Summoned Heroes V

“Woah, look at him. He’s wearing full plate armor like the people back in middle ages!”

“Duh, this is another world! It’s given that this world’s development is still that of middle ages.”

“But unlike our world, this one has magic! Magic, my dude!”

When the students saw a tall figure with full plate armor stepped into the dining hall alongside the first princess, they started whispering to their friends while occasionally glancing at the two. Immediately, the students turned quiet when the princess raised her hand. 

“Good morning, Heroes. Today, I’ll be introducing you to someone capable who can help you with combat. As you can see to my right, this is Raymond, the Commander of King’s Corp,” at her introduction, the guy with full plate armor, Raymond, removed the helmet before giving a curt nod in response. Quickly, the students were intimidated by his rough and scarred face. Among the students, only Isamu can stare longer without looking away like his classmates. This obviously didn’t go unnoticed by him as he smiles at the latter in acknowledgement.

“As the princess stated, I’ll be teaching you all with combat from now. After all, even if you didn’t want to participate in battle, you still need to have experience in combat to survive in this world,” before the teacher could oppose like yesterday, Raymond quickly pointed out a strong argument which rendered her speechless. Since they couldn’t return to their previous world, it is indeed a good thing for them to learn how to fight if monsters truly exist in this world. However, no matter how logical the argument sounds, her teacher self stubbornly insists that the students should never agree to it.

“But—” “That’s right. If we really can’t go back to our world, we need to learn how to fight or we will die in this world ridden with monsters.”

“Though I hate to admit, I agree.”


Quickly, the students, each of them gives their agreement in regards to learning to fight with one solid reason, that is to survive. However…

“No.” Everyone immediately directed their gaze toward the voice, but to their surprise, it wasn’t their teacher. It was actually one of the students. Ever since he was forced to accept that the situation he suddenly found himself was real, he had already cursed the summoner to their ancestor. Unlike his classmates who seemed unable to live without fun in their life, he had already planned his future very thoroughly. 

“Why do we have to learn to fight when it was you guys who abruptly kidnapped us here without our consents.”

“Like we said, it’s for surviva—” “I don’t care! I don’t care whether this world came to an end at the hand of demons or whatnot. In our previous world, I..I already planned my future. I wasted my entire childhood, focusing on studies instead of having fun like any other kids at my age would do. I did everything I could, sacrificing everything I had! All for the better future I envisioned. But…Everything, my efforts, all gone to waste the moment you summoned us to this world. The world where I have no future, it might as well explode for all I care,” after conveying the thoughts he had hidden up until now, the student immediately stood up from his seat and left without looking back. For a moment, the room was filled with silence, but not until Raymond sighed before saying.

“Honestly, I understood why he would say that. We brought you all here without your consents, no matter if it was for good motive, it is still bad.” He paused for a moment before continuing.

“But that’s exactly why I’m here. I do want you all to learn how to fight, but not for your participation in subduing demon kinds, no. It was for your own sake, and that is to protect yourself from harm. I won’t force you if you don’t want to, after all, there’s still people out there that’s living well without having any combat experience whatsoever. But please think about it. You were gifted with power that no ordinary man can ever dream of. Trouble is bound to reach you even if you escape to the end of the world. Wouldn’t it be better to prepare, just in case?”

“If you still think the same, that’s fine. But if you do want to learn, come and find me outside the barracks tomorrow. The maids can lead you there if you ask.”


“Is that fine, Commander? What if they aren’t willing to help us? The princess and the King won’t like it if that happens.”

“…it’s fine. In the first place, I’m simply unable to understand why we are asking help from people of another world when it was our problem to begin with. I’m not questioning His Majesty’s decision, but it does beget questions.”

“What is it?”

“No, nevermind. As for the princess, well, I’ll have to leave it to you.”

“Sigh, you’re doing this again, Commander.”

“Hahaha. Sorry about that, how about a drink later? I’ll pay of course.”

“You better be.”

“So this is the library, huh,” Enryu muttered while gazing at the door in front of him. Obviously, he came here looking for information. Though he knows the princess wasn’t lying to him, he didn’t fully believe her words either. There’s a possibility that she’s hiding something, that’s the gut feeling he had when he first met her. 

He was kind of uneasy leaving Ayumi alone in the room, but he had no choice. He wanted to learn more about this world, and the first place that came to mind is obviously the library. Though there’s also the possibility that he won’t learn much from the library since the country would definitely hide the unwanted knowledge from the public, which he and the other summoned heroes had experienced in their previous world. However, no matter how useless the knowledge might be, that’s still better than remaining ignorant.

With such thought running in his mind, Enryu took a deep breath before pushing the door open. 

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