73: What it takes to be an MC (R-18)

Ben’s hands roamed Lia’s lean body, crossing plains and approaching hills.

For the two of them, the music in the background became distant, giving way to the touch, smell, and taste of the other’s lips.

Compared to her resistance before, Lia was more than willing now. With her friend not watching, it was on. This was a lesson for Ben, who now understood that sometimes the woman’s issue was simple logistics.

Despite his eagerness, he removed his tongue from her mouth and pulled away as he considered something. ‘Am I doing the right thing? She has a boyfriend. According to Japanese novels, I should respect her boundaries, then pretend not to like her and share an ambiguous romance…’

Then he saw her sexy tongue waiting for him. ‘F*** that s***! Pabst Blue Ribbon!’ He dove back into the kiss…but kept one eye open to check her status.

[Target’s current arousal level: horny(+2 drunk status)]

‘Drunk status is like playing with cheat codes…Perfect!’ Ben was playing with the dev console…

He continued teasing her sensitive areas while exploring with his hands. Short of time, he decided to try a trick Beluga told him about. Ben brought his hand to the back of Lia’s head. Then, with a handful of her hair, he gave it a light tug! Exposing her neck!

“Mmmm~” With her head back, Lia moaned as she held her eyes closed. She liked it!

Ben buried his face in her delicate neck…licking up towards her sensitive ears…

[Target’s current arousal level: lustful(+1)(+2 drunk status)]

That was one of the quick moves Beluga said could raise arousal. It worked! Then, while Ben distracted her senses with his tongue, he slid one hand up…putting it over and into her dress, and grabbing a bare breast!

Lia opened her eyes for a moment, her face turning redder, but she didn’t stop him…It all felt too damn good…

Ben alternated squeezing her tits. While they weren’t as big as Annabelle’s, they had a great softness and elasticity to them. His hand couldn’t get enough! Needing more, he pulled one breast out above her dress…Then, he drew his mouth back from her neck and glanced at her exposed chest. When he saw the tasty hard nipple, he swallowed and couldn’t hold back! He brought his head down and started sucking!

“Ah, f***…” Lia whispered.

Ben licked it to his heart’s content. While one hand helped occupy her tits, his other hand glided down her side…until his fingers touched the silky skin of her lean thighs…

He caressed her soft hairless legs…Then, he grabbed a handful of her meaty ass…

“Ahhh~” Lia enjoyed it as much as he did.

As he squeezed her firm ass, Ben’s c*** got harder. His body demanded more… He slid his hand from her butt, and along her soft cotton underwear…until he reached the other side, where his fingertips touched an already moist area…

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Then, he rubbed her p****…

“Nnnnng~” Lia tilted her head back…Her breaths became ragged and her moans increased…

Despite the pleasure starting to take control of her, she remembered they were in a public place. Struggling through the ecstasy to release the words, she whispered, “But…someone could…walk in…”

Ben released her tit from his lips. He brought his head up and locked eyes with her, but…kept rubbing her downstairs…

Despite Lia saying that, her expression betrayed her pleasure and willingness to surrender. So Ben reassured her, “We’re good, trust me.” Then he shifted forward and locked her lips.

As if releasing her inhibitions at last, she kissed him back with greater force now, creating even more friction on her p**** downstairs… “Ohhh~”

Ben’s fingers were moist now. Her juices soaked her panties straight through… He shifted his hand up and brought it right under the panties…soon reaching her most private area, now exposed to his direct touch…

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He rubbed even harder.

“Hunn~” She broke the kiss and moved her head to the side for a moment, losing control from the pleasure…

But Ben wouldn’t let her gain back control… As he rubbed her supple wet p****, his middle finger slid inside…

“Annnn~” she moaned louder.

Feeling her slippery tight hole, his fingers got to work using his technique…

“Nnnngg~” Lia’s body became unstable. She moved in to hug Ben tighter, using him for balance as the powerful sensations from her lower region overwhelmed her.

While fingering her, Ben’s dick reached full hardness. ‘This is so hot…I barely know this girl and now I’m fingering her in public…anyone can walk in any moment…’

As Lia’s moans increased in frequency, her leg bumped against Ben’s boner through his jeans, and her eyes glinted. She brought her hand down…until she was rubbing Ben’s c*** over his pants… ‘Feels big…’ Biting her lip to stay quiet, she unzipped Ben’s jeans…and reached inside…

Her eyes went wide as she grabbed more than she expected. “Mmmnnn…it’s big…” she smiled before losing herself to a moan again. The ecstasy forced her to bury her head in Ben’s chest once more…but that didn’t stop her from using her hand to pull out his c***…

With her head against his chest, facing the ground, she watched Ben finger her p**** and saw the juices dripping down…and it made her excited…

Stroking Ben’s dick, she moved her tongue around her mouth for a second. Then, she aligned her head, and released spit from her mouth…down to Ben’s c***. ‘Got it!’ she thought as it landed, but she was soon forced back into a moan. “Unh~”

She lifted her gaze, meeting Ben’s eyes as she jerked his c*** and he fingered her p****…

Ben felt good, but he wanted to f***. He pulled Lia forward towards him…but she resisted, shaking her head. He knew he didn’t do enough comfort, and her resistance was the result…but he lacked time before. ‘What to do? Try for a b******?’

He looked at the nook they were in and knew that if Lia got on her knees, her friend would run out to them in seconds. ‘F*** it. Get what I can get!’

The two continued stimulating each other hard and fast for a few minutes… Lia was the first who couldn’t take anymore.

She buried her head into Ben’s chest as her hand clawed into his back. “Uhhh…Uhhh…F***!”

Watching her about to squirt, Ben knew what he had to do; Any real MC had one thing in common. “Hydro Pump!” They yelled their moves!

“Ahhh~” Lia was so entranced in her orgasm that she couldn’t hear anything! She started shaking as her underwear became soaked! Clear liquid dripped down, covering the concrete!

While still quivering, she continued to jerk Ben off and went even harder!

Her squirting and eagerness turned him on! He was close!

“F***!” he yelled.

Lia was too lost in her orgasm to aim her AKock-47…leading to Ben spraying shots of c** all over her dripping underwear…now covered in juices from the both of them!

Lia leaned against Ben, gasping for breath, while his sperm dripped down her p**** and panties… It took a while until her legs became steady. When she looked down, her eyes popped out for a moment. ‘That’s a lot of c**!’

With a satisfied smile, she stared into Ben’s eyes. Then, she reached her down to her drenched underwear and dipped a finger into it…getting some of Ben’s c**…and bringing the finger into her mouth…

Gazing into his eyes, she wore a naughty smile, sucking on her finger and enjoying the taste. “Mmmm…”

Ben gulped. This was too f****** hot…but before he could get another boner, he spotted Sarah in the corner of his eye. She was getting up from the sofa and walking over in their direction. Pulling his pants up in a hurry, Ben took his phone from the pocket and put it in Lia’s palm. “Put your number in.”

Lia giggled and did as ordered.

“Lia!” Sarah was outside now with suspicion in her gaze.

Turning and seeing her, Lia walked straight in her direction. Lia was lucky that her dark dress covered her dripping p****…although a drop of juice still fell on the ground once in a while… “Sorry. I was just smoking some cigarettes.” Then, Lia hugged and kissed Sarah on the lips to ease her worries.

Ben spread an evil smile. ‘2nd-degree j***…’

Soon, the two girls walked back inside. On the way, Lia looked back at Ben, winked, and blew him a kiss.

Ben didn’t have time for that s***!

He stared at his phone, making sure it wasn’t Domino’s again…

Only once certain he escaped a pizza pie to the face…Ben put the phone back in his pocket.

As Sarah accompanied Lia inside, she glanced back in Ben’s direction, traces of concern still on her face.

Ben met her gaze, narrowing his eyes as he smirked. ‘F*** you Sarah…’

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