Chapter 125: Heavenly Dragon’s Changes

The night darkened, and the banquet of Twin Dragons Village gradually stopped. Everyone left in succession, returning to their own house. However, there were two other things worth mentioning.

One, Ye Feng and Pei Yuaning had a very agreeable chat. Both of them were handsome guys, the kind that would shock people at a glance. When a handsome guy met another handsome guy, they indeed had a good chat. Second, Li Yi didn’t come to participate in this banquet because he had to guard Fire Dragon Village.

Soon, the lights in Twin Dragons Village were completely extinguished. However, in Heavenly Dragon Village, Heroic Overlord Under Heaven was worried about some things.

At this moment, Wu Batian, his three lackeys, Steady as Dog and Fan Chou were sitting in a concealed secret room. The lights were not bright, and this room was a little dark. The walls seemed thick enough to isolate the sounds of conversation. People outside couldn’t hear anything. This made it convenient to have secret talks here.

Wu Batian sighed, seemingly considering the historical trend, and said: “Ai! Everyone here is my confidant. Everyone should be clear about Heavenly Dragon Village’s affairs these days. Although our Heavenly Dragon Village is developing rapidly, it has become a living puppet. Obviously, this is not something I want! I’m a man who wants to be a king. Now, I don’t know where that damned Unfair Storm has gone. I haven’t even seen his shadow in these few days. Even today, a lot of R Country’s players have left. This is the best chance God has given us to counterattack. We must seize this chance to thoroughly clean our Heavenly Dragon Village!”

What Wu Batian said was indeed his sincere words. He had agreed to cooperate with Absolutely Godless to attack Shake the Heaven in order to get out of the prison. Wu Batian was an arrogant person, he was absolutely unwilling to become Absolutely Godless’s living puppet. If it weren’t for the troops of Absolutely Godless sent to West Flower Region being strong and suppressed Wu Batian’s own force, then Wu Batian would have already turned against Absolutely Godless long ago.

Wu Batian’s men also had the same view on this point! After all, they used to be uncles in Heavenly Dragon Village, but now, they had to act as grandsons under those R Country’s players and become puppets. Who could endure this kind of matter? Even a very patient person would look for a chance to completely turn around the situation!

Wu Batian’s three lackeys yelled: “We must kill them! Leave none behind.” Naturally, it would be best if they could leave none behind. Unfortunately, that was hard.

Steady as Dog frowned and calmly said: “Wait a minute, we shouldn’t rush things. We must be steady when doing things! We have to take our time in reaching a decision on this matter. According to my secret observation, those guys were accumulating strength these days. Mainly for two things. The first thing should be in the Central Flower Region. I heard those guys mention that, this time, Unfair Storm is going out, should be leading troops to the Central Flower Region. As for the second thing, it’s in the West Flower Region! They are definitely taking advantage of Shake the Heaven’s absence to secretly lay plans against Twin Dragons Village. Those people must have gone out today for that matter! Unfortunately, we don’t even know their concrete movements.”

Although Steady as Dog didn’t state clearly, his general plan was vividly portrayed. He wanted to use Twin Dragons Village’s power to wipe out the players of Country R. And it would be the best outcome if they were all sent to the prison. Absolutely Godless might be able to spend money to rescue one or two people from the prison, but he could never save all of them!

Wu Batian nodded his head in agreement.

However, Fan Chou slammed the table, jumped up in anger, swung his saber a few times and said: “What take our time in reaching a decision? Since Unfair Storm has already left, all others are absolutely not my opponents. Let’s work together to wipe them out. Why fear them? I want to see who can stop me.”

Wu Batian shook his head! He was a high-profile person. As long as he had even 30% certainty, he would show the determination to win as if it was already in the bag. Such a high-profiled Wu Batian was shaking his head and keeping a low profile now, which showed that Fan Chow’s plan was no good.

Wu Batian was full of heroic spirit as he berated: “Just slamming the table, do you think you are amazing? Don’t you notice that a person is missing here? Where is your IQ? Can you defeat that person?” Wu Batian said that a person was missing here. That person was Pan Feng! Pan Feng was recruited by Absolutely Godless’s men for him, so he didn’t know who Pan Feng was loyal to. Although Pan Feng was indeed his subordinate in name, if he regarded Pan Feng as his own and was stabbed in the back by Pan Feng at the critical moment, then he would be screwed.

Perhaps, someone might ask, wouldn’t the system punish betrayal? Naturally, the system would punish. However, the key point here was, Absolutely Godless had recruited Pan Feng for Wu Batian, how would the system judge if Pan Feng betrays Wu Batian? Was the system punishment sufficient to make Pan Feng not dare to betray? Wu Batian truly wasn’t sure about these matters.

Upon seeing Wu Batian was angry, Fan Chou put away his saber and sat back.

Steady as Dog was still calm and said: “Lord Fan Chou, calm down first. It is still unclear if Pan Feng is a friend or a foe. Moreover, none of us can surely defeat Pan Feng. Therefore, as the old saying goes, be steady while doing things, we need to take our time in reaching a decision.”

Wu Batian and others discussed in this room for a long time.

Suddenly, Wu Batian thought up a good idea and said: “I have a plan. We might as well go and instigate Pan Feng, making him go to look for trouble with Twin Dragons Village. In any case, that fellow is a simpleton, muscle brain person, moreover, he already has grudges against Shake the Heaven and Blowing Wind Left A Scar. We will say that we have already confirmed that Shake the Heaven has truly left Twin Dragons Village for a few days, and this is the perfect chance to attack Twin Dragons Village. I think, he will definitely take this bait! At that time, we will make Pan Feng take only those fellows of R Country. And if those fellows of R Country don’t listen to Pan Feng, then we’ll take this chance to stimulate Pan Feng and make him attack and eradicate those fellows. If they listen to Pan Feng, then it is also fine. We can still safely achieve our ultimate goal to wipe out those fellows of R Country.” Immediately after Wu Batian said this, the room became silent. The already dim light completely died out.

Not long after, the sun slowly rose from the horizon, and shone through the entrance of Twin Dragons Village, illuminating the two words ‘Twin Dragons’ at the gate.

After Feng Tianhao woke up, he freshened up first, then went to the military camp to practice his martial arts. This was his daily routine since he started guarding Twin Dragons Village by himself. Generally, he practiced his martial arts for the most part of a day. However, he never felt tired. This was his obsession with martial arts.

Merely, on this day, Feng Tianhao had to stop practicing at noon, because Wang Fu suddenly rushed over.

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Wang Fu was sweating and panting as he said: “Village Chief Wind, something happened! A group of people has gathered outside our village. They are intentionally preventing people from entering and leaving our market, delaying our business. This is an important matter. I don’t know how to deal with it, therefore, I rushed over to ask you about it.”

“Okay, I’ll go and take a look.” Blowing Wind Left A Mark went straight towards Twin Dragons Village’s gate…

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