70: Succubi are real?

“Succubi are real?!?” When Ben read the system screen, his eyes popped out, but when he saw the seductive dungeon master, they almost flew out of his head.

Long black leather boots with four-inch heels ended at thick smooth thighs…

A skintight short black dress with an oval chest cutout exposed a deep ravine of captivating cleavage…

Luscious wavy red hair hung down her shoulders and arms setting off shiny fair skin…

Noticing the change in music, her proud bright-green eyes swung a piercing glare at the DJ booth…A second later, the music made an abrupt cut into an Ariana Grande song…

The dungeon master scanned around the room for something. Several moments later, she turned and walked back up the stairs, exposing her large curvy backside. All the men in the room made a collective gulp…

As she disappeared up the stairs, various thoughts swirled in Ben’s mind. ‘A hidden bloodline…Is this why the system recognizes Domina as a dungeon? …There’s a bigger issue though. If the system isn’t screwing around, this means there are supernatural hidden depths to this world…’

He’d seen unusual things like cultivation pills and magic items, but thought the system created them then added fake lore for flavor. Yet, when Ben asked now, the system confirmed that the character info for the dungeon master was authentic, though nothing more. ‘It seems this world isn’t so simple…’

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Ben stared into space as he pondered the serious ramifications. ‘Can I sex some elves and beastkin?’

He shook his head. ‘It doesn’t matter…I don’t have time to worry about this. First, let’s see if I can make it to that second floor.’ He walked over to the staircase but was blocked by a dungeon guardian bouncer that looked like a human Pit Bull. He told Ben that upstairs was for private parties only.

‘Damn Cerberus…This is why Pit Bulls are banned in 12 countries…’ Ben turned around in disappointment. As he did so, he saw the smoking section and remembered he still had a pack of lucky cigarettes. ‘I should give it a try.’ Pushing his way through the crowd, he made his way to the outdoor area.

Arriving outside, Ben inhaled the fresh air. Even with the traces of second-hand smoke, it was a welcome change to the stuffy bar. After his last visit here, Ben realized the smoking section was a great place to meet women because you could open by asking for a light. Girls could also open him in similar fashion. Another positive was it was easier to hear each other relative to the noisy area inside.

Looking around the smoking area, Ben noticed there were only a few people and no attractive girls. So he took out his Lucky Clove Cigarettes, put one in his mouth, and lit it, hoping it would bring a change.

Not a minute later, he heard a familiar voice to his side.

“Hey darlin’, do you have a light?”

Ben’s ears twitched. ‘It can’t be…’ He swiveled around.

It was her…Lia, the provocative white-haired beauty that asked him the same question last week.

Ben glanced down at his cigarette that was almost out. ‘I’ve summoned slut-kun…’

She giggled with jerky movements. “It’s you…”

He noted something was different about the way she moved.

[Target’s current attraction level: interested (+2 drunk bonus)] [Target’s current comfort level: familiar (+2 drunk bonus)]

Ben’s eyes lit up. ‘God bless you clove cigarettes!’ He took out a lighter and lit her cigarette, then lit another lucky clove for himself and smirked. “It’s me…”

Lia grinned and tilted her head in a seductive manner, as she liked to do, and they started chatting.

Ben was in high spirits. ‘She’s drunk! This is my chance! Can’t blame me…I’m just following in the cliche-steps of my ancestors! This is the plot where I sleep with a powerful beauty because she dosed herself with an aphrodisiac. In this world–liquor shots…’

Right as things were getting good…

“Excuseee mee…” a man’s roguish voice came from their side.

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Ben looked over and saw another familiar face. ‘What does this bastard want?’

It was the mischievous DJ…

A black men’s poncho, a black gaucho hat, cowboy boots, and blue-tinted circular glasses all blended into the unique style of this 20ish man with chin-length dark hair.

Ben narrowed his eyes. ‘That hateful smile tells me everything I need to know…This guy’s here to troll…’

The DJ sniffed the air a few times. Then he glanced at Ben’s cigarette emitting dark green smoke. The DJ’s eyes glinted and his smile widened. “Those are some nice cigs mannn…Can I borrow one?”

Ben’s eye spasmed. ‘Borrow? …F*ck this guy. Is he looking to get merk shot? …Like I’m going to give him a magical cigarette.’ Then Ben noticed Lia observing them…and his heart fell. ‘Not good…She knows I have more cigarettes. If I say no, it might make me look cheap and petty…This devious DJ’s got my p**** in a guillotine…’

After several seconds of mental struggle, Ben took out his pack of cigarettes. With slow jittering movements like two brains controlling his arm were at odds, he pulled out a lucky cigarette and handed it to the DJ. Ben felt like his heart was being torn into a million pieces…

The DJ held the clove, closed his eyes, and sniffed it nice and slow like it was a Cuban cigar.

Ben knitted his brows. ‘Can he tell these cigarettes are treasures?’

With a satisfied expression, the DJ nodded to himself. “I’ve never seen this brand. Niiice…” Then he clamped the cigarette at the top of his ear. He looked at Ben, lowered his chin, and spread an even bigger smile than before. “I realllly like these. Can I…have another?”

“THIS MOTHERF*CKER!” Seeing Lia still watching them, Ben wanted to murder this evil extortionist!

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