Chapter 286: Becoming an Apprentice to Venerable Yuan

“Yes, I can confirm this matter. Ling Xiao not only won, but he also defeated the ranked 26th Li Anle in one move and the ranked tenth Yang Cheng within ten moves!”

It was unknown when Lan Yu’er had walked in, but her voice was filled with unquestionable certainty.

“That’s impossible!”

Qingmu was shocked.

“Nothing is impossible. Is Deputy Hall Master Qingmu doubting my martial arts attainments?”

Lan Yu’er frowned.

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“How would I dare? Deputy Hall Master Lan’s martial arts attainments are not inferior to Hall Master Old Yang’s. I don’t dare to question them. Merely, it’s just too shocking. How can a Peak Rank Eight Martial Vein Martial Master defeat Half Great Masters?”

Qingmu looked at Ling Xiao like he was a monster.

“Besides, Deputy Hall Master Qingmu, before Ling Xiao went to the challenge, Hall Master Old Yang and I gave him permission. Does Deputy Hall Master Qingmu think that both Hall Master and I don’t have this power?”

Lan Yu’er was not Hall Master Old Yang; she wouldn’t give Qingmu any face.

“Haha.” Qingmu smiled awkwardly and said: “That’s how it was! Since this matter is settled, I have something to do, so I’ll leave first.”

He hastily left the Medicine Hall’s Alchemy Room.

“Humph, surnamed Yang and the girl surnamed Lan, I have the backing of Demonic Flame Celestial Worthy. Sooner or later, I’ll become the new Hall Master of the Medicine Hall. At that time, just wait and see.”

Qingmu was furious when leaving.

“As for Ling Xiao, humph, since you have offended this Hall Master, you can only wait for trouble!”

He was Medicine Hall’s Deputy Hall Master and in charge of discipline. He was very clear about the Medicine Hall’s rules. He could use loopholes to attack Ling Xiao and be perfectly justified. Even Hall Master Old Yang and Lan Yu’er wouldn’t be able to intervene.

“Hall Master Old Yang, you have to be careful. Qingmu, that guy is very close to Demonic Flame Celestial Worthy. You should also know that Demonic Flame has a wisdom bone and is the most outstanding genius of Moonlight Sect in the recent thousand years. Moreover, this person’s martial soul is a bit special. Even the Sect Master is very indulgent with him. If he put efforts to cultivate Qingmu, you might truly be in trouble.”

Lan Yu’er’s Master was a Supreme Elder of the Moonlight Sect. Therefore, she knew a bit more about some behind-the-scenes stories than Hall Master Old Yang did.

“Ignore him.”

Hall Master Old Yang waved his hand and said: “I, this old man, have lived for so long. What have I not seen? Although Demonic Flame Celestial Worthy’s aptitude is very outstanding, his wisdom bone was snatched from someone else. He can’t fully integrate it with his body. Sooner or later, something will happen.”

“Forget it. Don’t mention this again. Lan girl, you should return first. I have something important to discuss with Ling Xiao.”


Although Lan Yu’er wondered why Hall Master Old Yang was acting so mysteriously, since this was a secret matter, it was not good for her to stay. Therefore, she simply left.

After Lan Yu’er left, Hall Master Old Yang led Ling Xiao into his cave dwelling.

This was an elder-leveled cave dwelling. Naturally, its conditions were better than those of the inner disciples. With just a single breath, Ling Xiao felt his true essence improve.

“Senior, if you have anything to say, say it directly. This junior will keep it a secret for you.”

Ling Xiao was very serious.

“This matter concerns you, old friend. Talk to him.”

Hall Master Old Yang looked at the puppy on his shoulder.

“Ling Xiao, are you willing to worship me as your Master?”

That puppy was direc, not beating around the bush.

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“Wait a minute, what’s going on here? A talking fierce beast? What’s this level!”

Fierce beasts that could speak the human language were at least equivalent to Celestial Realm experts and called Celestial Beasts.

Ordinary Beast——Evil Beast——Fierce Beast——Celestial Beast were equivalent to Ordinary people——Martial Vein Realm martial artist——Transcendent Realm martial artist——Celestial Realm martial artist, respectively.

“What fierce beast? This lord’s background is a bit special. It’s not convenient to tell you now. Just say whether you are willing to worship this lord as your Master.Hall Master Old Yang, who you respect so much, was trained by this lord.”

That puppy proclaimed arrogantly.

“No way.”

Ling Xiao was even more shocked.

Hall Master Old Yang laughed and said: “Little friend, weren’t you unwilling to worship this old man as your Master because you feared that this old man is not as strong as that Demonic Flame Celestial Worthy? This old friend of mine is much stronger than that Demonic Flame Celestial Worthy. Merely, he is recovering now with the help of this beast’s body. If you worship him as your Master, you will never regret it.”

“But what about you senior?”

Ling Xiao felt a bit uncomfortable.

“Hahaha, if you worship this old friend of mine as your Master, then you’ll be this old man’s little junior brother. Naturally, only the three of us can know about this. You can’t let a fourth know it.”

Hall Master Old Yang laughed and added: “Oh, that’s right, it has already been so long, but I have yet to tell you this old man’s name. This old man’s name is Yang, Yang Danlin. As for our Master, you can call him ‘Venerable Yuan’.”

“Since that is the case, this disciple is willing to worship Venerable Yuan as my Master!”

Ling Xiao was very clear. A person respected by Yang Danlin would definitely not be lacking. Moreover, this Venerable Yuan was actually stronger than Demonic Flame Celestial Worthy. Therefore, Ling Xiao was not afraid of worshipping him.

“Very good, today, this lord will accept you as my disciple. You are this lord’s third disciple. Never mind the first; the second disciple is Yang Danlin. He is also this lord’s friend. If it weren’t for him, this lord would have already died. The third is you.”

Venerable Yuan explained, “However, this lord, after all, is not a member of the Moonlight Sect. Thus, you can claim yourself to be Yang Danlin’s disciple. This lord doesn’t mind.”

“This disciple understands.”

“That’s good. We’ll end it here for today. With your current strength, this Master doesn’t need to give you directions in person. In the aspects of alchemy and medicine, Danlin, you will teach him for me. In the aspect of martial arts, you can also give him a few pointers. If there’s an unsolvable problem, come look for me.”

After speaking, Venerable Yuan fell asleep again.

“Ling Xiao, don’t mind it. Venerable Yuan suffered a very serious injury. Moreover, it’s a soul injury. Therefore, he has to sleep a lot. Unless we are in danger, he will not take action.”

Yang Danlin explained.

“This junior understands.”

He wouldn’t mind this. In any case, he was just a Martial Vein Realm martial artist. Whether it was knowledge of martial arts or knowledge of alchemy, Hall Master Old Yang’s guidance was completely enough.

“Okay, your next task is to continue to strengthen your basic knowledge of alchemy and medicine. Start learning <Advanced Alchemy Technique>, <Advanced Medicine Refining Technique>, <Advanced Medicine Principle> and <Fire Manipulation Technique>.”

Yang Danli didn’t go to the Medicine Hall’s Library, directly retrieving these books from his cave dwelling.

He, however, was Medicine Hall’s Hall Master, so this was not a problem for him.

“The other three books are not difficult to understand. Only <Fire Manipulation Technique> is a bit special.”

Yang Danlin explained: “<Fire Control Technique> controls a flame’s size and duration as well as determines when to use which flame. However, <Fire Manipulation Technique> requires you to control various different flames!”

“Senior, how many types of flames are there?”

Ling Xiao couldn’t help asking.


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