A New World 15

I sighed loudly, flexing my fingers in the air. “So.. I’m not the only one.”

Is there a chance that Bellum had a similar symbol to the swastika? Yes. Likely? No. 

Whoever came to this world before me was undoubtedly evil. The things they did.. and since it was before the dark age, who knows how much more damage they caused? 

Is that the reason that I’m here? 

I rubbed my face, breathing loudly. “I wonder if there’s an opt out button?” 

Maybe this isn’t like anime? Where the main character has some type of unknown OP ability. As far I can tell, I don’t have one. I don’t even have any useful information to help me get ahead in this world. I’m just… normal. 

I don’t know, maybe there’s someone else out there from Earth that can help this world. I’m happy with the life that I have now, and I won’t give that up. 

I closed my eyes, letting the darkness take over me. 

It was morning and Juliette and I were in the middle of the field getting ready to train. 

I’ve been training with Juliette for the last couple of weeks. Greg pretty much handed over the responsibility of training me solely to her. 

Lazy bastard! 

Though, I’m not complaining. I get to spend more time with Juliette and I get to improve my swordsmanship. 

Once she got done stretching and was getting ready to go into her stance, I wanted to say something. 

“Hey, I just wanted… I just wanted..” Why is this so damn difficult?! 

I look over to Juliette who has a complicated expression. For some reason the look on her face made it even more difficult to speak, but I know I have to say this! 

I coughed a few times before I was ready to speak. “I just wanted to say I’m sorry!”

I consider Juliette as a friend now, and since we’ve been growing closer these past couple of weeks, my past actions and behaviors have started to weigh on me a lot more. 

“Huh?” Juliette looked confused and looked like she didn’t genuinely know how to respond. 

I took a large breath, struggling to get my words together inside my head. “I always.. do dumb stuff, horrible stuff to you. I don’t know if it even makes a difference or matters at this point, but I’m sorry.” 

Juliette looked like she was about to say something, but I wanted to finish before she did. I wanted her to know everything and exactly how I felt before she gave me her response. 

“I’m sorry for what I did to you underneath the tree. I’m sorry for scaring you when you showed me magic. I’m sorry for what I did to you in front of your room.” At this point tears welling up in my eyes, and I was finding it difficult to speak. “And I’m sorry for always making you feel uncomfortable. And I’m sorry for anything I might have done.” 

Everything that I’ve done to Juliette up until this point has been wrong, and if I was in my previous world I might have ended up in jail a few times already. When I first met Juliette, I was enamored by her. How could I not be? She was beautiful in every way. But, that’s no excuse for harassing her. I would like to blame it on my hormones, but in reality it was me. I need to do better, to be better. It just sucks that it took us becoming friends to realize that. 

I looked her directly in the eyes. “Juliette, I’m sorry.” 

“No.. it’s…” Juliette began to give me the same old speal. But, the look I gave her must have caused her to stop. 

The look implied ‘it’s not okay. Stop saying that.’ 

Juliette took a deep breath, before finally speaking. “I forgive you.” 

“Thank you… really thank you.” With tears in my eyes, but a smile on my face, I raised my sword. “Now, come get some revenge!” 

After getting my ass kicked like normal, I laid flat on my back. Tears welled up in my eyes, but I didn’t let any fall. 

I’m getting better! 

Not at swordsmanship, but at not crying like a bitch! I take my wins where I can get them. 

Juliette helped me get up and tried to wipe me down with a rag, but I had to decline. She looked a bit.. dejected? And honestly I was too. But, I’m sure our reasons for being so were far different from one another. 

I am her brother and she’s only showing familial love. It feels kind of wrong to take advantage of that. Damn my conscience… 

It was time for dinner, and everyone was sitting around the table talking about their day. 

“And then, I punched the damn thing in the eye and it exploded.” Greg exclaimed as he raised his fist in the air. 

Why is Greg always killing something? Is he psycho? Or is this just the world I live in? 

“Yeah, yeah.. Now sit down.” Andrea responded exasperatedly. 

I can feel your pain Andrea. 

“Fine..” Greg said, slumping in his chair like a dejected child. “So how has your training been going?” 

It took a moment for me to realize that Greg was speaking to me. “Oh! I-“ 

“He’s been doing really well!” Juliette interjected. “His stance is a lot better, and his reactions are improving!” 

I could feel my cheeks burning, and I looked down at my lap. 

This…this is nice. I hope it doesn’t stop. 

“Haha!” Greg laughed heartily. “That’s my boy!” 

I looked up to Andrea staring at me, she didn’t say anything but the look she was giving made me feel more embarrassed. 

“Yeah, and he actually takes his time! And..” Juliette continued praising me throughout dinner. Not touching her plate and letting anyone get a word in edgewise. 

Andrea eventually had to stop Juliette and declare that dinner was over. To which I breathed a huge sigh of relief. As much I like being complimented, it’s only so much my heart can take. 

After dinner I was heading back to my room with Juliette in tow. At this point, I’m used to her always being around. 

Not complaining whatsoever! I’m glad that she’s opening up to me more!

I opened my door and Juliette immediately ran over to my bookshelf. 

“How much do you love books?” I asked. “Don’t you want to do something else? 

Juliette stopped her movements, and turned to look back at me. Her eyes wavering and her brow furrowing. “Is it.. weird?” 

A pang of guilt hit me, and I waved my hands back and forth. “N-no! It’s awesome!” 

Juliette looked down for a moment, her thoughts a mystery. “Oh.. well what do you want to do?” 

What is it that I want to do? “I..I don’t know..” 

Juliette gave me a blank stare, to which I wanted to run for cover. 

Why would I complain about that, if I didn’t have a better suggestion? That’s weird. She probably thinks that, and she’s right! 

“How about.. we train?” Juliette asked. 

“Huh?” I was confused, and that was the first thing that came out of my mouth. 

“We haven’t tried.. hand to hand yet.” Juliette said with a coy smile. 

“Hand to-“ My words got cut off because Juliette rushed me and grabbed my wrist. 

“What are you doing?!” I shouted as I tried to snatch my arms away.

Juliette didn’t say a word. Her response was laughter. 

Juliette started pushing me, and I tried to stop her. But she was far too powerful. 

My legs stumbled over one another and I almost tripped but Juliette caught me just before I could fall. 

“Stop!” My statement was met with more laughter from Juliette. She did not, in fact, stop. 

Juliette twirled me around laughing like she was having the time of her life at my expense. 

Juliette’s smile and adorable laughter finally broke me down, and I found myself smiling and laughing with her. 

I let Juliette swing me around and enjoyed the goofiness of the situation. 

Finally, Juliette stopped spinning me and pushed me onto my bed with her falling right on top of me. 

“Haha! I won!” Juliette announced with a bright smile. Her disheveled hair did not take anything away from her beauty, in fact, it only added to her allure. 

Yeah, I don’t need to be a hero. I prefer this kind of life way more. 

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