Chapter 218: A Strange Man

Time passed quickly. Since Shi Hao had already made up his mind to negotiate with Heroic Overlord Under Heaven, in less than half a day, Shi Hao and Heroic Overlord Under Heaven had agreed to hold a secret meeting in a concealed mountain forest between Twin Dragons Town and Heavenly Dragon Village on the very same night.

In addition, Shi Hao and Heroic Overlord Under Heaven had made an agreement to just send five people from each side to attend the meeting.

Therefore, at night, Shi Hao led Feng Tianhao, Passionate Archer, Pei Yuanqing and Dian Wei, who had recovered quickly. They traveled very fast and arrived at the place that was agreed on the letter. Merely, they didn’t see anyone here.

Obviously, Heroic Overlord Under Heaven was not a punctual person. He might arrive late.

Dian Wei immediately became angry and swore: “That bastard Heroic Overlord Under Heaven, he truly has so much air!!!”

Pei Yuanqing also nodded in agreement and said: “Heroic Overlord Under Heaven is truly not a good thing!!!”

Passionate Archer snorted coldly and said: “I only hate myself for not being able to seize the chance to shoot him to death, otherwise…”

Feng Tianhao also said, filled with indignation: “Otherwise!!! I will be the first one to destroy his Heavenly Dragon Village.”

Shi Hao, however, shook his head and said: “Sush! Lower your voice, there’s movement in the front, it seems someone is coming…”

Immediately everyone looked towards the front. Sure enough, they saw that the plants and trees were swaying, and there were also rustling sounds.

Dian Wei immediately yelled: “Since you all are here, why are you all still hiding? Come out…”

Pei Yuanqing quietly stepped forward, holding a pair of silver hammers, and his eyes were glimmering.

Suddenly, an elegant voice came from the bushes: “Heroes, wait a minute!!! Everyone should be civilized, don’t be hasty to attack. I don’t have any money, but my appearance is pretty good. If you want to rob a flower, then you can consider it.”

Shi Hao was dumbfounded and blurted out: “Hun? What did you say?”

He knew that that person was definitely not Heroic Overlord Under Heaven or his subordinates. At least, he had never heard this unfamiliar voice.

However, that person was truly strange. He actually regarded the dignified Twin Dragons as robbers!!!

Pei Yuanqing seemed to be very upset about this. He made a move with no trace of politeness. He immediately grabbed a young man who was not short and seemed to be around 25 years old. He then casually tossed that young man below Shi Hao and Feng Tianhao.

That young man turned his head and looked at Pei Yuanqing, looking dejected. At that time, Shi Hao asked: “Where did you get this information? You actually came here. Could it be that Heroic Overlord Under Heaven wants to throw away his credibility for this kind of trivial matter?”

Feng Tianhao was also angry and said: “It seems like that!!! Now, we can use this as a pretext and look for Zhang Han to borrow troops and take advantage of this occasion to crush Heroic Overlord Under Heaven. I don’t believe that Heroic Overlord Under Heaven can resist the allied force of the Divine and Mighty Alliance and my Twin Dragons Town. This time, I will definitely call him Withering Heroic Overlord Under Heaven.”

Shi Hao nodded his head and said: “Mmm!” If this was truly the case, then it was indeed a way out.

Unfortunately!!! Shi Hao had serious doubts about the truth of this matter in his heart.

Because he had clearly felt that the other party also had the intention to talk from Heroic Overlord Under Heaven’s letter.

Furthermore, based on Shi Hao’s understanding of Heroic Overlord Under Heaven, although Heroic Overlord Under Heaven was always unlucky and his actions were very sinister, it was very unlikely for him to be so contemptible. After all, Heroic Overlord Under Heaven had never dared to brazenly play tricks outside the rules so far.

And speaking about it, without a War Seeking Note, planning to ambush Twin Dragons Town here was very irrational.

Therefore, Shi Hao looked at this strange young man with doubts.

The young man got up, patted off the dust and said: “It turned out that you all are from Twin Dragons Town!!!”

Shi Hao nodded his head and said: “Yes!!!”

That person said again: “Yo!!! Then, I found the right people!!! Let’s go, quickly take me to your place…”

Immediately, Shi Hao frowned. He hadn’t expected that there were still people who didn’t know his and Feng Tianhao’s appearance. But he also didn’t know who this person was and what evil plans the other party had. Without figuring out things quickly, Shi Hao couldn’t be at ease.

He asked again: “In that case, please tell me first, who are you? And why are you going to Twin Dragons Town?”

That person replied with a smile: “I’m a doctor, and my name is Yuan Rang. I usually love to study intractable diseases. Yesterday, when I was treating a villager in Heavenly Dragon Village, I accidentally heard that there is an unusual epidemic disease in Twin Dragons Town. Moreover, they don’t know whether it’s cured or not, therefore, I hastily rush over to take a look. I just hope that this disease is not cured yet, so that I still have time to witness it.”

Dian Wei immediately became angry and yelled: “You bastard!!! You actually cursed my Twin Dragons Town!”

Pei Yuanqing added: “Humph!!! It seems that I use less strength just now! Let me give you a taste again.”

Passionate Archer also smiled in anger, and his expression looked quite strange as he asked that young man: “It seems your tone is not small. Could it be that you are confident to thoroughly eliminate Twin Dragons Town’s strange disease for sure? We can give you a chance, but if you can’t cure it, then what would you do?”

That young man’s expression instantly became very exaggerated. His eyes were wide open and his mouth was also wide open. He then exclaimed: “Could it be that there is a doctor in the world who doesn’t want to see more diseases? Otherwise, how would doctors’ medical skills continue to improve? However, you all can be at ease. I might have no other skills, but my medical skills are definitely top-notch. I have almost never failed with my treatment. But even if I fail, with my running level, you all can never catch me.”

Shi Hao was dumbfounded again and blurted out: “Huh? What did you say? Say it again!”

That person immediately blinked his eyes and said: “Pay attention!!! I said, my treatment has never failed.”

Feng Tianhao, however, interrupted: “But didn’t you just say something about ‘running level’?”

That person explained with a grin: “I run away because my medical skills are honestly too good and I always become too popular with people. After I stayed in one place to treat an illness, if I didn’t do everything possible to run away, then I basically wouldn’t be able to get out of the situation. Excuse me, please excuse me…”

Shi Hao immediately came to a conclusion and thought: “He seems to be a weirdo!!! But…”

At this moment, Shi Hao already didn’t consider this person named Yuan Rang as a bad person. However, he also shouldn’t be an amazing character.

First of all, no matter how one looked at it, this Yuan Rang was very unlikely to be a player. After all, there was no player that didn’t recognize Shake the Heaven and Feng Tianhao now. Even Shan Wanhong occasionally browsed through the forum, not to mention others.

Secondly, as an NPC, with such a stupid look, Shi Hao truly couldn’t associate this Yuan Rang with those amazing experts. If someone said that this Yuan Rang was a certain player that intentionally pretended to be a pig to eat a tiger, then Shi Hao would somewhat believe it.

Therefore, Shi Hao didn’t have any expectations for this person.

However, considering how they were about to meet Heroic Overlord Under Heaven soon, there shouldn’t be any more troubles at this time.

Therefore, Shi Hao said: “If you take this path, you will reach Twin Dragons Town, go quickly…”

That person was still smiling as he said: “Many thanks! In that case, I will leave first. Remember to look for me if you are sick next time, I’ll give you a 50% discount…”

Finally, that person disappeared from Shi Hao’s sight, which relieved Shi Hao.

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