38: Dungeon break

“Come on. We’re going back in,” the hulking man ordered Lia.

Her eyes betrayed a trace of annoyance, but she put away the unsmoked cigarette. “I’ve gotta go. Bye.” She waved to Ben as she walked inside.

Her boyfriend didn’t follow her. He stayed in place staring at Ben. When she was out of sight, he issued a threat. “Don’t let me catch you talking to my girlfriend again, you little douche. Or I’ll f*ck you up.” After leaving those words with a menacing glare, he followed behind her.

Ben gritted his teeth as he tasted the humiliation, but it wasn’t unfamiliar to him. His life had improved the past few weeks so he almost forgot what it was like. He watched his lonesome reflection in the glass window of the bar. ‘When will I not be someone’s ashtray?’ He looked down with a self-deprecating smile.

He thought of using the Bad Luck Perfume; two or three times, in fact, but that was a rare item. If he used items like that on any random jabroni with no potential gains for himself, he’d end up dead in a week like an idiot. Would it be worth it? Ben shook his head and walked back inside..

Walking through the dim-lit bar, music blasted in Ben’s ears as he glanced down at his phone. The three hours for the event were almost up.

“Cuz!” Antonio lifted his arm and shouted to get Ben’s attention. He was leaning on the bar now.

Ben walked over and asked, “How’d you do with that girl you were with?”

“Good. Got digits. How about you? Any luck?”

Ben swept his teeth with his tongue and shook his head.

Antonio shrugged. “Don’t worry about it. If you haven’t noticed, night game’s much harder.”


Antonio put on a helpless smile. “Man, have you looked around? The guys that go out to bars and clubs tend to be taller, better looking, and richer because they can afford to spend on these absurd entrance and drink prices. It’s a much more competitive and challenging scene. On top of that, every chick gets hit on by 10 dudes, so their egos inflate. Their standards become unrealistic, making it harder for average looking guys like us.”

Ben rubbed his chin. He felt what Antonio said was reasonable.

Antonio continued. “That doesn’t mean night game is useless. After all, bars are the best place to find the mythical drunk sluts…It’s their natural habitat. They’re creatures of the night. Daytime is a different animal.

“Last call!” The bartender yelled.

The 3 hour limit on the special event only had a few minutes remaining, and the two of them were exhausted. So they went outside first before people crowded the exits.

“You want to do this again tomorrow?” Ben asked. He’d be out every night from now on until he cleared his death mission.

Antonio shrugged. “Sure, why not? I ain’t got nothin’ goin’ on.” Then he remembered something. “Oh, can you meet me at another place a bit earlier tomorrow? I wanna show you a spot.”

Ben agreed. As they were about to bid farewell, Ben froze when he heard an alert.

[Dungeon break detected]

He blinked. ‘Dungeon break?’

Antonio yawned, then asked, “What’s the matter?”

Ben glanced at Domina’s entrance. It was late now and there were fewer people on the streets. The staff in the bar turned off the music and switched on the lights. This was something nightlife venues did to urge the patrons to exit so the staff could go home. As a result, everyone rushed the exits.

Ben watched as the wooden doors to the bar swung open and a crowd of people flooded out.

He made a guess, but he checked with the system to confirm.

[Dungeon break – All summoned sluts return to the wild…It could be an opportunity, but only for the bravest adventurers]

Ben’s eyes glimmered. ‘Now that I consider it, it’s a good time to pick up women!’ Ben understood the logic of the system. The girls coming out now would be the drunkest! “Antonio! This is no time to rest! Destiny is calling all heroes to assemble!”

Antonio knitted his eyebrows. He didn’t understand what Ben was talking about.

Ben explained with urgency. “All the drunk women are flooding out! What better time to run openers than now? Aren’t they going home? Let’s convince them to bring home a stray!”

Antonio didn’t need to hear another word. He slapped himself twice on each cheek! “I’m hulking out!”

Feeling more awake, he looked at Ben with newfound respect in his eyes. ‘Great men always keep their eyes open for opportunities…’

Ben was staring at breasts and asses… “All right! This won’t last long. Machine gun openers! Stick and move! Fire off an opener, and if it doesn’t fly, move to the next! I know you’re tired too so just say whatever!”

“Bentonio! Assemble!” Antonio cried to the sky, but Ben was already in the thick of battle.

Ben looked around for a decent target. ‘Sh*t, I haven’t done openers this tired and with so little time before.’ He felt half-conscious, like he wouldn’t even be able to filter his speech anymore. Then his head swiveled because he heard Antonio’s voice. His cousin started before him!

Antonio was talking to a girl on the street corner. “I like you.”

“Why?” she asked.

“You seem nice.”


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“I like you so much! So far…don’t ruin it.”


“I love you!”

“My dick’s getting hard right now.”

“That’s very inappropriate,” she said.

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“…I’m not breaking any boner laws. I don’t think…”

“I want to um…touch you right now.”

“I want to be all over you…like stink on a monkey.”

Antonio raised his eyebrows. “Wow! I’m shocked…Most people would’ve run away by now.”

“…I’m in a wheelchair…and we’re at a red light.”

“I like patient girls.”

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