Chapter 56


Both of them clearly understood what that nod meant. 

Ji Yan’s breathing became sluggish at once. The spark in his eyes burned. His heated gaze made her feel like she would melt. 

Although Tang Tang was brave enough to read dirty books and romance novels secretly, when it came to experience, she was still a shy virgin maiden. When Ji Yan looked at her like that, she immediately covered her face with her hands to hide. 

Ji Yan smiled as he gently pulled her hands away, “Don’t hide. Look at me.” 

Tang Tang could only listen to him and dropped her hands. Even though she felt embarrassed, she still opened her eyes slowly and forced herself to look at him as he demanded. 

In her moist sparkling eyes, Ji Yan could see her eyes were filled with shyness. Under the shyness, he could see the adoration she had for him. Apart from that, he couldn’t see any unwillingness or rejection. 

She was willing to give herself to him without any conservation. 

Instantly, Ji Yan’s heart melted. He never thought his heart would melt for a woman. He really wanted to pull her into his embrace so they would always be together and never separate. 

Thinking up to this point, Ji Yan no longer hesitated. He lowered himself and caught the obedient little woman’s red lips beneath him. Then, he heavily sucked her lips until noises were made. When he sucked enough, his tongue entered and explored her mouth. He caught her tongue and their tongues intertwined as he pleased while they exchanged saliva. 

“En~” Tang Tang could no longer tell where she was. She was kissed until her eyes went misty and there was only the person in front of her in her eyes. Her body felt as if she had melted into a puddle of water under the care of the person in front of her. Apart from the moans and groans that she let out unconsciously, she could only let him do whatever he pleased to her. 

At this moment, Tang Tang was soft and charming. She was very different from her usual self. There was less innocence of a girl and more of a charm that belonged to a mature woman. Her current self on bed naturally didn’t evoke any pity; instead, it provoked the savage wolf to be more savage. Naturally, the prey would be eaten cleanly without mercy. 


At 3 am in the early morning, rough gasps and tender cries that evoked people’s heart to race finally stopped. The noises practically resonated all night and the room became quiet again. 

The tall sated man embraced the flushed woman who was trembling from the aftereffects. He gently patted her as he kissed her on her hair and forehead. His voice was hoarse as he asked, “Does it still hurt?” 

Tang Tang gasped delicately. She still hadn’t returned to her senses from her previous battle. She nestled miserably in Ji Yan’s embrace. She wanted to reply that it didn’t hurt but her throat was so coarse that she couldn’t speak. Tang Tang became aware that she cried too much. Her toes secretly curled from shame. She could only shake her head lightly to express that it didn’t hurt. 

Truthfully, it did hurt a bit at the beginning. She couldn’t handle his size and was afraid she would die. But it gradually stopped hurting and it later on started to feel good. She was reminded of the experience and she quickly shut her eyes in embarrassment while burying herself into his embrace. 

“It’s good that it doesn’t hurt.” Ji Yan stroked her hair. The corner of his lips lifted gently while his eyes held joy. He quietly asked by her ear, “Do you want to bathe?” 

Immediately, Tang Tang nodded. She wanted a bath. Her body was sticky and it felt uncomfortable, but, unfortunately, she didn’t have any energy left. 

“Alright, wait for a bit.” Ji Yan lifted the duvet and got off the bed, naked, and went to the bathroom to fill up the bathtub with hot water. Then, he came back and carried Tang Tang, who was also naked, into the bathroom. 

Tang Tang really had no energy left, so she could only let herself be carried by Ji Yan to the bathroom. But it was soon clear that Ji Yan was planning to provide the full service. Not only did he carry her in, but he was also planning to bathe her as well. He carried Tang Tang and got into the bathtub together. She sat on him as he used a towel to clean her. 

“!!!” This went past the limit of Tang Tang’s shame. She quickly reached to take the towel from him and spoke with a hoarse voice, “I can do it myself. You can go out. I don’t need you to wash me.” 

Ji Yan avoided her hands and rubbed the tip of her nose, “Be good and don’t move. Which parts of your body have I not seen or touched yet? Why are you still being so shy?” 

Hurriedly, Tang Tang went to cover his mouth, “You’re not allowed to speak about that.” 

“Alright, alright, I won’t say anything. Then you need to be good and stop moving around so I can wash you.” Ji Yan probably didn’t notice how gentle he was when he spoke those words. He wanted to pamper her. He looked so different from his usual self that it could catch others off guard. 

Since she failed to send him away or take the towel away, Tang Tang had no other choice but to do as he said. She nestled her red face on his shoulder and pretended that she was asleep so it wouldn’t feel as embarrassing. 

“Sorry, I’ll be gentle next time.” 

As she got cleaned, she suddenly heard the apology by her ear. Tang Tang blanked. Then she opened her eyes to look at Ji Yan. She saw him looking at the marks on her body. He looked guilty and regretful. 

Naturally, those marks were made by Ji Yan. Tang Tang’s skin was thin and the strength of a soldier’s hand was strong. Also, this was the first time for him in many years and his partner was someone he had fallen for so he got too excited and forgot to control his strength. This led to Tang Tang’s body looking wretched. There weren’t many parts of her body that were unmarked. On her waist, there was a ring of palm print that looked especially shocking. But the most serious area was her thighs. There were slight blood stains from bite marks. One could imagine how brutal Ji Yan was and it certainly wasn’t pleasant for Tang Tang. 

Ji Yan thought he must have gone crazy tonight. He gently rubbed the marks regretfully, “This was my bad. You can hit me if you’re angry.” 

The regret in his eyes made Tang Tang’s heart feel warmth. How could she be willing to hit him? So she shook her head and cleared her throat before consoling him, “It’s alright. It doesn’t hurt at all. It just looks scary, but it’ll get better tomorrow.” 

If it was a different woman, they would definitely become angry and throw a tantrum. It would be light if they just slapped the man a few times, but this silly lady was comforting him instead. She was really silly. But her silliness made his heart soften. 

Ji Yan smiled as he sighed. Then he lowered his head and carried on washing her. 

When he reached to clean a certain part, Tang Tang couldn’t avoid it in time and a major issue suddenly appeared in her mind. She was so startled that she almost jumped, “Oh no!” 

Ji Yan also got shocked by her reaction, “What’s wrong?” 

Tang Tang covered her stomach worriedly, “Husband, I wouldn’t get pregnant, would I?” 

Ji Yan blanked before pulling her hand away from her stomach, “You won’t get pregnant. I wore a condom.” 

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Tang Tang came back to her senses and when she remembered what a ‘condom’ was, she promptly sighed in relief, “I don’t need to worry about it then.” 

Her reaction made Ji Yan suspicious, “You’re afraid to get pregnant? You don’t want to give birth to a child?” 

Tang Tang shook her head. Then she nodded, “I don’t want to. Husband, let’s just have Bao Bao alone, okay? Let’s not have a second child.” 

This world only allowed a couple to have two children. To Tang Tang, who lived in a world where they believed in the more sons, the more happiness, thought two children were too little. It wouldn’t be too many even when a family had four or five children. But for Ji Xiao Zhuo, she was willing to give up on the idea of having a second child. One was enough. 

“Why?” Ji Yan froze. He thought she would want another child, and he also wanted a daughter. 

Tang Tang hesitated before going closer to his ear and told him the reason why Ji Xiao Zhuo wanted to separate them so much. 

Ji Yan didn’t respond for a long time. 

“Husband, Bao Bao may look like he’s living happily and carefree but he’s actually quite sensitive. He is afraid that we won’t like him. He’s afraid that having another child will take some of our love away from him. That is why he had a big reaction and came up with ways to separate us. So let’s not have another child, alright? Just having Xiao Zhuo is enough. Let’s give all our love to him.” 

Ji Yan’s eyelashes trembled as he lifted his hand to touch her face gently, “You really don’t want a child of your own?” After all, Xiao Zhuo wasn’t birthed by her. 

Tang Tang nodded earnestly, “Really! I don’t want one! You should see that many parents neglect their oldest after having a second child. I don’t wish to neglect Bao Bao and I can’t guarantee that I won’t neglect him after having my child or if I would treat both of them equally and fairly. So let’s just have Xiao Zhuo alone and when he finds a wife in the future, we will gain a daughter then. Isn’t that right?” 

Ji Yan didn’t speak for a while. Then he smiled at her, “That’s right, we will get a daughter in the future.” 

Seeing that he agreed with her decision, Tang Tang smiled joyfully. She laughed as she told him, “Bao Bao is really funny too. He thinks that we don’t need to sleep together since we’re not going to have a second child. He decided to spend a night with you, then a night with me, so we won’t get lonely. Hahaha.” 

Ji Yan also smiled with amusement, “That kid! I don’t need him to accompany me to sleep.” As he spoke, he looked meaningfully at her. 

Instantly, Tang Tang’s understood his meaning. She pinched his hand shyly, “I promised Bao Bao that we won’t have another child and we can’t let him know that we slept in the same room. Otherwise, he’ll think we’re lying to him and he’ll feel hurt, so I will go back stealthily later. That way, he won’t realise that I have been away.”

“You’re really planning to have an affair with me? Where have you seen a husband and wife acting like this?” Feeling unsatisfied, Ji Yan pinched her cheeks. 

Tang Tang knew she wronged him so she let him pinch her while trying to please him, “Bao Bao is still young. Wait till he’s a bit more understanding then we won’t need to do this.”

But he reacted unexpectedly and frowned. 

In response, Tang Tang wrapped her arms around his neck and coaxed, “Sorry. I know I’ve wronged you. How about I make your favourite dishes every day from now on?” 

“I already like all the dishes that you make every day.” 

“Um,” Now that Tang Tang thought about it, it was true. She shook her head and wanted to use a better incentive. After thinking for a while, she couldn’t come up with anything that she could do for him. Apart from cooking and embroidery, she didn’t have any other skills. So she could only ask, “Then what do you want? I’ll do my best to achieve it, is that okay?” 

“Are you sure? You’ll do whatever I want?” 

Tang Tang scratched her head, “As long it’s within my abilities, I will definitely do it. But you know there are many things that I don’t know and I don’t have money, so there isn’t much I can do for you.” 

It was hard to detect, but delight flashed across Ji Yan’s eyes, “Don’t worry. You can certainly do it but I’m afraid you won’t be willing.” 

“How can I be unwilling?” Tang Tang guaranteed, “I’m willingly as long as it’s within my abilities!” 

“Alright, you said it yourself.” Ji Yan smiled and went closer to her ear to say his request, “You’ll be on top tomorrow night, and then …” 

“!!!” Tang Tang’s face immediately became as red as a tomato. She glared at him angrily, “You … you’re doing this on purpose!” 

The water had cooled so Ji Yan lifted her up and wrapped her with a bath towel. “Didn’t you say that you’ll be willing as long as it’s within your abilities? You can’t do the request? Or are you going to go back on your words?” 

Tang Tang truly regretted her words. She had fallen for his trap. When she thought about the position she would be on the next night, she felt like lost all of her dignity. It was so embarrassing! 

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But what could she do? Since she agreed, she had to do it even if she were crying. So Tang Tang could only cry tearlessly while agreeing with his request. 

Ji Yan’s mood was extremely good. Once he finished clothing Tang Tang, he took the initiative and carried her back to Ji Xiao Zhuo’s side. When the task was completed, he retreated and hid his sense of victory, while Tang Tang was left biting the duvet and grieving for herself. 


On the next day, Tang Tang got woken up by Ji Xiao Zhuo. When the little one woke up and saw his mummy was still sleeping beside him, he was particularly happy. He was so happy he gave her many kisses. Tang Tang got woken up by the sound of his kisses. 

Seeing that Tang Tang was awake, Ji Xiao Zhuo threw himself into her embrace, “Mummy, you’re awake! Did you sleep well last night?” 

As Tang Tang remembered the events from last night, she almost curled up her feet. But she still nodded seriously and replied, “Mummy slept very well last night.” 

Ji Xiao Zhuo sighed in relief. He patted on his little chest and said, “That’s good. Last night, I dreamed you were getting bullied by bad people. You kept crying loudly and I was so worried. I couldn’t find you no matter what. It scared me a lot.” 

Tang Tang, who cried throughout that night, was speechless. The little one didn’t really hear her, right? Was she really that loud? 

“Hoho, dreams aren’t real. Mummy didn’t cry so don’t worry.” 

Puzzledly, Ji Xiao Zhuo touched her throat, “What’s wrong with your throat, mummy? Why is your voice so hoarse? Weren’t you fine last night?” 

Tang Tang cleared her throat, embarrassed. She had to thicken her face and replied, “En, mummy caught a slight cold last night and my throat feels a bit uncomfortable. That’s why it’s like this. I’ll be fine after a few days.”

The little one frowned in response. “Mummy, you moved around in your sleep again, right? I already said you can’t kick the blanket away and you need to properly cover yourself otherwise, it would be easy to catch a cold.” As he spoke, the little one took the blanket and put it properly on Tang Tang, “Mummy, you need to cover yourself with it. Don’t kick it away.” 

Tang Tang felt very touched by the little one’s thoughtfulness. When she was about to praise him, who knew the little one would suddenly let out a noise of surprise. He pointed at her exposed neck and asked, “Mummy, did you get bitten by a mosquito last night? Why is the redness so big?” 

Big? Tang Tang couldn’t help but touch her neck. Then she remembered it was hickey Ji Yan made. She got scared and immediately pulled up her collar to hide the mark before explaining vaguely, “Yes. There was a very big mosquito in the room last night. Mummy got bitten by it a few times, but mummy killed the mosquito in the end.” 

Ji Xiao Zhuo looked puzzledly around the room and muttered to himself, “But it says in the book that there are only mosquitoes in the summer. There are still mosquitoes in the winter? Why didn’t the mosquito bite me? I’m clearly plumper.” 

“….” Tang Tang wished she would faint now and wake up when the little one had set off to the nursery.

Probably because he received Tang Tang’s signal for help, the bedroom door opened and Ji Yan’s large figure walked in. He sat beside Tang Tang and tucked her in while telling her, “You didn’t sleep well last night. Sleep some more. I will take Xiao Zhuo to the nursery later.” 

Ji Xiao Zhuo assumed his mummy didn’t sleep well because of the mosquito and immediately complained to Ji Yan, “Daddy, our house still has mosquitos in this season and mummy got bitten by them many times. Take a look at her neck. The redness is so big. Daddy, you need to come up with a method. I’m afraid mummy will get bitten by more mosquitoes.” 

Tang Tang covered her face with her hands. She was wailing in anguish inside. 

However, Ji Yan’s expression didn’t change as he replied to Ji Xiao Zhuo, “Don’t worry, Daddy will inspect the house tonight and get rid of all the mosquitoes. Don’t worry.” 

With his daddy taking action, Ji Xiao Zhuo was totally assured. He turned to comfort Tang Tang, “Mummy, take a rest at home. There definitely won’t be any mosquitoes tonight to bite you. Don’t worry.” 

Tang Tang used the blanket to cover most of her face to hide her expression. Only her eyes remained uncovered as she blinked at the father and son. 

Laughter filled Ji Yan’s eyes. He pinched her nose and suddenly lowered his head to get closer to her. He spoke meaningfully and gently by her ear, “Take a good rest during the day and wait for me tonight.” 

Tang Tang pulled up the blanket  and hid in it. She shrunk into it like an ostrich and quietly mumbled, “Scoundrel.” 

The person who got called a scoundrel laughed gently. He patted on her head that was covered by the blanket before carrying Ji Xiao Zhuo and left.

However, after Tang Tang spent the day strengthening her mind for that night, the scoundrel, who wanted to do bad things, did not return by dinner like he usually would. 

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