Chapter 55


Tang Tang slept until afternoon. When she woke up, she felt very happy and was in great spirits. She thought the whole world was sparkling and everything looked beautiful no matter what she looked. She was in such a happy mood that she felt like she couldn’t contain it!

Tang Tang thought probably everyone would be spirited when something good occurs.

Hehe, he also liked her. From now on, they were a proper husband and wife. She was happy whenever she thought about it.

Tang Tang happily ate her meal, then she happily did the laundry and chores. When it was time to pick up Ji Xiao Zhuo from the nursery, she happily left her home to go and pick up the little one.

However, when Tang Tang waved at the little one happily, the little one shot her a cold glance before looking away. His gaze was focused ahead as he led Wen Nuo away, unlike the usual where he would pounce on Tang Tang and called out “Mummy.”

The little one looked very unhappy. Also, it seemed like he was unhappy with her.

Tang Tang thought for a moment and knew the reason why. Last night, the little one racked his brain to separate her and Ji Yan. He even locked the bedroom door to prevent his daddy from coming in to steal her, but when he woke up, he must have discovered that his mummy was missing again. One could imagine how distressed and heartbroken the little one felt.

It was no wonder that he was angry today.

Tang Tang couldn’t help but tap her head. It was her fault that she got entranced by Ji Yan. Otherwise, she would have sneaked back into the room before the little one woke up so that he wouldn’t know his daddy came the night before again to steal her away.

What a blunder.

Tang Tang smiled embarrassedly and went to greet the little one. She eagerly flattered him, “My super duper cute and handsome darling, Xiao Zhuo, mummy has come to pick you up.”

Unfortunately, the little one didn’t get coaxed by her flattering this time. His lips were taut. The usual chubby face that was smiling and brimming with happiness was now expressionless. He looked just like Ji Yan.

It was bad. It seemed like he was really angry this time.

To cheer the little one up, Tang Tang used her skills and made all his favourite dishes for dinner that night. Most of the dishes that filled the table were meat.

“Come, Bao Bao. Mummy made sweet and sour ribs. This is the largest piece.” Tang Tang got the rib with the most meat and gave it to Ji Xiao Zhuo. She tried hard to cheer him up.

The usual Ji Xiao Zhuo would definitely take the rib and eat it happily then sweetly thank his mummy. But the little one coldly rejected it today. He didn’t even care for his usual favourite spare ribs. He rejected it after taking a glance. Instead, he picked up some green vegetables to eat and said, “I need to lose weight. I’m not going to eat meat.”

Oh no. Normally the little one would never say he was fat, so never mind about mentioning to lose weight. Since he even said that he was going to lose weight, he must be hurt very badly.

She had sinned.

Quickly, Tang Tang rushed back to the kitchen. She started kneading dough to make some coconut milk pastries for the little one. He didn’t eat much during dinner, so he would surely be hungry later on.

Ji Yan came back and walked up to her from behind. He put his hands on her waist and rested his chin on her shoulders as he watched her work.

Tang Tang felt uneasy and turned around, “What are you doing here? Our son’s playing outside.”

Ji Yan smiled gently, “Ji Xiao Zhuo won’t come in. Isn’t he angry at the moment?”

With a red face, Tang Tang pouted, “And you can still say that with a smile. It’s your fault. Bao Bao is angry because I slept with you. If I knew this was going to happen, I would have secretly gone back earlier so that Bao Bao wouldn’t have found out.”

Ji Yan lightly pinched on her waist, “Are we having an affair? Why do I need to see my wife sneakily?”

Tang Tang was filled with sweetness when she heard him say “wife.” The corner of her lips lifted stealthily while she explained, “Bao Bao is still young. Children are rather possessive and don’t want people to steal their mother. He would be more understanding when he gets older.”

Tang Tang understood the little one’s feelings. Because she was like that when she was young, whenever her nanny treated other children well, she would get jealous. She was afraid her nanny would like the other children better. She wished for her nanny to only love her.

Ji Yan snorted, “I think he isn’t angry because of that. The little one isn’t so narrow-minded. From my understanding of him, he must have some other reason.”

“Huh?” Tang Tang turned her head and looked at him puzzledly, “What reason? Could there really be another reason?”

Ji Yan took the opportunity to kiss her, “I don’t know. You’ll have to ask him.”

Tang Tang felt that ever since their talk last night, Ji Yan had changed. In the past, he was very proper and serious but he now would kiss and hug her whenever. It made her feel so bashful. It turned out Ji Yue was right. No men are honourable. If he was honourable then he would have no interest in you.

Ji Yue didn’t lie to her.

Tang Tang was afraid he would come and take her away again tonight. If that happens again, it would be really difficult to coax the little one so she could only tell him with a red face, “I need to cheer up Bao Bao tonight so don’t come over today. If you come again, it will be hard to cheer him up again.”

“You don’t want to see me tonight?” Ji Yan grunted gently and his words held a hint of dissatisfaction.

“Isn’t it because I need to cheer Bao Bao up? Let’s talk about it again when Bao Bao is not angry anymore, okay? You’re his father so yield to him a little.”

Ji Yan thought for a moment before he suddenly pointed to his lips. Indicating that she should kiss him.

Instantly, Tang Tang’s face heated up. But, in order to stop him from coming tonight, she restrained her shyness and gave him a quick peck on his lips.

“Okay, I have compensated, you can’t come tonight.”

Ji Yan smiled. He looked delighted for a reason.


Since she had dealt with the big one, Tang Tang began to deal with the little one. She took out the freshly made coconut milk pastries and took them to the bedroom to the little one.

“Dong dong ~ look, mummy specially made some coconut milk pastries for you. It’s sweet, fragrant, and very tasty. Come and try some.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo turned his body around. He didn’t react and calmly said, “I won’t eat it. I need to lose weight.”

Tang Tang turned towards him, “Nonsense, my Bao Bao is so handsome. How are you fat? You don’t need to lose weight. You’re super, super, super handsome!”

The little one snorted softly but his line of sight went towards the pastries.

Tang Tang put the pastries down and held the little one in her embrace and kissed him, “Aiya, Bao Bao, mummy is wrong. Mummy will apologise to you, ok? Mummy will ignore daddy at night from now on and will just accompany you to sleep. So don’t be angry anymore ~”

The little one struggled for a while before looking at her with an expression that shows he couldn’t be bothered dealing with her.

Seeing her chance, Tang Tang took a pastry and placed it near the little one’s lips, “Bao Bao, don’t be like this. Take a bite. You’re a man and men shouldn’t haggle with girls. You’ll lose face doing that. Bao Bao is broad-minded, right?”

It was unknown if it was due to her words or the pastries being too fragrant, but the little one blinked and sighed after pondering for a while. He had a ‘couldn’t be helped’ expression and said, “Alright, I’ll let go of the issue since you’re a girl. But there can’t be a next time though!”

The little one softened!

Immediately, Tang Tang pledged, “Mummy promise there won’t be a next time. Please believe me, Bao Bao!”

Ji Xiao Zhuo nodded in satisfaction as his peripheral vision floated towards the pastries.

Tang Tang readily fed him a pastry and passed the rest of the plate to him, “Eat them quickly, Bao Bao, that will prove you have forgiven mummy and mummy will only feel relieved then.”

So to prove he had forgiven her, he started to eat them ‘reluctantly,’ and he finished the pastries quickly in ten minutes.

The little one rubbed his tummy after eating. He felt content and breathed out comfortably while lying on the bed. He waved his chubby legs in the air that indicated his good mood.

It was clear that the plate of pastries had successfully diminished the little one’s anger.

Tang Tang sighed in relief. She went and helped him rub his round tummy. The little one felt very comfortable and shut his eyes. He was like a kitten. He was so cute.

“Bao Bao, you’re not angry anymore, right?”

Magnanimously, Ji Xiao Zhuo nodded and answered, “I forgive you. But you can’t secretly sleep with daddy, otherwise, I won’t be as forgiving.”

What did he mean by ‘secretly sleeping’ together? Tang Tang felt embarrassed from the little one’s words. The images of her and Ji Yan kissing last night floated to her mind. Her cheeks started burning up again.

But it seemed the little one was really bothered about the issue of her and Ji Yan sleeping together. Originally, Tang Tang thought he was like that because children didn’t like having their mother taken away from them, but that doesn’t seem to be the case according to Ji Yan. Did the little one really have another reason?

Tang Tang placed the little one into her embrace and carried on rubbing his tummy while asking, “Bao Bao, mummy want to ask you something.”


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Tang Tang asked the question from yesterday, “Why do you dislike daddy and mummy sleeping together? Everyone else’s daddy and mummy sleep together.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo froze. He blinked a couple of times before answering, “I mentioned it before. It’s because I can’t hug mummy when daddy is holding mummy. I want to hug mummy every day to sleep.”

Tang Tang watched his legs moving around. Her intuition told her that wasn’t the truth so she copied Ji Yan’s manner and squinted her eyes, “Is that so? But I remember you originally wanted daddy and mummy to sleep together. Why do you not want it anymore?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo blinked rapidly a few times, “I suddenly don’t like it anymore.”

“Eh?” Tang Tang clasped the little one’s face. Her nose was in level with his, “Bao Bao, it’s wrong for children to say lies. Mummy won’t like you if you’re doing that. Are you lying to me?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo frowned. His face was scrunched up which made him look like a bun. He gave up after a while and said, “Alright, alright, I lied. Although I don’t like how daddy keeps stealing you, that is not the reason why I don’t want you two sleeping together.”

As expected, there was another reason! Tang Tang quickly asked, “Then what’s the reason? Let mummy know and mummy will solve the issue.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo bit his lips while twiddling his fingers. He finally told her the real reason after a long time, “It’s because I don’t want a younger sibling.”

Tang Tang blanked, “What? A little sibling?” What does he mean?

Suddenly, Ji Xiao Zhuo placed his hand on her stomach. He looked at her stomach and asked cautiously, “Mummy, are you and daddy going to give me a sibling?”

Tang Tang widened her eyes in astonishment, “Where did you hear that from? Why did you suddenly mention it?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo felt sad and his voice sounded gloomy, “Don’t lie to me, mummy. The reason you and daddy hold each other to sleep is to give me a sibling. I know about it. My classmate ,Xu Han Yi, said his mummy and daddy won’t let him sleep with them. They sleep together by themselves and his grandma told him they were sleeping by themselves to give him a sibling. Later, his mummy really gave birth to a little brother.”

Speaking up to that point, Ji Xiao Zhuo wrinkled his face and emphasised, “His little brother is very ugly. He looks like a monkey.”

Tang Tang: “…” The kids these days…

“Daddy never held mummy to sleep in the past, but now you two keep sleeping together and leaving me out. If it’s because you’re trying to give me a sibling, then what for?” Ji Xiao Zhuo pouted. Then he pulled on Tang Tang’s clothes to admit he was wrong, “I’m sorry, mummy. I came up with this method to separate you and daddy so I won’t get a sibling. But you and daddy keep sleeping together secretly, I’m afraid there is already a younger brother or sister in mummy’s tummy.”

Originally, Tang Tang thought it was the little one’s possessiveness that was causing mischief and the reason why he wanted them to sleep separately. She never thought his true reason would be so complex. This child thought too much. If he didn’t say the reason himself, she would never have thought of that herself. Ji Yan certainly wouldn’t have thought of that either.

Children didn’t understand how couples make children. They thought a child would be created when their parents hold each to sleep and that was why the little one thought Tang Tang and Ji Yan was going to give him a sibling. It was also the reason why he was desperate to separate them. He didn’t want to give his parents the opportunity to have a second child.

Tang Tang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but it was normal that children didn’t know how babies were made. However, she was curious about something, “Bao Bao, you don’t like to have a little brother or sister? Why? Isn’t it good to have a sibling to play with you?”

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Ji Xiao Zhuo shook his head and replied miserably, “Younger siblings are troublesome. Xu Han Yi’s homework book gets teared up by his little brother frequently. His books also get doodled on. He would lecture his brother but their mummy would criticise him and say he should yield to his little brother. He said his mummy and daddy only loves his brother now and doesn’t love him. Many of my classmates say that. Mummy, I don’t want a younger brother or sister. You won’t love me anymore when there is a younger brother or sister.”

Tang Tang suddenly felt a little upset. It turned out the little one was afraid his parents wouldn’t love him. It must have been due to how the original host didn’t treat him well when he was younger. It was difficult for him to finally receive love from both of his parents, so naturally, the little one was afraid to lose their love.

Tang Tang didn’t want to promise him that they would still treat him well even when he had a younger sibling because she didn’t dare to make such a promise. People’s hearts frequently change and many parents can’t say they treat all their children the same. Tang Tang didn’t know if she would still love Ji Xiao Zhuo the same if she really had her own child.

If she would have less love for the little one, she would rather not have another child. She was already content with just having Ji Xiao Zhuo. She was willing to invest all her love and effort on him because he was the reason she stayed here and had this family. To her, he was extremely important. He was more important than a second child.

So Tang Tang seriously promised him, “Bao Bao, you don’t need to worry. Mummy promise you that daddy and mummy won’t give you a younger brother or sister.”

“Really, mummy? You’re not going to have a second child?” Even though the little one was young, he was aware of the country’s policy allowing only two children per family. He was aware of the policy because Ji Yan set a rule that he must watch the news with Ji Yan every day.

Tang Tang nodded, “Yup!”

The little one restrained himself from smiling and announced his plan, “Since you and daddy are not having a second child, then you two don’t need to sleep together. From now on, I’ll spend a night with you and a night with daddy then daddy won’t be lonely and all three of us will be happy.”

“Okay.” So not wanting a second child means not having to sleep together. Tang Tang couldn’t help but laugh at his way of thinking. It was unknown how Ji Yan would react if he found out. She suddenly looked forward to it.

Since the issue got resolved, Ji Xiao Zhuo immediately started to get tired. He yawned a few times and said, “Mummy, let’s go to sleep.”

Tang Tang agreed and lightly patted on his back to coax him to sleep. By the time the little one was asleep, she switched off the lights and closed her eyes to sleep.

However, five minutes later, the bedroom door opened. The kidnapper was back again.

Tang Tang looked unbelievably at the man who was coming in stealthily, “You. Didn’t you agree that you won’t come again tonight?”

Ji Yan laughed gently and lifted her up again to carry her out. “I didn’t agree to anything. I didn’t even say a word.”

Dissatisfied, Tang Tang pouted, “But I kissed you!”

“I didn’t say that I wouldn’t come if you kissed me.”

Tang Tang looked unbelievably at the shameless man, “You. You. You. You’re shameless!”

“All’s fair in war.”

Tang Tang punched him angrily but they all felt like tickles to him.

Ji Yan placed her on the bed in the main bedroom and covered her with his strong and muscular body. He firmly had her below him, “You are my wife, shouldn’t you be warming your lord husband’s bed tonight?

What ‘Lord husband’, and ‘warming the bed’? He was purposely using words from her time to tease her! He was simply a bad man!

“You!” Tang Tang punched his chest again but it caused him to laugh instead. He held her fists by his lips and kissed them.

At this moment, Tang Tang suddenly felt something hard poking at her lower body. As a young lady, who had secretly seen dirty books and read many stories, she blanked and realized what was going on. With a whoosh, her entire body went red.

He. Did he want her?

Ji Yan’s voice suddenly became exceptionally hoarse as his gaze was fixed on her, “Tang Tang, are you willing to warm your husband’s bed? En?”

Naturally, Tang Tang knew what her answer would implicate. If she refused, Ji Yan definitely wouldn’t force her but how could she simply refuse him?

Feeling very shy, she closed her eyes as she didn’t dare to look at him. After a long time, Tang Tang nodded softly.

She was willing. 

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