this land can fall asleep during the day. We tried but couldn’t sleep.”
“What doesn’t let you sleep at night?” Roderick dropped the apple core.
“Husband and wife Devils argue all night from sunset to sunrise in a loud voice. Nobody can sleep because of them.” Ymbert said, “You look new to this place. Will you help us?”
“No.” Roderick backed away, “I can only help those who have helped me.”
“You ate fruit from my cart. And I didn’t charge you anything. Isn’t it help?” Ymbert asked.
“But you said it was free!”
“Only for animals.” Ymbert stood up and showed him a pouch filled with coins, “No matter whoever you ask, their main problem will be husband and wife devils.”
“Can you tell me more about them?” Roderick rolled his eyes.
“Their names are Chopyk and Isolda. Come with me and I will take you to there.”
“Wait!” Roderick ran at the cart to take some grapes and oranges. Then they began to march, leaving the cart in the middle of forest.
“So, tell me about yourself, stranger.” Ymbert asked.
Roderick explained him everything in the way.

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